There is a strong call for an Independent media: Abhigyan Prakash

Prakash is currently the face of ‘Lab Azaad Hain’ campaign which works for the rehabilitation of rape victims.

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Feb 5, 2018 8:48 AM

For two decades he has been the star face of NDTV and now Abhigyan Prakash, Senior Executive Editor of NDTV India, best known for his popular weekly show-Maha Mukabala, is busy making an impact outside the news studio.
Prakash is currently the face of ‘Lab Azaad Hain’ campaign which works for the rehabilitation of rape victims. Speaking about his association with the campaign he says, “I felt that we give enough ‘gyan’ on TV and if you think what do we do about it? Frankly nothing. This realization stirred me up and it is not the first time I have supported such issues related to women. This campaign is part of a foundation that is run by an old friend of mine. I am being part of this campaign to help the victims get some direct financial assistance. We also offer vocational training in few cases to help them meet their expenses over a period of time.”
Ask him about his insights on the state of affairs of news media, Prakash adds, “We are very studio bound people and I feel there is a strong call for an Independent media. The general perception people have these days is that media is deeply divided. There is an element of irritability coming in. At the same time digital is going to dictate lot of things and change a lot of things as far as broadcast journalism is concerned. I see the news getting increasingly localized. I also feel that the Delhi centric culture of news will change as people get access to consuming content digitally.”
Speaking about the evolution of TV news in India over the past decade, Prakash believes that the much required ‘reporter first’ approach is missing and has given way to more glamorous interpretation of journalism.“We were all reporters first, journalists first and anchor’s later. Today it seems to be the other way round, everybody wants to be on TV first,” he explains.
While many of his contemporaries might have ventured into establishing independent news platforms, Prakash has no inclination to be part of that trend. “I’m a trained classical musician and I came into journalism after writing about Indian classical music. Whatever I will do from here on will definitely have an element of me trying to do something in the world of music,” adds Prakash.

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