Nickelodeon sees revenues grow to 20% and up to 30 new advertisers

One of the reasons for the growth was increase in ad rates owing to the ad cap

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Updated: Dec 18, 2014 9:53 AM
Nickelodeon sees revenues grow to 20% and up to 30 new advertisers

Nickelodeon has announced its power-packed plans for 2015, where it has announced return of “Oggy and the Cockroaches” on Nickelodeon and the chase – comedy, Pakdam Pakdai shifting to Sonic.

Apart from Nickelodeon’s and Sonic’s growth in ratings is the growth in revenues that the channels seen. Nickelodeon has seen a 20% growth which has also translated into revenues with 20-30 new advertisers on board according to the channel. One of the reasons is was the increase in ad rates due the ad cap.

“The ad sales for the category are growing at about 14-15%, these are approximate figures, but what seems to be a happy moment for the Nickelodeon as a franchise is that we have kind of surpassed that number. We are actually growing faster than the category, so again ads fuelling the growth of the category as well. There are two reasons for this, one is of course that the 12 minute ad cap fuels the shortage of inventory and therefore there is an automatic increase in terms of your rates. But the other thing that helped us I think was the growth of Sonic and No.1 rank for Nickelodeon and we were able to match the ratings growth with the revenue growth,” said Nina Elavia Jaipuria, EVP & Business Head, Kids Cluster, Viacom18.

Speaking on the way forward for the Nickelodeon franchise Jaipuria said. “At Nickelodeon, we have always innovated, pioneered new initiatives and challenged the norms to rise to the top. In 2015 we will further fortify our leadership position by focusing on aggressive growth, creating and nurturing a wide portfolio of endearing characters. The Nickelodeon franchise would be a force to reckon with as it continues to engage, entertain and add value to all its stakeholders.”

Regarding the under indexing of the category Jaipuria said, "We still continue to have 9% of the viewership on a C&S 4+ audience but we have less than 2% of the ad pie. We are however committed to correcting this disparity.  Other than increase in ad rates, one more way of correcting this under indexations is to go beyond mere FCT sale. The non-FCT customizations are a win-win for all the stake holders including the advertisers since they drive affinity with the viewer for the advertiser brands/ products in a novel way. With Motu Patlu being a local production we have immense flexibility for advertiser customization be it product licensing promo- licensing, in-show placement, syndication etc.  FCT continues to be the primary source of ad sale revenue while non-FCT contributes 10-15%. The 12 min ad-cap in the long run is of benefit to all the stake holders because it provides a clutter free environment to advertisers, quality viewing to the audiences and enhances monetization for broadcasters through ad rate increase and non FCT customization. On syndication opportunities, Pakdam-Pakdai is as of now   syndicated to 7-8 territories outside of India like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Germany, Middle East etc thus providing another ancillary revenue stream for us." 

As a part of the franchise’s future plans, Pakdam Pakdai, the chase-comedy will shift to SONIC, starting December 22, 2014. This is in line with Sonic’s strategy to bring alive the thought of “Action ka tevar with Comedy ka flavor. Looking at further building the Pakdam Pakdai franchise, Nickelodeon will also launch its first movie called Pakdam Pakdai – Don v/s Billiman on December 25, 2014, Sonic. Adding to the line-up will be Sci -Fi Santa and all new episodes of Power Rangers with an array of new shows like Rimba Racer, Mini Ninjas& Jungle Bunch.  After having witnessed significant viewership growth of over 200% in the last year, Sonic is all set to move to the next echelon of growth.

In a fitting high decibel start to the New Year, Nickelodeon will witness the return of the mega-hit animated comedy series – ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ premiering on 1st January 2015. The “Made for Each Other” partnership along with other popular toons such as Motu Patlu, Ninja Hattori and others will bring alive New Year for the screenagers. Adding to the Christmas cheer and fervor will be a high decibel consumer campaign called ‘Lift your Gift’. Further upping the entertainment quotient in January will be Motu Patlu with the 5th exclusive made for television movie,Motu Patlu aur Khazaneki Race.

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