New tariff order will bring transparency, give power to consumer: Sanjay Gupta, Star India

Star India has launched Star Value Pack in seven languages, keeping in line with the new tariff regime that empowers consumers to pay only for what they choose

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Updated: Dec 18, 2018 8:38 AM
Sanjay gupta

Ahead of the new tariff regime, broadcasters have now started announcing the new pricing of their respective channels across regions. Star India launched its new campaign on December 15, offering the Star Value Pack at Rs 49 in Hindi. 

In keeping with Star India’s belief that every Indian should have access to high-quality sports content, including cricket, kabaddi, football along with their favourite dose of entertainment, it has launched the Star Value Pack in seven languages. Offering content that is suitable for everybody in the family, Star Value Pack offers channels across Entertainment, Movies, Education and the very best in Sports. This initiative is in line with the New Tariff Regime beginning December 29, 2018 empowering consumers to pay only for what they choose. 

In a media roundtable, Star India Managing Director Sanjay Gupta shares the changes that the new tariff regime will bring and Star India’s strategy: 

Changes the New Tariff Regime Will Bring
The biggest change that this tariff order is making is bringing transparency into the whole system of how content is created to how content is bought. The biggest change you will see is transparency. I think this is almost existent in every industry. For the first time now, content and the way it gets sold will be very similar, and this is great value from the consumer point of view. Transparency means that the consumer will have a choice; they can compare what they want to buy or not, and then make choice. It's the biggest shift that the industry could ask for and it's of great value.

Is the Consumer Ready?  
The fact is that the consumer does this every day for every product and category. They are ready and it's beneficial for them and people will learn. Over the next 2-4 weeks, there will be an intense learning experience. Earlier, people were not used to recharge a phone but now it's the easiest thing to do. So, in my mind, the biggest change will be transparency and power to the consumer that this tariff order will bring. 

Star India Strategy
Our strategy is delivering great value to the consumers. We invest in making marquee content or great content across genres. The question we ask ourselves is how do we ensure great value for our consumers through our pricing? Star India is trying to offer great value in every geography. Every consumer feels that sports channels come at a higher price. Earlier, the sports pack was priced around Rs 100-200 but we want to make sure every kid should have access to sports channels in this country. All this will now come in the pack of Rs 49 in Hindi, which I think is of great value. We are trying to make the price affordable to ensure that every consumer has the access to the content. 

Communication is Key 
It requires a lot of communication and education to inform the consumers that the shift is happening, and in my mind it's critical and it's important. We have a different price for different markets on the strength of our bouquet and the content that we are offering. This has never been done before. We need to have complete re-understanding within the organisation and brief our partners. The transition will be little chaotic, but it will settle down. 

Push for a Better Content
The real big change is power to the consumer. The consumer will have the choice to decide. The less performing channels cannot come to the consumers if they don’t like them. Now, if you perform better in order to be recognised by the consumer, the business will be forced to work better and better in the industry. If the channels are powerful the consumer will buy them but the real question is ‘Is the content on those channels powerful enough?’ This will up the game in the industry to perform better and the kind of content they offer.

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