Movies comprise 7% of the viewing time among premium south audience: BARC India

According to PrimaVu data, English is the third most preferred language among premium South Audiences

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Updated: Jan 7, 2020 9:16 AM

BARC India’s PrimaVu data states that the movie genre holds 7 per cent of the pie out of total viewing minutes among premium audiences in South. PrimaVu is a product to measure viewership from premium homes and was launched by BARC India in 2019. PrimaVu is the industry-first concept of ‘Viewing Minutes,’ which, according to BARC, is the sum of minutes watched by all individuals of an event.

Hyderabad has the highest share of movies that is 8.8 per cent of total TV. In Chennai, the share is 6.65 per cent of total TV. Meanwhile, Bangalore has the lowest share among the three cities with 6.20 per cent of the total TV. In the megacities of the Southern region, the total contribution of movie genre is 7 per cent of the total TV. 

 The report also states that the premium audience in Chennai prefer HD content more than they do in Hyderabad and Bangalore. In the movie genre, Chennai consumes 22.93 per cent content in HD, whereas Hyderabad and Bangalore consume 17.80 per cent and 16. 82 per cent respectively. Whereas in total TV, the sum of viewing minutes is higher in Chennai with 18.96 per cent consumption in HD channels, followed by 16.38 per cent in Hyderabad and 14.68 per cent in Bangalore. 

 The reports reveal an interesting fact – the English language garners the third highest viewership after Telugu and Tamil among premium South audience. Telugu contributes 37 per cent viewership whereas Tamil is second highest with 21 per cent, followed by the English language with 13 per cent and Hindi with 11 per cent. Kannada language contributes 10 per cent to the viewership and dubbed Hindi content contributes to 3.8 per cent.  

  BARC India recently launched a report on Viewership of Movies in South India, which states that out of the 4.9 million programming hours on television annually, movies clocked 17 per cent of airtime in the same period. The contribution of movies to total programming content varies across languages. South languages, for instance, are higher in terms of movie contribution at 23 per cent.

 Movie genre, with a total viewership of 30 per cent, is a winning content genre since it is positively indexed over airtime (30 per cent viewership from 17 per cent of airtime). Given the differing nature of television viewing and content preference across geographies and audiences, this index is higher for some languages vis-à-vis others. For South languages, movies contribute to 42 per cent viewership from 23 per cent airtime.

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