Bigg Boss 9 to give Colors a ratings edge ?

Colors has announced the launch Bigg Boss season 9. The reality show which is one of the highest viewed shows for the channel, and even on television, comes on screens at a time when Colors is in pole position. exchange4media speaks to media planners on whether Bigg Boss could cement Colors’ place at the No.1 spot

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Updated: Sep 30, 2015 9:02 AM
Bigg Boss 9 to give Colors a ratings edge ?

Colors had emerged on top of the ratings chart in the latest week 37 ratings of BARC. In a recent article on exchange4media we saw the Colors take lead over Star Plus in three out of four weeks, cementing its lead over Star Plus. The gap between the two top Hindi GECs even widened in week 37 as Colors’ ratings saw a large rise to 414 million from 386 million in week 36. Star Plus’ ratings on the other hand increased to only 381 million in week 37 from 370 million in week 36.

Colors has now announced the launch Bigg Boss season 9 on October 11. The reality show which is one of the highest viewed shows for the channel and even on television, comes on screens at a time when Colors is in pole position. So exchange4media spoke to a few media planners on whether Bigg Boss could cement Colors’ place at the No.1 spot.

 According to P.M. Balakrishna, CEO, Allied Media, “Bigg Boss will certainly add a little bit more gap if the trend continues because Bigg Boss’ cumulative GRPs is very significant for them being a daily show and Salman Khan being part of it. So I think the threat is real for Star Plus to be No.2 for a few more weeks or maybe a month or so”. He further added, “To be very frank, it doesn’t matter too much from the market perspective. Rates are not going to immediately fluctuate. Deals are anyways slightly more long term.”

Harish Shriyan, COO, OMD, said, “Bigg Boss is a positive for them (Colors) because if they can do well in that particular time slot and if they bring in a lot of GRPs it is good for them, but it doesn’t mean that Star Plus will not get any ratings at the same time”. He further added, “There is a lot of fluctuation in the current data which comes in. But just a few weeks of data is not an indication to say that there is huge gap between the two. Yes Colors is beginning to perform well, but a lot of time needs to be given to both of the channels to figure out which channel is at the top.”

On the other hand, Deepak Netram, SVP, Lodestar UM, said, “It remains to be seen because there is an equally strong line up with other Hindi GECs. Star Plus has some big shows coming there and a couple of new formats which are novel being launched. They seem to be having a fairly strong line-up too. So it is going to be a very tough competition if you ask me with both of them having good properties”. He further said, “It is not like there is no guarantee, it takes some time for the momentum on Bigg Boss to pick up. So we don’t know what kind of contestants will come on board. For example, if you see the pattern it started peaking towards the end but initially there was a different set of people and so a lot of it depends on how a lot of things warm up.”

A media planner from a GroupM company, however, said that Bigg Boss coming in should extend the lead of Colors in No.1 spot provided that that they maintain their position and lead. If the show doesn’t grow Colors lead, it will at least maintain its lead at least he said. On Star Plus launching its new shows at the same time he said, “It will take some time to get the same traction as Bigg Boss. The new shows being launched by Star Plus are new concepts and will take time for the audience to get accustomed to it. But the audience is very much familiar with Bigg Boss and now even anticipate its launch every year. In terms of ratings Bigg Boss gets good ratings at the start, then dips and see its ratings rise up again at the end.”

Another senior media planner we spoke to said, “Colors getting a lead over Star Plus before the launch of Bigg Boss is the perfect time for them to extend their lead by a large margin. What is working for Colors is that most of the shows that it is currently running are firing well and if they do the same till Bigg Boss’ launch the channel could remain the No.1 Hindi GEC for a while. Star Plus might launch big shows to counter this but as you know new concepts take time to build up viewership. Amitabh Bachchan has been on other TV shows as recent as last year which have not received good ratings. All that matters is the concept and content of the show, big stars can only help it initially.”                

Bigg Boss bigger on viewership

In terms of ratings Bigg Boss has been one of the highest rated TV shows and has maintained a consistency. In the final week of Bigg Boss season 8 the ratings had increased to as high as 6.1 TVTs according to TAM ratings. The show’s ratings had grown even further as its spin-off Bigg Boss Halla Bol which brought in ratings of 6.5 million viewers.

In season 7 too Bigg Boss had scored high ratings of 4.40 TRPs on an average throughout the season. Ratings on the last week of the show had reached its peak with 5.73 TRPs. Prior to that in season 6 the average ratings of the show was 3.81 TRPs, with finale ratings reaching to 4.40 TRPs.

While it can be seen that Bigg Boss can cement Colors’ position at No.1 spot it is however dependent on a few factors. One of them being, Colors maintaining its lead on top till the show launches and secondly all the other shows performing in the same way even after Bigg Boss’ launch, as one show alone cannot hold a channels position. 

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