My favourite RJ: Darius, Fever FM

“RJ Darius’ style of engaging is different and it helps me unwind,” says Vaishali Verma of Lodestar UM

e4m by Saloni Surti
Updated: Sep 21, 2012 9:48 PM
My favourite RJ: Darius, Fever FM

The ones who keep it different and help you relax are playing the game right, says Vaishali Verma, Vice President, Lodestar UM.

Verma’s all time favourite is RJ Darius from Fever FM because he keeps it light and helps her unwind after a long stressful day.

Darius Sunawala aka ‘Dowrieus’ (called by his fans) hosts the evening prime time slot on Fever FM Bangalore. RJ Darius abandoned his MBA to embark on a radio journey. He began his career with All India Radio and also had stints with Radio Indigo and Radio City.

Darius has a huge fan following and gained popularity during his time at Radio City. Route 91 and Top 8@8 are two of his most liked shows till date.

exchange4media chats with Vaishali Verma to find out what she likes about RJ Darius. Excerpts:

Who is your favourite RJ?
My Favorite RJ is RJ Darius. He hosts the evening show from 6PM to 9PM on Fever FM.

What do you like about Darius?
The best thing I like about Darius is that he engages the audience in a very interesting way. Typically RJs are still not well established, people do not like to listen to RJ talks a lot, but his style of engaging makes it different. It is fun and it helps me unwind during the time I am tired and returning from work.

When do you listen to radio the most?
Mostly I tune into radio when I drive, morning and evening. So while driving to work I listen to RJ Shraddha (another RJ I like) and while driving back I listen to Darius.

Do you think RJs these days have managed to create a connect with their listeners?
Yes, the RJs now have a very good rapport with their listeners. Some of them do it in a very interesting manner and engage the audience really well. However, according to me, they need to have good humour. As long as they have a good sense of humour, listeners stay tuned because it gives them something different from their everyday life.

How does RJ – listener rapport benefit the channel?
RJs have huge popularity and fan following. There are people who look up to them and this helps the channel a lot. RJs now also take up social issues through which they connect to the youth creating their rapport with the station too. They are the one window to the city – you listen to them and you are connected to everybody. The RJs can really leverage on the youth connect and the social connect these days.

Where do you place more importance – the format of the show or popularity of the RJ?
According to me a good RJ and creative show format both are equally important because they complement each other. Show format is something which comes first because the content has to be good and it is up to the RJ to execute the content well and keep the audience tuned in. Thus both go hand in hand.

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