FB banks on networking, launches Graph Search

Graph Search will enable users to type specific phrases & search them; Facebook will provide results based on activity around the phrase

e4m by Saloni Surti
Updated: Jan 17, 2013 6:50 PM
FB banks on networking, launches Graph Search

Facebook has launched Graph Search feature aiming to give its users an ultimate networking experience. The feature started with a limited preview or beta and will be available only to a set of people who use English US language.

‘When Facebook first launched, the main way most people used the site was to browse around, learn about people and make new connections. Graph Search takes us back to our roots and allows people to use the graph to make new connections,’ was written on the official Facebook blog on the day of the launch.

Commenting on the launch Zafar Rais, Founder and CEO, MindShift Interactive said, “Graph Search takes search beyond the regular query to provide you results on the basis of what your friends have said about it. The launch of an efficient mobile app with ‘nearby’ capabilities allows you to always know what your friends are up to all the time, taking it one step further by indexing it based on what your friends’ interests could be. It will be a path-breaking platform for recruitment, dating and the way you find things.”

Graph Search will appear as a bigger search bar at the top of each page. Users can type exactly what they wish to see and check out in the search bar. For instance, one can look up ‘pictures of my friends who love cats’, ‘friends who visited Chinese outlets last week’, etc. The website will display results on the basis of the likes received by each result.

“What Facebook has realised is that every person’s timeline is getting filled too far. There is a lot of information in which the users are not interested and the information which they want to see is missed because users are not online when it was posted. Thus, Facebook is helping people getting closer to what they are close to,” said Anupam Mukherjee, Fake IPL Player and Co-Founder, Pitch Invasion.

However, Facebook clearly stated that the Graph Search is now like web search. The website has partnered with Microsoft’s search engine Bing to enable users to find results even if Facebook fails to give an answer.

The first version of Graph Search focusses on four main areas – people, photos, places, and interests. The way it has built its search is a direct connect with its strength, social networking, and that is the first step towards over stepping Google, explained Rais.

The Graph Search feature will have a dramatic impact on brands and marketers, as the feature will help users easily find what exactly they are looking for, pointed out Mukherjee. Users can type exactly what they want; thus, making brand pages easily accessible.

“Brands pages will find a new meaning to social media optimisation with what Graph Search brings to the table for them,” added Rais.

From Facebook’s video ‘Things that connect’ to Facebook Offers and now Graph Search can be looked as the website’s attempt to keep up with marketers and users who have been upset for various reasons in the past.

Also, since the time Facebook auctioned its IPO, it has been sitting on a ticking bomb where nothing but experimenting with new features will help.

With Facebook Offers receiving a lukewarm response in India, Graph Search can be the happy element for marketers who were upset after the Edgerank algorithm. While the initiative looks promising and well planned by Facebook, how does it click with users globally will determine the success of Graph Search.

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