'Sakshi is now within striking distance of Eenadu with leadership in many segments in AP'

KRP Reddy, Director – Advertising and Marketing, Sakshi Group says that the focus on the product and content has helped paid off for Sakshi, with the newspaper narrowing its gap with Eenadu

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Updated: May 16, 2020 7:53 AM

As per the latest IRS report, Leading Telugu daily newspaper Sakshi is the only Telugu daily to have registered a growth in its AIR ((Average Issue Readership) numbers in IRS 2019 Q4 over Q1, while all other leading dailies have registered negative growth. The report is based on a Rolling Average of data from 3 quarters IRS 2019 (Q1), (Q2) and (Q3) and one fresh quarter – Q4 of IRS 2019.

KRP Reddy, Director – Advertising and Marketing, Sakshi Group says, “Sakshi with a Q4 AIR of 30.79 lakh, has registered a growth of 3% over its Q1 numbers. This 3% growth for Sakshi gets amplified when we see in the backdrop of the aggregate Telugu dailies readership, which has been shorn off by a fourth (25%) of its readers’ base in 2019.”

He highlights the fact that Eenadu has lost 20.15 Lakh readers (30%) of its AIR numbers, Andhra Jyothi a third (33%) of its readers tally and Namasthe Telangana, has almost lost half (49%) of its readers during the year.

Reddy says that the paper’s drive to focus on content has reaped rich dividends in attracting youngsters to the physical product. He says, “In May 2019, we decided to focus on our product, the quality of the product and the content. We revamped the business and sports section and it is now comparable to English papers. Our educational page, Bhavitha , a full page every day, is also is directly aimed at the youth and has really paid off. The focus on content has attracted the youth readership and led to good growth for the physical paper in this age segment.

Growth Across Geographies & Segments

Sakshi has recorded growth across all segments and Reddy says that the paper is now within striking distance of the leadership position. He says, “In the state of Andhra Pradesh, Sakshi has consolidated its position during 2019. What was a huge gulf of 17.86 Lakh readers between Eenadu & Sakshi in their AIR counts in Q1, has now been narrowed down to just 2.53 Lakh in Q4 now. Sakshi is now within striking distance of Eenadu, with leadership position in many segments of the newly defined Andhra Pradesh state.”

Reddy reiterates that Sakshi is now a comfortably leader in Prakasam, Nellore, Chittoor and Anantapur districts of Andhra Pradesh and also maintains a lead in the socio-cultural regions of Rayalaseema. Sakshi has grown by 31% in Prakasam & Nellore District Clusters, 39% in YSR district, 71% in Anantapur district and by 27% in Hyderabad’s UA District clusters during the year.

Similarly, Reddy states that in the SCR of Andhra -1 Sakshi has gained 13% readers. In the SCR of Rayalaseema, Sakshi’s readership has grown by 59%.
He states that Sakshi has also added quantity in quality segments of the readers too.

In the top strata of NCCS A, Sakshi has grown by 22%, in the affluent segment of NCCS B by 9% and in the sum of NCCS AB by 14%. In the age group of 20-39 years, Sakshi has grown by 8%, it also added 37% Graduate readers and has grown its tally in the Post Grad [Professional] segment by 49%.

He adds that since the start of the lockdown started, the online platforms, sakshi.com and sakshieducation.com has seen over 10% increase in the number of unique visitors. The time spent has shown a marginal increase and this is a positive trend.

Profiling the consumers, Reddy comments that the Sakshi’s readers making online booking and on-line payments has seen a growth of 96%, those who watch online TV/Movies/Videos/Music have grown by 56%. As per his estimate, Sakshi has a of 2.47 Lakh readers who watch subscription based OTT platforms.

On a final note Reddy says, “Sakshi has been growing readers because it cares for young, highly educated upward mobile readers by packaging a content mix that is very aspirational. Wrapped in all page colours, with excellent state-of-art printing, packaging and transporting of its products to all parts of Andhra Pradesh before the day break, has been Sakshi’s forte. Even during the lockdown period Sakshi has maintained Covid-19 safety measures which it also show cased before the readers to gain their confidence that Sakshi newspaper doesn’t transmit any C-19 virus through its pages. This has helped Sakshi retrieve its original print order by the Lockdown phase 0.3. With such all-round numbers Sakshi soon would see a leadership position, starting with Andhra Pradesh.”

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