"OneIndia-like platform will firm up sales teams of regional print players"

Media observers feel that regional print players should go ahead with such an initiative, but the pricing of the rates package should be considered carefully

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Updated: Apr 17, 2014 8:50 AM
"OneIndia-like platform will firm up sales teams of regional print players"

The formation of the OneIndia platform by leading print publishers such as The Hindu, Hindustan Times and Ananda Bazar Patrika offers a platform to advertisers to focus more on print media.

The platform currently focusses more on the metro and larger cities. Given the growing importance of regional markets and publications, a platform like OneIndia can find great salience among regional print players.

exchange4media spoke to some media experts to find out what they think about regional players creating an alliance along the lines of OneIndia.

PM Balakrishna, COO, Allied Media supported the idea of a OneIndia-like platform and said that it will provide great opportunities to regional players. “I think if regional players create such an alliance and offer a package that works out, certainly such an alliance is definitely worth looking at. The most significant part is the kind of pricing that they are able to offer to the advertisers, and deals will happen on that basis,” he added.

He added that the success of such a venture depends on the print players’ ability to deliver innovations and possible scheduling at the same time. “If all these issues are well handled and delivered on time, it can be of good value,” he further said.

Every coin has two sides and when it comes to such an initiative there are certain advantages and disadvantages. At one hand its advantage for advertisers but on the other hand there is a drawback on flexibility. If one advertiser want to advertise in certain city at that point of time availability will be a key concern.

Agreeing with the idea that regional players also need such a platform, Independent media planner Sushma Jhaveri said, “I Agree that Regional players should have platform like One India but it depends on the combination, pricing and strength of the publications in that respective market.”

Highlighting the advantages and disadvantages, she added, “Advantage is for weaker publications that can ride on the combination.  And if the pricing is right it benefits the advertiser. Disadvantage is for the client in case has to take lot of weaker titles in the combination”.

Supporting Jhaveri’s comment, Arun Sharma, VP, Lodestar said, “They must do it on their own and it will be a very good initiative because they don’t have a huge muscle of sales team. They are very significant player and perform individually and by coming up together it will impact their sales and they will get access to the advertisers.”

Highlighting an important point, he said, “Many of the advertisers are not aware about the newspapers and they don’t have time, even if you are not heard they are going to make a plan. By creating this platform and coming together they can make a difference.”

It will be interesting to see which regional print player take the baby step to create such attempt and woo the advertiser as latest IRS figures are under scanner. 

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