Reporter’s Diary: Lost in the world of clicks

Reporter Priyanka Nair shares some valuable insights on love and communication she got from her ‘mommy jaan’ this Mother’s Day

e4m by Priyanka Nair
Updated: May 18, 2013 7:45 PM
Reporter’s Diary: Lost in the world of clicks

Last week was Mother’s Day, the modern fancy day to show the world how much you love the one who welcomed you to the living world. I, too, went out of my way to make my ‘mommy jaan’ really happy in a fancy style.

She had a bright smile and was happy that I could make her feel special, but something was holding her back. I was waiting for her to open up, but in her own time. After a while I saw her place an envelope on my bed. I was curious to read what was inside it, but mommy jaan gave me a heads up and said, “Read it calmly, don’t react. Think over it.”

This made me all the more anxious. I kept in mind her words of advice. I took my time and went ahead to read what she had to say. I read the letter at least a dozen of times, not because I couldn’t decode it, but because it was beautiful.

According to my mommy jaan, she is really happy to see me grow wise and professional every passing day. She thinks that I am really doing a good job of balancing work and personal life. What she worries is whether I will forget to talk to her someday. Will I keep doing the good job of getting her fancy stuff and forget that there is more than all the materialistic love? She fears that I might not teach my kids (whenever they come into existence) the art of meeting people.

The four-page letter made me think of the list of things that I keep doing during the day. My morning starts by looking at new Twitter updates, text messages and replying to emails. If I am at the lunch/dinner table and I get a call, I make sure to respond to it. On the other hand, if I am busy at work, I take advantage of the fact that it is just mommy jaan’s call and I go ahead to put the phone on silent mode.

This honest confession of mommy jaan got me put on my thinking cap. I am going to sit down to make myself understand that there is a world beyond the number clicks that I make every minute. As a kid I always used to write a letter to mommy jaan about things I couldn’t possibly tell her directly. Today, years later, she has come back to me with immense love with a lovely thought in a classic way.

I thought of writing this honest piece after watching Idea’s latest TVC. The world of communication has truly inspired many of us.

To watch the video (Well, after watching this do make sure you go and meet or talk to that lovely person of your life)

Have a happy weekend!

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