Reporter's Diary: Dark side of glamour or dark side of you?

A human heart is fragile. No matter how much we deny it, we all have a dark side which is selfish, which wants an escape, observes reporter Saloni Surti

e4m by Saloni Surti
Updated: Jun 8, 2013 7:57 PM
Reporter's Diary: Dark side of glamour or dark side of you?

The morning of June 3 was already not a very happy one when I came across the news about Jiah Khan’s suicide. Not only was I sad at the pretty actress’ demise at such a tender age, but also at the thought of what made her take this drastic step.

From shining stars of the tinsel town to the mango man of our country - all took to social media to express how glamour has a dark side that drove the young starlet to ending her life. Instances of her being compared to Parveen Babi, who died a lonely death, and Meena Kumari, who was betrayed in love and passed away due to a terminal illness, crept up in the media in the form of feature stories, opinion columns, blogs and polls, which, by the way (with due respect to my journalist friends), were means of meeting daily deadlines and keeping their TG engrossed. It makes me wonder, is glamour the only profession that has a dark side to it?

Engineers, accountants, businessmen, housewives – there have been N number of suicide cases in India. Then why blame the dark side of glamour? There is no dark side to a particular profession – but to every individual. Living in an ultra modern, tech savvy fast society is more of a woe. To keep track of your work life and then your boyfriend who can cheat on you through Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp, Hike and God knows what all – is difficult. We live in the ‘Kal Yuga’ and I say that in a literal sense as even an atheist will agree to the fact that people now are much more cunning that they used to be.

The increasing number of suicides (across professions) is more of a result of what every individual goes through every day. From a school going child to a retired person – all breathe in a world of insecurities, a world of pressure and mostly, a world of expectations. A human heart is fragile. It is scared to hurt and get hurt, scared of losing and being left alone. No matter how much we deny it, we all have a dark side which is selfish, which wants an escape.

Everybody, at some point in their life, succumbs – which is not wrong. Some manage to come out of it, but sometimes the damage is far beyond control.

On the basis of her decision to commit suicide, I refuse to judge Jiah Khan. She did what she thought was the best in that situation. Saying that Bollywood is for those who are made of iron and can handle it, is wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it was right or wrong, because if any of us were in that situation, we too might have done the same.

Jiah Khan was a woman of substance. She was pretty and talented. She lived with pride, did not succumb to wrong and went with grace. You will be deeply missed. RIP.

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