Post Office creates Jason Derulo's 'Goodbye' lyric video for Warner Bros. Records

The track enlists a number of artists, with Jason Derulo being accompanied by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Willy William.

exchange4media News Service 30-August-2018

Mumbai-based Post Office, a venture by Supari Studios, in association with Warner Bros. Records, recently released the official lyric video for the song, ‘Goodbye’ by Jason Derulo. The track enlists a number of artists, with Jason Derulo being accompanied by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Willy William. The video has already been viewed over 2 million times, and has generated a buzz with a global audience.

In the past, Post Office has worked on creating lyric videos for Dua Lipa’s New Rules (which has garnered more than 3 million views till date), Adam Lambert's Two Fux and Nike's Da Da Ding.

According to Post Office, the brief received for the video was to have a tropical carnival theme mixed with a chill island vibe, and so they created multiple layouts that would bring out the desired look and feel of love and fun and relaxation. It was ensured that the words of the song were readable at all points through the use of strong, bright fonts centered on the screen, which also lent an upbeat energy to the video.

Subtle animations in the many elements in the backgrounds, as well as beat-matched visual effects were used to add to the dynamic appeal of the video, mentioned a statement issued by the studio.

Aditya Tawde, Director, Head of Post Office, says “The idea behind this lyric video was to show the Trinidadian carnival culture mixed with the Tropical Ibiza vibe to create a celebratory environment for the viewer. The moment we got this brief and heard the song, we immediately thought of the vibrant celebration and festive mood.”

“Visually, the goal was to make this film look colourful and capture the grand moments of the Trinidadian festivals amalgamated with Ibiza party life. The biggest challenge was to make the lyrics more legible with overpowering background visuals, which eventually we had to dim down. What really makes this video amazing is to see the visuals coming alive which go along with the melody of the song.”

Mohit Bhasin, Executive Producer, Post Office, adds “It's always interesting to work with Warner Bros. Records. As a brand, they have a very clear idea of what will work for their audiences. Once we locked on the visual style, it was sheer madness trying to put the whole film together for the release of the track. The end product looks good, WBR was quite pleased with the film too, and that pretty much is the definition of a 'project well done' for us!”

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Concept BIU acquires Comniscient Group’s Bluebytes News

With this acquisition, Concept BIU will be servicing around 550 clients

exchange4media Staff 11 hours ago


Concept Business Intelligence Unit (Concept BIU), one of India’s leading media monitoring agencies, has acquired the business of Comniscient Group’s Bluebytes News. Concept BIU is part of Concept Group, which is India’s leading independent agency offering advertising, digital and PR services.

With this acquisition, Concept BIU will be servicing around 550 clients. Bluebytes has had the PR fraternity for media monitoring and analysis for nearly thirteen years and this consolidation with Bluebytes will make Concept BIU the largest and most comprehensive Media Monitoring & Analytics service provider in India.

Ankoor Choudharri, CEO, Concept BIU, said, “We are proud to acquire the business of Bluebytes and we are happy to welcome their 120 plus clients onboard. The new clients will have access to Concept BIU’s service experience which offers an array of analytic tools, consultative client relations; mobile application based services and more allied services offered by us.” Speaking on the aggressive growth, he further added “it’s been a terrific year for Concept BIU; this is the second business acquisition in this fiscal year. Along with a tremendous organic growth that Concept BIU is witnessing we remain eager to explore opportunities to acquire or partner with growing businesses that strengthen our market presence and also helps us in improving our range of services”.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, Bluebytes News commenting on the acquisition, said, “It was a strategic initiative for our group, Bluebytes will be acquired by Concept BIU, a competition we came to admire over time for their large and satisfied clients. While the parting of Bluebytes from our group is an emotional one considering we birthed and raised it, we are happy that the clients are in safe hands with Concept BIU. That said, the next decade for the Comniscient Group looks exciting due to growth in public relations and in brand analytics through our companies, Blue Lotus Communications and TRA Research.” Chandramouli added, “We felt Concept BIU was the most aptly suited to continue the services to the Bluebytes clients in the same efficient manner as we have over the years. The two teams are working in unison to ensure the client transitions are seamless.”


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Raghav Bahl issues official statement after IT raid

IT department officials raided Bahl's Noida residence on October 11th, 2018

exchange4media News Service 1 week ago


Raghav Bahl, Founder of The Quint, has issued an official statement following an Income Tax department raid which took place at his Noida residence early morning on Thursday,11th October 2018.

Below is the official statement by Raghav Bahl:

All So-Called “Bogus” LTCGs Were Filed & Assessed to Tax

(Statement from Raghav Bahl, Ritu Kapur & Quintillion Media Group)

From 7.45 am on Thursday to 6 am on Friday, for 23 incessant hours, nearly 500 journalists and other professionals of the Quintillion Media Group, were held to the most intrusive ransom by India’s tax officers. However, we are immensely proud of our team, that gave them full access and cooperation, often pointing towards information and assets that they may have missed during their search/survey operations.

But then, when we woke up after a 3-hour sleep, we were astonished to see that a blatant attempt had been made by the government’s spin-masters to say that the action was part of a year-long investigation into some Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG) scam, whereby Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur had made “bogus” income of Rs 118 crore. Without much ado, here are the facts of that case (not claims): ·

All these and other gains/losses were fully detailed/declared in the appropriate year of tax filings; and more importantly, were accepted and assessed to tax, under this very government! · So the attempt to “colour” our tax returns, now, as “bogus”, is clearly a frame-up, and we shall take every legal recourse to protect our fair name and reputation in this case.

But this also alerted us to the imminent possibility that more such frame-ups shall be attempted now. Therefore, picking up from the key points of yesterday’s “interrogation”, we would like to put the facts (again, not claims) for the non-partisan and fair people in this world to judge for themselves.

Cash/Jewellery at home: All that was recovered was Rs 3.56 lacs in Indian currency, and Rs 33 odd lacs in modern and ancestral jewellery, almost entirely from my 82-year-old mother’s cupboard. All of these assets are duly assessed and declared in past returns. Is it really that surprising that people of that age/generation feel more secure holding such a moderate amount within physical proximity?

Flat in London: since both our children expect to or have graduated from a University in London, we decided, as a family, to invest most of our legally permitted LRS remittances (currently at $ 250,000 per family member per year) in buying access to such an asset. Accordingly, we made a booking in a new apartment building a few years back and pooled our annual LRS remittances for this purpose. All of this has been fully declared in Schedule F of our income tax filings. In fact, we were asked, at least half a dozen times yesterday, by the tax officers, whether “we had fully declared these assets in Schedule F, including all details of overseas bank accounts?”. When we answered, half a dozen times, in the positive, we could see that they were disappointed!

RIL Transaction: Clearly, the focus then shifted to the sale of our shares in Network18 to Reliance Industries Limited in 2014. We promptly gave them a copy of the share sale agreement and full access to past emails on this subject. They followed up with several questions about the status of the current subsidiaries of Network18, and all we could say was that we have no access to any information after our exit, and they will have to reach out to Network18.

Viacom18 JV: There was much confusion around this JV, which was done in 2008. They seemed to imply that it was done as a “round tripping” exercise by TV18! They also repeatedly confused this transaction with other subsidiaries/companies, including HomeShop18 and India Film Company. From memory, we did set the record straight and asked them to reach out to Network18 for further details.

BloombergQuint (BQ) JV: This one was truly surprising. They kept on insisting that we had got “Rs 10 cr from Bloomberg invested in the JV without a formal FIPB clearance”. In fact, at one stage they even asserted this was a case of “round tripping” again! But when we produced a copy of our FIPB approval for this investment by Bloomberg in Quintillion Business Media (P) Ltd (our JV company), I reckon they had little option other than to accept the fact. (As an aside, there has been a report in a leading pink paper today that the nearly 2-year delay in receiving approval for BQ’s TV channel is because the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has raised some “security concerns”. We challenge the government to put the MHA report on this subject in the public domain. We can say with absolute confidence that MHA has given a “categorical” clearance to us on security grounds, and the delay is on some other account).

Link to Advantage/Artevea/Reddy: They asked us whether we had ever had any transaction with either Advantage Consulting or Artevea Digital (UK) or one Mr CBN Reddy. Our answer was a quick and categorical “no”. No caveats, no qualifications. We have never had any transactions with any of these entities.

Collateral Raids on Downstream JVs: There were similar/simultaneous surveys carried out at our investee companies, viz The News Minute (Bangalore), Quintype India (Bangalore) and Youth Ki Awaaz (Delhi). If the search/survey was linked to some transactions of ours that took place in 2014, then why were these investee companies searched in the same investigation? All of our investments in these companies have taken place after 2015; in any case, we do not control them on a day-to-day basis, we are only passive investors, so then why were these companies targeted? Clearly, it was a fishing expedition, to spread the net wide, and somehow, somehow, catch something.

Use of Private Digital Experts in a Tax Search: This one astounded us. Since this was our first such experience, we had no clue that the digital experts used to clone data, and do other digital surveillance, during such raids, belong not to the tax department, but to private contractors! So where is the privacy of this key data? Who is responsible for its misuse? What indemnity do we have? This is an issue that requires serious deliberation and comment, and we reserve our right to take further action here. We will urge that this issue be taken up by privacy activists and concerned citizens.

In conclusion, we reiterate that we are absolutely in the clear, that we shall mount a robust legal defence against every trumped-up charge that is brought against us; that we are making these disclosures to pre-empt further character assassination against us, to thwart attempts through leaks, plants, and trolls; that we warn our fellow news colleagues to be vigilant against similar state vendetta; and end with thanking everybody who stood by us and supported us. This battle shall be fought, and not lost!


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125 years of Swami Vivekananda's historic Chicago address

Ramakrishna Mission Mumbai to organise day-long programme on Saturday. Maharashtra Governor C H Vidyasagar Rao to inaugurate the event.

Arijit Ray 29-September-2018

Not many of the yoga worshipping generation in the US are probably aware of the fact that they owe the introduction of this life-transforming practice to their country to Swami Vivekananda, the first Hindu monk to cross the mighty oceans to reach the west and speak about the richness, expansiveness and the universal appeal of the Indian spiritual culture.
Swami Vivekananda was in all practical purposes the first ‘brand ambassador’ of India. The aura, mystique and charm associated with Brand India today owes its allegiance to this thoroughly modern nineteenth century saint, philosopher, poet, author, speaker, humanist, deep thinker and spiritual dynamo from Kolkata. He was the famous disciple of the nineteenth century ‘yuga avatar’ Sri Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Narendranath Dutta or Naren was Swami Vivekananda’s pre-monastic name.

While he was in Chennai before undertaking the trip to Chicago, it is said that he used to get regular visions from his master Sri Ramakrishna, urging him to attend the World Parliament of Religions. Then, one day, Thakur ‘appeared’ before him and told him that the World Parliament of Regions in Chicago was getting ready for him. The stage was being set for his grand arrival in the spiritual firmament of the world. There could not have been a clearer indication of the intense adulation that was to follow for Thakur Sri Ramakrishna’s favourite disciple.

When Swami Vivekananda started his speech at the august forum of The World Parliament of Religions in 1893 at Chicago by addressing his audience as “sisters and brothers of America”, he got a thunderous standing ovation that lasted more than two minutes. The spontaneous and heart-felt reaction from the audience was symbolic of the imprint his message would create in the hearts and minds of humanity across the world. A ratification of his master’s prediction.

His message of harmony, tolerance and universal acceptance stirred the depths of the human soul and re-established the relevance of practical spirituality in the lives of people, in a world torn by jealousy, greed, hatred & bloodshed.

He laid the contours of a universal religion, underlining the man-making philosophy of Vedanta, where the only goal of every person should be the expansion of his personality and gradually manifesting the divinity lying dormant in him.

When he spoke of sectarianism, bigotry and its horrible descendant fanaticism and how they have drenched the earth with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair, he also spoke of tremendous hope and asserted the famous clarion call to humanity, saying “I fervently hope that the bell that tolled this morning in honour of this convention may be the death-knell of all fanaticism, of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen, and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal.”

This significant message of harmony and brotherhood reverberated through minds, across the length and breadth of the globe. While it aroused tremendous interest in spirituality in the enterprising and active minds of the western citizen, it re-awakened spirituality and set the process of resurgence of the Indian mind. And that is an extremely poignant moment in the recent history of India. A nation that had gradually started losing the connection with the rich spiritual heritage of its past in the wake of more than a thousand years of invasion and subjugation.

Swami Vivekananda’s ideas also influenced the leaders of pre-independent India, including Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, and is regarded as one of the creators of modern India.

In 1921, Mahatama Gandhi on a visit to Belur Math on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary, said “I have gone through his works very thoroughly, and after having gone through them, the love that I had for my countrymen became a thousand-fold. I ask you young men not to go away empty handed without imbibing something of the spirit of the place Swami Vivekananda lived and died.”

This comment truly exemplified the rich tapestry of patriotism, knowledge and love for the country that Swami Vivekananda brought alive in his messages. Western thinkers have spoken of him as the “moulder of the modern world”. A great humanist who loved humanity in the East as well as in the West.

Through this lecture at the World Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893 and subsequent lecturing and teaching work for four and a half years in the USA and England, he raised the image of India to a high pedestal as the land of spirituality, harmony and rich cultural heritage. What is now known as modern Hinduism is largely Swami Vivekananda’s creation.

Today, when humanity is at crossroads and values cherished over the centuries are getting eroded in the name of fanatic religious beliefs and dogmas, Swami Vivekananda’s message of universality, harmony, character building, strength and courage is even more relevant.

Talking about the historic address, Swami Satyadevananda, Head, Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Mumbai, said, “While we celebrate the 125th year of this momentous address delivered to transform the hearts and minds of humanity, this is also an opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to imbibe, assimilate and realize the lofty and immensely relevant message of harmony and brotherhood of Swamiji. Let us individually and collectively strive to make the message of practical Vedanta, the message of caring and living for others a reality in every house, in every village, every district, in every relationship and association. Let Swamiji’s message be the glue that binds the new world order”

To commemorate this hallmark occasion, Ramakrishna Mission Mumbai will organise a day-long programme on September 29. At the event, senior monks from Ramakrishna Mission and different faiths of Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Zoroastrianism & Buddhism will present their interpretations on Swami Vivekananda’s speech and its relevance to society today. The cultural programme also includes an Indian classical dance exposition ‘Journey to divinity’ as a tribute to Swami Vivekananda. The function will be inaugurated by Governor of Maharashtra C H Vidyasagar Rao and graced by revered Swami Suviranandaji Maharaj, General Secretary, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math.

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Chennai based Cover It Up partners with Marvel Studios as the official merchandiser

Cover It up has already launched their first season of products which have received positive response

Neethu Mohan 05-September-2018

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCV) films has created quite a buzz recently by becoming the highest-grossing film franchise of all time. According to media reports, the films produced by Marvel Studios have raked in over $17.5 billion at the global box office.

Now, the California based Marvel Studios, which is one of the biggest production houses in the world has a South Indian connection. Chennai based creative design company Cover It Up has been signed on as the official merchandiser for Marvel studios. Cover it Up was in the news during the release of the Rajinikanth starrer Kaala, as they were the official merchandiser for the film.

Speaking about Cover It Up’s new association with Marvel Studios, Ronak Sarda, Founder, Cover It Up said, “After developing a base of 400,000 fans on social media by selling pop-culture merchandise, a lot of our customers started asking us to design something on super-heroes. We realised that Marvel is the association we should be looking forward to, considering the growing fan following they have, we went straight to their Indian head-office. We told them that we had some ideas we wanted to implement with their existing designs and they liked the idea and gave us the nod.”

In the coming months, the team at Cover It Up have collaborated to launch some exciting tech-concept clothing, 3D phone cases (patent pending), wall arts, t-shirts, mugs and products which are easily affordable with pricing not more than Rs. 500.

“We want to make sure that everyone gets a different experience altogether and, in this way, we reach out to a larger portion of the audience. Our water repellent clothing line is one such example and so are the 3D cases,” added Ronak.

The team at Cover it Up were in talks with Marvel Studios India team for quite some time to launch official merchandise. The deal was confirmed in August last week and Cover It up has already launched their first season of products which have received positive response.

“We have launched our concept glow in dark tees along with 3D cases and four other categories. Because of our pricing, which starts from 299, there is something for every Marvel geek,” said Ronak.

Cover It Up has managed to gain good traction in South India because of their association in the past with Rajinikanth movies, Kabali and Kaala.

“We would like to focus on our audience which is already a part of our big family. A video production team is also working towards showcasing the products online in the best way possible,” said Ronak, talking on the marketing strategies followed by them.

“Although Cover it up fan following is from various cities, I think it is about time we start taking our presence offline as well. We have been in talks with many people who want to help us open experience stores in the metros of the country. This way, the growing social media presence along with experience stores will not only add more value but also give a sense of quality which we've been striving towards,” said Sarda, talking on the road map ahead.

The team at Cover It up is investing a lot of time into R&D to create more products with a unique aspect.

“We are already trying to add tech to clothing and are also in talks with one of the biggest production houses to launch the apparel soon. We want to focus on such things where people are amazed, not only at the pricing, but in the equal amount of thought we've put into trying to create something different,” concluded Sarda.

Senior Reporter, exchange4media, Bangalore Neethu reports on media, marketing and advertising industry. In the past she has reported on start-ups, education and health sector for over 6 years.


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BANG BANG gears up for 2020

Bang Bang Films will now be known as just BANG BANG – India’s International Production Company

exchange4media News Service 30-August-2018

Launched in 2006 by Roopak Saluja, production company BANG BANG  has produced popular spots for brands such as IKEA, Google, Pepsi, L’Oréal, Sony, Unilever, Indigo, Netflix and dozens of others with Ogilvy, JWT, Lowe Lintas, Dentsu Taproot, Wieden + Kennedy and BBH.

BANG BANG launched its new avatar earlier this year, working with Dentsu India to deliver IKEA’s iconic India launch campaign, being rolled out across media over the coming months.

To announce its #Production2020 mission and evolution, BANG BANG released this high-octane video last week across social media channels.

Speaking on the evolution, Roopak Saluja, Founder & Managing Director, BANG BANG (and Group CEO of The 120 Media Collective) said, “It’s hard to overstate the extent of flux our industry has seen in recent years. But wait, there’s more coming. The world needs a recalibrated production model to cater to the needs of 2020. We at BANG BANG have been ramping up to this reality for years and are delivering it here and now in 2018, with commercials at the core but augmented capabilities, backed by a vast body of work, across content, photography, digital, interactive, gaming and more. The one constant is storytelling but there are now a thousand ways to get there.”

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Crime writer Hussain Zaidi teams up with GoQuest for joint venture Golden Pen

Golden Pen will solely focus on the crime & thriller genre, bringing true dark stories from the streets to the screen

exchange4media News Service 30-August-2018

Renowned crime write Hussain Zaidi, known for his gritty and no-holds-barred representation of the criminal underbelly in books such as Black Friday, Dongri to Dubai: Six decades of the Mumbai Mafia and Headley and I, has teamed up with GoQuest Productions to launch a joint venture called 'Golden Pen Productions’. The venture will solely focus on the crime & thriller genre, bringing true dark stories from the streets to the screen. What’s more, Zaidi will also be mentoring talent.

A ‘writers first’ venture, Golden Pen will focus on creating high-value content in collaboration with writers, both established as well as upcoming. The content will focus fully on the crime thriller genre and will be completely media/platform agnostic. It will be available across platforms such as TV, web, films and podcasts.

Commenting on the need for such a venture, Zaidi said, “My years of experience engaging with the criminal world has left me with a wealth of untold stories, even after so many of them found their ultimate expression in books or silver screen scripts. And I believe it to be the case with many writers emerging from the hinterlands, who have seen and experienced so much during their normal growing up years that they have developed a bank of absolutely dark yet vehemently true stories which deserve to be tapped into.”

“Golden Pen, being one of the few ‘writers-first’ entertainment labels in India, aims to bring such stories in front of audiences by developing content that pushes the boundaries on every page or in every frame, while being deeply rooted in reality,” he added.

Vivek Lath, MD, GoQuest Media Ventures, said, “The emergence of new media has resulted in audiences looking for edgy and thrilling content, and the success of series such as ‘Narcos’ or ‘Sacred Games’ has shown the potential of such content.”

“Through Golden Pen, our core focus will be to develop a diverse body of content in the crime-thriller genre. These projects will be developed with their roots in India but with a strong eye for distribution in international markets as well. In this initiative, we aim to tap into the abundant material developed by Hussain Zaidi and a dynamic group of writers mentored by him, who have a unique perspective and thrilling anecdotes accumulated over years of interacting with people on both sides of the law,” Lath added.

Jaspinder Kang, Partner, GoQuest Productions, said, “Viewership today has gone beyond just TV and films. New media is allowing creative talent to push the boundaries. Also, viewers today are spoilt for choices. So creators of content have to factor in the fact that they are now competing with international content when it comes to audiences’ share of mind. At Golden Pen Productions, while the content will be local, we will ensure that the appeal will be universal.”

“This is the right time to invest resources in developing high-quality content in the genre, and we aim to be known as the ‘go-to’ company doing all the ground-breaking work in the domain. While we have started our operations in Mumbai and are currently looking at developing content for the Indian market (TV & web), we will eventually be looking at supplying versions of our original content to overseas producers and channels too. At Golden Pen, we truly believe that crime is one genre that has the potential to attract audiences across boundaries, in a sustained manner,” Kang added.

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Anushka Sharma’s hilarious ‘Sui Dhaga’ memes take over internet

The trailer of the movie was launched last week, and the three-minute video has already garnered more than 23 million views

Dolly Mahayan 24-August-2018

Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan’s next movie ‘Sui Dhaga’ is all set to hit the theatres on September 28, 2018. The trailer of the movie was launched last week, and the three-minute video has already garnered more than 23 million views. However, it seems what has caught the attention of twitterati, is a specific shot of Sharma where she is apparently seen crying in happiness. Wearing a saree, Sharma is seen waving to someone. although the context of her expression is not known yet, the scene has already inspired a series of hilarious memes online.

Witty memes have taken over various social media platforms. To make them funnier, users have given them all kinds of comic captions, depicting different situations. One of the twitter users has recreated the iconic Monalisa painting by replacing her face with Sharma’s. The user has even tagged Sharma and her husband cricketer Virat Kohli in the post. Instagram too has some very funny pages on the scene.

Usually, such memes on the Internet generally do not last for more than 3-4 days as the fast-paced digital world soon moves on. But Anushka’s memes have been doing the rounds on internet for more than a week now, and we are sure people associated with the film are only happy about it. The memes have already made the film the talk of the town, probably explaining why the ‘Sui Dhaga’ team has not come up with its marketing strategy for the film yet and has put the promotions on hold. After all the memes are already doing it for them!

Well, this is not the first time a movie trailer has led to a meme frenzy. Earlier, the trailer of Salman Khan-starrer Race 3 had also inspired a series of hilarious memes.

Here are some of the funny memes based on Anushka's expression in ‘Sui Dhaga’:

Correspondent A post-graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dolly reports on advertising, marketing as well as the digital domain. In her free time, she loves travelling and reading.


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Silly Monks forays into sports entertainment arena

It has acquired a 51 percent stake in Chintala Sports, the curator of the Telangana Premier Kabaddi League (TPKL), a regional avatar of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

exchange4media News Service 20-August-2018

Hyderabad-based digital media entertainment firm Silly Monks, has acquired a 51 per cent stake in Chintala Sports Private Limited.

Chintala Sports is the curator of the Telangana Premier Kabaddi League (TPKL), a regional avatar of the hugely successful Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), entering its second season this September.

TPKL entered the sports league arena in 2017, with its first season held at Warangal and Karimnagar between January 21 and February 7, 2017.

It brought to the fore the game of Kabaddi from the hinterlands of Telangana and ensured that local players were given the right exposure to talent hunters for the national leagues. In its second season this year, TPKL plans to adopt the franchise model that is currently followed by Pro Kabaddi League and other major sports leagues in the country.

TPKL’s matches are scheduled to begin from September 14 to September 30, 2018, and will be held in Hyderabad.

Speaking on the development, Mr Sanjay Reddy, Silly Monks Managing Director, who now takes over as the League Commissioner, said, “My years at ESPN, Star Sports and Sony Max handling major sports events such as World Cup Cricket, Wimbledon and English Premiere League piqued my interest in sports entertainment. Nurturing a similar property in my home state was but a matter of time and when opportunity struck, Silly Monks was more than interested in being at the core of TPKL,”.

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Kerala Floods: Help pours in from corporates and the media world

Airtel, Amazon, ICICI, LULU Group International, Viacom18, UAE Exchange, Asianet News Networks, India Today Group, Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi Group, Star India and Times Network contributed towards the Chief Minister's fund

Neethu Mohan 20-August-2018

The state of Kerala faced the worst flood in almost 100 years which has claimed around 370 lives. The record downpour which led to wide destruction has displaced more than 300,000 people around the state. According to Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, the rescue mission by the state has almost come to an end with 8,46,680 people abided in 3,734 relief camps. The gone days also witnessed Kerala receiving helping hands from people across the globe, the days also witnessed how people beyond their political, religious, personal differences came together for the rescue operations.

The Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Kerala Police, Kerala Rescue and Fire Services, and other state and private rescue missionaries became the heroes of the rescue operations carried in the state. Another set of unsung heroes who have been battling floods in Kerala since 1924 were the local fishermen from different parts of the state. During the rescue operations they rescued about tens of thousands of lives from the high-risk disaster zone.

In Kerala, the focus has now changed to relief from rescue with state government setting out wide plans to reinstate the lives back to normalcy. The state of Kerala received helping hands and relief funds from the neighbouring states and central government. Celebrities, politicians, and other officials and common public also came forward to offer help to the flood destructed state. The United Arabs Emirates formed a national emergency committee to provide help to the flood victims.

Brands and the media world in India too stood for the flood victims and contributed towards the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). Here’s a look at some of the contributions and aids provided to the state by media and brands.


The unprecedented rains and floods in Kerala have disrupted normal life. Airtel has announced the following measures to ensure that customers stay connected with their loved ones.

1. Auto approval of ‘Talk Time’ credit up to Rs 30 for all Airtel prepaid mobile customers.
2. Free 1 GB mobile data for all Airtel prepaid smart phone users (data valid for seven days).
3. Extension of bill payment dates for all Airtel postpaid and home broadband customers to ensure they have uninterrupted access to services.
4. Airtel to deploy VSAT at five major relief centres in Kerala to provide free wi-fi and calling facility to people.

Airtel’s network teams and partners to continue making efforts to ensure the network is up and running despite the challenge of lack of power supply and disruption in movement of fuel supplies.

Citizens at large can charge (power) their mobile phones and make free calls to their loved ones from select Airtel flagship stores located in Thrissur, Calicut, Malappuram, Kannur, Kottayam, Trivandrum and Ernakulam.


“Torrential rain has hit Kerala resulting in landslides and floods. Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent floods in India. We are currently working to support the relief efforts with Habitat for Humanity India, World Vision India, and Goonj,” said Amazon India spokesperson.

In addition, the Amazon Operations team is working to provide relief kits to the impacted areas and are providing drinking water to their impacted service partners, associates and immediate communities. People can donate essential products to the non-profits by visiting .
“Amazon employees have been enthusiastic supporters of our community initiatives. Our Last Mile team in the affected districts have extended their support by contributing time to help the NGO partners. Various teams have also arranged collection boxes and organised donation drives to support local communities,” said Amazon India spokesperson.
Amazon employees have donated lakhs of rupees over the last two days through the Amazon Cares employee volunteering portal. 


Amplifying its ability to reach masses and drive social action, Viacom18 has mobilised a crowd-funded donation platform in partnership with Give India, wherein all proceeds will be going to Goonj – to bolster disaster relief efforts in healthcare and sanitation facilities in the flood affected areas in Kerala. In addition to the amount donated by employees, Viacom18 through its CSR funds, will match the donations in equal amount. 

In addition to direct fund donation, Viacom18 is helping mobilise funds to those impacted by the floods through its network of top channels in the South-India market. COLORS Kannada, COLORS Super and COLORS Tamil will be running on-air celebrity bytes, tickers and vignettes – encouraging viewers to donate and support the NGO Goonj in its endeavour to provide basic amenities to flood impacted areas.


ICICI Bank through a press release dated August 17 announced that it will contribute Rs 10 crore to aid the state government and the local authorities in their efforts to provide relief and assistance in the flood affected regions of Kerala. The majority of the contribution will be extended to the CMDRF. The bank will also contribute to the District Collectors’ efforts in all the 14 districts of the state to help in the supply of essential commodities like clothes, food items, medicines, sanitation and hygiene products and others.

In addition, ICICI Bank has announced measures to help the flood-hit customers of the state. The Bank will waive off penalties on late payment of EMI for all retail loans—home, car and personal—for our customers in Kerala in the month of August. Also, there will be no penalty for late payment of credit card dues as well as no cheque bouncing charges for the Bank’s customers in Kerala this month.

LULU Group International

Lulu Group owned by Kerala-born business tycoon M A Yusuff Ali also made contribution towards the CMDRF.

Speaking to exchange4media, V Nandakumar, Chief Communications Officer said, “We have contributed 7 crore rupees towards Chief Minister’s Relief fund for disaster management and relief work. We are working closely with various associations to send essential commodities to flood affected areas in Kerala. We will also be contributing more funds towards rehabilitation and re-construction of the flood affected victims and areas.” 

Malabar Group

Malabar GroupMalabar Group contributed Rs 2 crore to Chief Ministers’ relief fund. Their various show rooms in Kerala is helping District Administration to distribute item to flood victims. Further Malabar Group employees will donate their one day's salary to CM's Relief Fund.

UAE Exchange

UAE Exchange, a leading global money transfer, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, has further extended its support for the people affected in Kerala Floods by assisting the on-going relief and rehabilitation efforts. As part of the initiative, the brand is joining hands with the residents of the UAE to mobilise non-perishable essential supplies to be distributed across relief camps in Kerala.

Additionally, the brand has also mobilised its India operations to extend on-ground support to the on-going relief efforts including using its branch networks to act as coordination points and with employees volunteering.

Promoth Manghat, Executive Director, Finablr and Group CEO, said, "As a committed corporate citizen, who firmly believes in helping communities in times of need, it was our responsibility to do all that is in our power to aid the people of Kerala, who are facing this unprecedented natural calamity. Our teams are in full action, across our global network, to extend every support possible for the millions affected. With support pouring in from all quarters, we are confident that Kerala will soon recover from this disaster.”

In an earlier announcement last week, UAE Exchange has globally waived off the service fee on remittances to the Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) in the wake of the catastrophic floods that has ravaged the Indian state of Kerala.

Apart from these brands and corporates too helped out. A contribution of Rs 2 crores was made by State Bank of India (SBI) for the flood victims. SBI have also waived off service charges and fees on ATM Cards, cheque books, duplicate passbooks etc.

K Chittilappilly Foundation and V Guard Group donated Rs 3 crore towards the CM’s relief funds. The VKC Group led by V.K.C. Mammad Koya contributed Rs 1 crore towards the relief funds.

Kerala based brand Elite Foods distributed bread, rusk and other food materials to the relief centres through District Collectors and Food safety commissioner office.

The media world also made their contributions to the Kerala Flood victims. Star Vijay contributed Rs 25 lakhs towards the Kerala Flood relief fund. Sun TV network made a contribution of Rs 1 crore towards the relief fund.

Asianet News Networks

The Kerala Office of the Asianet News has set up a helpdesk for the flood victims where the victims can send a text message stating SOS followed by the location of the victim to 8606959595. So far, the campaign has received over 15000 messages and each of these victims have been rescued using choppers or boats with the help government forces. The government is also using the SMS data to trace and rescue victims on time.

About 150 employees of Asianet News have volunteered for the helpdesk and are working non-stop from August 15. Asianet News has also started a campaign where the helpdesk will try and get information about the friends and relative who have been missing due to floods. Apart from this, Asianet News has raised over Rs 2 Crore through fundraising.

Suvarna News on the other hand had requested its viewers to donate packaged food, water cans, clothes, medicines and daily use products like toothpastes, brush, soaps and blankets. The request was aired on August 17 at 8pm and by morning hundreds of viewers dropped in at Suvarna News and Kannada Prabha office to donate items. The campaign was run for two days and over 4000 viewers dropped in at Suvarna News and Kannada Prabha office to donate. The items were shipped to flood hit areas of Kerala and Coorg in 30 trucks and the first shipment was dispatched on evening of August 18, Saturday. Many viewers and police personals also volunteered in loading the items into trucks.

India Today Group

India Today Group has resolved to stand by the state and extend its heartfelt support. The Care Today foundation, an India Today Group initiative, is devoted to the cause and has donated generously to the #KeralaSOS relief fund. At the same time, India Today group urges the citizens of the country to open their hearts and make a donation through the Care Today foundation.

Malayala Manorama

The Malayala Manorama group are conducting medical camps partnering with various hospitals.

Mathrubhumi Group

The Mathrubhumi group has launched ‘Keralathinoru Kaithangu’, a flood initiative for helping the victims of rain havoc. Aster DM Healthcare Chairman Dr Azad Moopen contributed Rs 50 lakh to ‘Keralathinoru Kaithangu’ mission by Mathrubhumi. Footwear brands like Oddyssey, Hawalker also contributed towards the Mathrubhumi campaign. Koral Knitting mills provided dress materials worth 8 lakhs for the relief initiative of the group.

The campaign is supported and promoted by all Mathrubhumi divisions which include print (MB Newspaper, television News Channel (, radio, (Club FM 94.3) and online (

Star India

Star India will donate Rs 2 Crores to the CMDRF of Kerala. Additionally, Asianet employees have pledged Rs 25 lakhs and all Star India employees are being encouraged to donate at least one day’s salary, and on its part, Star India will match the total contribution of its employees. The donations will be directed to the CMDRF to expedite post-emergency recovery and rehabilitation work in the flood-ravaged areas and districts across Kerala. Furthermore, Star India has also partnered with the NGO ‘Goonj’ to aid with the supply of material contributions to the flood victims.

Uday Shankar, President of 21st Century Fox Asia, and Chairman & CEO of Star India said, “The rains have wrecked havoc in Kerala, which is facing its worst floods in a century. We believe we must do everything in our power to help. In an endeavour to support the on-going relief and rehabilitation efforts in Kerala, we are mobilising funds and creating public awareness through the reach of our network. We hope these efforts act as a catalyst of proactive action in this hour of need.”

Times Network

Times Network, The Times Group, has initiated a fund-raiser campaign, ‘India For Kerala’, to create awareness and to raise funds for the relief efforts in Kerala. Through this initiative, Times Network strives to give the cause a unified voice and encourage the nation to join hands and contribute to support Kerala.
The initiative seeks to help people who have been affected by the deluge that hit the southern Indian state of Kerala. The continuing floods in the State has devastated and unhinged the lives of many, resulting in casualties and loss of property and livelihoods in its wake. This initiative provides a platform to rebuild the lives of the people of Kerala.

Speaking on this initiative, MK Anand, MD & CEO, Times Network said, “Indians have always treasured Kerala as ‘God’s Own Country’, which today sadly stands ravaged by nature’s fury. ‘India for Kerala’ is an act of urgency that requires support and solidarity to rebuild Kerala. Through this initiative, we aim to offer a nationwide reach to a pained plea to all Indians to step forward and donate to this task of relief and rehabilitation. I’m sure this will appeal to the consciousness of the vast multitude of Indians to generously donate funds in the endeavour to provide succour to the affect.


Senior Reporter, exchange4media, Bangalore Neethu reports on media, marketing and advertising industry. In the past she has reported on start-ups, education and health sector for over 6 years.


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Mathrubhumi launches 'Keralathinoru Kaithangu' campaign for flood relief in Kerala

This multi-phase relief mission seeks readers’ support to help Kerala during this most difficult time.

exchange4media News Service 18-August-2018

Torrential monsoon rains in Kerala have killed several people and left thousands homeless. Landslides have wiped off villages and the state is reeling under unprecedented showers and floods. The government is offering all possible assistance to those affected by the disaster, along with joint relief operations which are run by the armed forces. However, given the widespread devastation, Kerala’s formidable media group Mathrubhumi has launched a flood relief initiative, Keralathinoru Kaithangu.

This multi-phase relief mission sought readers’ support to help Kerala during this most difficult time.

Mathrubhumi has come forward to help ease the suffering of the people in Kuttanad, lending similar support as they did during the Chennai floods, Okhi disaster and Gujarat earthquake.

While money is the most essential thing that is needed for the relief work, other items such as medicines, canned food items, rice, sugar, biscuits, pulses and grains, matchboxes, candles, bed sheets, towels, sanitary products, soaps, disinfectants and bleaching powder are also needed. Individual organisations and students can contribute their bit to the relief efforts. The public can donate money at the nearest MB office or deposit in the account number given below:

Current Account No: 37831488523 (SBI, Kannur Road, Kozhikode)
IFSC Code: SBIN0070188

Mathrubhumi will hand over the donations to the Chief Minister’s relief fund, call 7561099000 for more details.

The campaign is supported and promoted by all Mathrubhumi divisions which include print (MB Newspaper, television News Channel (, radio, (Club FM 94.3) and online (

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Your e-mail address will not be published. Also other data will not be shared with third person. Required fields marked as *