Indu ma's life, beliefs and values were profound yet simple

Guest Column: Sivakumar Sundaram, Chairman Executive Committee, BCCL, remembers Indu Jain's wisdom, exuberance and indomitable spirit in a heartfelt eulogy

e4m by Sivakumar Sundaram
Published: May 15, 2021 2:39 PM  | 4 min read
Indu Jain

Chairman Indu Jain, or Mata ji or Indu Mata, for us, will always be the epitome of exuberance, grace, bliss and happiness. She expounded the culture code in Times Group, from an impregnable spiritual prism, to establish equanimity and balance in all situations. We were privileged to receive knowledge, wisdom and management lessons from and through her, from several spiritual masters.

I had expressed the desire to listen to Osho's talks and she surprised me by making special efforts to get me 512 GB of hard drive with a complete compendium of Osho's talks, embarking on my journey of life, on the spiritual path. I was fortunate to have met several spiritual masters with her, Sri Sri Ravishankar at Bangalore Ashram and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (whom I currently follow)at the Coimbatore Ashram. The experience initiated several of us on the path of holistic living, and just by conscious observing Indu Mata, from close quarters, only could resonate with the true meaning of the words "Living in the moment blissfully'.

Indu Mata had a keen interest in philanthropic activities, to ensure the well being of the society at large. During my days in Finance, Mata ji was deeply engaged in activities of the Times Foundation and Times of India Relief fund. I still recall how she endeavoured for money transfer directly to end beneficiaries. She was instrumental in creating the scheme of monthly income to the beneficiaries of the martyred soldiers of the Kargil conflict from the funds of TOI Relief Fund. There are several other instances where she had contributed generously to philanthropic and spiritual activities.

She took a keen interest in the organisation’s work, played a pivotal role in shaping the Hospitality Service (earlier called Administration) and the Management Assurance Service (earlier called the Audit function). Her philosophy for ensuring the well being of the employees and the organisation through financial prudence and discipline, from the prism of these two empowering functions, were the dominant essence of her pursuits. The Chairman's award instituted by her, to recognise excellence across the organisation, is a coveted recognition.

I was quite close to Indu ma, owing to my long association with the organisation. I treasure the memories and cherish the experience of having worked with her on several matters of office and family affairs. I would like to relate an anecdote, which demonstrated her empathy. When I was abruptly transferred out of Finance function, to create the new business division of Brand Capital by Mr Samir Jain, she called me to her office and asked “I am wondering what is the error you could possibly have done, that overnight you have been shifted out of the Finance organisation”. Then I explained with all the excitement about the prospects in the creation of the new division. She continued to keep track of my progress till the business matured and grew.

Indu Mata did not believe in dogma and her advice was creative pursuits with full freedom. It is therefore no surprise, that many people, with challenges in life would naturally gravitate towards her and find joy, balance and equanimity in her presence.

Ode to Joy composed by Beethoven represented the triumph of universal brotherhood against war and desperation. Chairman Indu Mata life epitomised this very joyful living, and in the current exasperating circumstances what we need is love, care, welfare and compassion for everyone, the embodiment of Indu Mata’s life itself. Here are few lines, which I wrote in reverence of eulogy celebrating the life of Indu Mata.

 An Ode to Joy – Eulogy celebrating the life of Indu Mata


Life does not follow a linear pattern

unpredictable transitions defines life's twists and turns

Key disruptors of life changes

Body, mind, career, beliefs & identity it ranges


Physiological disruptors in the physical body

emotional upheavals of relationships they embody

Disruptions of life is the norm than exception

Count the roles you have changed since inception


Our lives rarely go as planned

Uncertain and overwhelmed

Changes in our belief system

new perspectives from acquired wisdom


Spiritual seekers form new constellations

discover their true self in enlightened conversations

abandoning the myth of a linear life

work on your body& mind, that caused the strife


Shedding parts of our unhappy selves

with Joy and happiness fill your cells

Live life to the fullest

Always in wonder, like the wandering tourist

Her Life, Her Beliefs, Her Values were profound yet simple, were nothing but tender smiles and exuberance. And if you would like to find Indu Ma, she is there wherever there is Joy, Happiness and Laughter. She is Peace personified.

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