Why Samsung is Most Attractive and Trusted, but not Samsung Mobiles?

Samsung leads most trusted brands list and most attractive brands index, Samsung Mobiles is ranked 215 in Most Attractive Brands list

exchange4media News Service 27-October-2017

Samsung, the South Korean durable goods maker, is winning hearts in India, but the mobile phone brand is still reeling from the after-effects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device disaster from last year. While Samsung the consumer electronics brand has regained its lead and topped the charts in both the Most Attractive Brands (MAB) list and Most Trusted Brands index, Samsung Mobiles ranked 215 in the MAB index and in the same index Samsung Galaxy Note was ranked 473. 

Despite the resurgence of Samsung, Samsung Mobiles has not managed to make a come back after last year’s disaster. This year, among Mobile Phones brands Chinese brand Oppo came in at 20 in the overall Most Attractive Brands list, followed by Vivo at 26, and Nokia at 28. Samsung Mobiles lagged behind all other major mobile phone brands like Micromax, Blackberry, Motorola, HTC, Apple iPhone, Redmi, Xiaomi, etc. Samsung, which was ranked 18 in the Most Trusted Brands Index in 2016, climbed 17 ranks over the previous year to grab the top spot in 2017. Samsung Mobiles, which was the Most Trusted Brand in 2016, has been badly hit and has seen a significant drop. In 2015, Samsung Mobiles from the personal gadgets category led the 1000 Most Attractive Brands index. The brand took a beating in 2016 after Samsung’s flagship product the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began blowing up because of faulty batteries.

The brand will take some time to rebuild trust and make a come back, said Harish Bijoor brand guru and Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. “What blows up in your face causes damage and leaves a scar behind. That scar will take a while for Samsung to erase. The scar the exploding battery left on the brand properties of "Samsung", "Galaxy" and "Note8" were deep.”

A number of factors have impacted the brand attractiveness and brand trust of Samsung Mobiles. “There is also the issue of the on-going leadership crisis at Samsung in South Korea due to a corruption case. News like this reaches Indian audiences,” N Chandramouli, CEO, Trust Research Advisory, said.

Given that both the consumer durables brand and the mobile phone brand are name Samsung, there may be some transference of brand trust and brand attractiveness from the mother brand to the sub-brand. However, the transference of the impact seems to have curbed. “Samsung is verticalised very well. Consumers understood that what happened to the phone was a battery fault. That localised the issue and the brand damage was to that extent, less,” Bijoor said.

Chandramouli cautioned that the brand could stay away from using the words Galaxy, and Note for its next offerings to insulate itself from losing trust and attractiveness.

But Samsung is on a path to recovery. “Subsequent quick, clear and dramatic actions taken by Samsung have helped the brand. But erasing the scars will take time. Possibly two generations of consumers will remember it. Fortunately, in mobile phone space, one generation is just 18 months!,” Bijoor said. The recovery is also driven by Samsung’s response the problem. “Firstly the brand got off the pedestal and said that there was a fault. it owned it. It sorted it out. It pulled out the faulty offering. It rectified it. And brought it all back. All this very swiftly and with a great degree of open-ness. That worked for Samsung,” he added.

The Most Attractive Brands index and the Most Trusted Brands index are compiled by brand analytics firm, TRA Research.

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We want to lead in every category that we enter: Herjit Bhalla, Hershey India

Hershey India enters highly competitive premium biscuit segment with the launch of Sofit Protein Cookies

exchange4media Staff 56 minutes ago


Hershey India has forayed into the $800 million premium biscuit market, particularly in the better-for-you segment, with Sofit Protein Cookies. Targeted towards the health-conscious working professionals in metros, the biscuits will be widely distributed across stores and e-commerce portals from November 14.

Available in three flavours, these protein cookies are the second product launch from Hershey India after Kisses last month. According to media reports, the launch of the new products is part of Harshey’s plan to invest $50 million in India.


Talking about the latest launch, Herjit Bhalla, Managing Director, Hershey India, said the need to have a “unique differentiated good quality product” resulted in protein cookies. He shared that the company is in early stages of building the portfolio further.

He added, “Consumers already associate Sofit for its protein benefits, and we believe that there is a white space in the category, i.e. a delicious cookie with benefits of protein. As a result, Sofit was the best bet to enter this big biscuit category.”


The MD has set its ambition high. “The ambition is to be a leading player in every category we enter.”

On the competition in the category, he said, “It operates in the premium category so everything else that sits there is in a way an alternative that consumers can choose to.”


In due course, a 360-degree marketing campaign for the new product featuring brand ambassador actor John Abraham will roll out. Bhalla pointed out that there will definitely be a greater push on digital.


He shared that Hershey’s “focus brands” have been growing at nearly 50 per cent. Sofit has logged a growth of 20 per cent per annum since Hershey’s entered India in 2007. “On Sofit, we have a CAGR of 20 per cent for 10 years,” he shared.


The total biscuit market in urban India is $2.8bn, growing at 10 per cent while the premium end is roughly $800mn growing at 17 per cent.


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Deepika-Ranveer: Will we soon see brand ‘RanDeep’?

As Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone get ready to tie the knot on November 15, would we get to see them coming together for brand endorsements?

Dolly Mahayan 1 hour ago


One of Bollywood’s hottest couples Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have become the talk of the town as they are all set to tie the knot on November 15.

Well, it is no secret that marriage between celebrities only adds to their brand value. Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor as ‘Saifeena’ or Virat Kholi & Anushka Sharma as ‘Virushka’ are already proof of the success of a couple’s brand value in India.

So, could we see Deepika and Ranveer following suit? While everyone is trying to find out any possible information about the much-talked-about wedding, we thought of checking out the brand value of the two stars and understand the difference that the union will bring about.

Celebrity endorsement has always been a hit among brands and over time, we have seen an increase in the number of couples joining the race. These couples are said to charge a hefty amount for endorsing brands and products together.

In the 2017 report by Duff and Phelps titled ‘Rise of the Millennials: India’s most valuable celebrity brand, Ranveer Singh was valued at $42 million. The actor has been the brand ambassador of around 20 brands. It is estimated that he currently charges around Rs 3-4 crore per deal. According to the Forbes list of Top 100 celebrities for 2017, the actor made Rs 62.63 crore during the year, reportedly from brand endorsements.

On the other hand, Deepika Padukone has the highest brand endorsements in her kitty among actresses. She is currently endorsing 18 brands. Padukone charges around Rs 1-5 crore per deal. According to a media report, she quoted a whopping Rs 8 crore for a three-day shoot to endorse an airline brand.

Aman Abbas, Co-Founder Commwiser Consultants, believes, “The Deepika-Ranveer wedding creates a big opening for brands that want to attract young married couples and youth alike. We expect to see associations in clothing, jewellery, accessories and beauty categories to some fun and aspirational brands in travel and tourism, fitness, luxury and home products.”

He adds, “A lot of brands now look for more than just endorsements in ATL campaigns. They are keen to showcase how they are an intrinsic part of these influencers’ personal lives. Wedding being a very personal affair is the opportunity for brands to generate that visibility and trust which is far more valuable than a typical TV commercial.”

However, what’s interesting is that some brands that Ranveer endorses are in a direct competition with brands that Deepika endorses, like Vivo & Oppo, Head & Shoulders & L’Oreal Paris, Adidas Originals & Nike, and Kotak Mahindra Bank & Axis Bank. It would be interesting to see what new strategy these brands adopt after the marriage.

Ranjeet Kumar, CEO Team Pumpkin. "For the movie frenzy millennial, DeepVeer will surely become the next couple sensation after Virushka. Both Deepika and Ranveer have strong individual imprints on young consumers; this wedding will undoubtedly scale up their brand power as a couple. Our agency plans to optimize the added value Deepika and Ranveer will bring together, especially for the brands targeting young couples."

Brand Expert, Nupur Krishna shares, "Looking at brand Deepika and Ranveer I’d say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So far, Ranveer’s eclectic and effervescent style and Deepika’s fresh and modern independent woman image, endeared them to their fans mostly from the younger demographic. However, marriage would lend both of them a persona of maturity and responsibility which would open them up to many more product categories. Also, I don't think it would have any adverse effect on them currently endorsing rival brands as individuals. If anything, it would add a bit of buzz as fans would speculate about the differing taste of married couples".

According to N Chandramouli, Brand Expert & CEO of Desire, “When two personalities as different as Ranveer and Deepika come together, it does not have the same context as several other celebrities. In this case, they endorse brands which are competing, banks, phones, paints etc”. “I think both of them will continue to maintain individual brand personalities after their marriage too and not look at common endorsements as brand conflicts are significant and will not add to their endorsement value,” he adds.

“You may see them endorsing brands together only after a couple of years. I think they can extract more value as individuals than as a couple for now,” Chandramouli explains. Both the stars are on the top of their respective games and have now entered the club of ‘power couples’.

And when it comes to endorsements, power couples of Bollywood have always been the first choice of advertisers. Recently, ‘Virushka’ made headlines when they featured in Manyavar Mohe TVC. In the past also we have seen many Bollywood couples sharing screen together for a brand.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan appeared for D’décor, while Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan came together for Prestige and Lux. Kajol and Ajay Devgan have done many TV commercials together, including Whirlpool, Lifebuoy and Alpenlibe.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this power couple takes over the advertising world and what marketers and advertisers plan for them. The two are endorsing almost 40 brands together. 

Correspondent A post-graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dolly reports on advertising, marketing as well as the digital domain. In her free time, she loves travelling and reading.


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#e4mConclave, two days to go: Can machines be creative?

At the exchange4media Conclave, Headline Speaker - Tamara Ingram, Worldwide CEO, J. Walter Thompson Company will speak on ‘Hu(man) and Machine’, and whether AI can be creative

Misbaah Mansuri 1 hour ago

Tamara Ingram

Creativity maybe the ultimate moonshot for artificial intelligence. But now the question that remains is how far AI can or should go in the creative process? At the exchange4media Conclave which is scheduled to take place on November 16 in Mumbai, Tamara Ingram, Chief Executive Officer of J. Walter Thompson Company, who will be the Headline Speaker at the event will be speaking on the topic ‘Hu(man) and Machine’, and whether AI can be creative. 

With digital technology now enabling machines to learn, recognise and respond to humans - from digital assistants to driverless cars - the inevitable question follows: Can machines be creative? And will artificial intelligence ever be able to make art? Experts decode:

Exploring creative frontiers

Answering the question whether machines can be creative Sonia Khurana, Senior Vice President, OgilvyRED Consulting says, “Yes, we’ve seen evidence of it. Can it imitate the human mind? No. I am doubtful that AI will ever replace the creativity of the human mind. I have often wondered: will machines be able to figure out how our minds work, which are a mystery to even us?”

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult has a different take. He signals that the answer is an emphatic no. Dingra asserts that on their own machines can’t get inspired and create abstract art or an idea but we can feed machines two unrelated topics and ask them to throw combinations of words or co-related content between these two topics. “They can be programmed to make creatives. Machines can also dynamically generate multiple creatives once fed with 3-5 elements which it can combine to form multiple versions of the same creative,” he says. 

According to Venugopal Ganganna, CEO, Langoor, artificial intelligence, in its infancy, is creating art today. “That art per se is often prescriptive to the learning models fed to it or the output is defined by the creator of the intelligence. In both the cases what the intelligence creates is still art - but with a strong influence of the creator or the input. The ability for AI to create original art with meaning on its own is a few steps after AI properly passes the 'Turing' test - which for now has only been partially cleared,” he argues.

Augmenting art

Experts remark that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what is possible. While advancements in AI mean that computers can be coached on some parameters of creativity, experts question the extent to which AI can develop its own sense of creativity. Can AI be taught how to create without guidance? “My belief is machines in the future will aid creativity to help in mass scale creation, customisation and distribution but originality and abstract thinking is far off from the reach of machines in the near future,” says Dingra.

Khurana points out that creativity is subjective. “However, developing good creative – ideas that connect with the audience in an impactful way – is not. It requires empathy, imagination, storytelling, art and more. Much more than data. It’s the collaboration of logic from AI and magic from the human mind that will add to the effectiveness,” she highlights.

Vikas Chawla - Co-founder, Social Beat hints that art is a form of expression and storytelling is something that will remain in the hands of creative people for the foreseeable future. "Theoretically it is possible for AI to create art and even content. And it has been tried, but the question remains as to whether art can be created based on data and past learning,” he lets out.

Ganganna notes that artificial intelligence is still quite prescriptive about what it can or cannot do. He spells out that free-form creativity without input from programmers or creators of intelligence is a while away. “This means we have to define what creative is. Sure in the long-term horizon it is likely that machines will be free-form creative; but in the short-term it will be limited to the task at hand. If being creative means coming up with pastel paintings then machines will be able to do that. If the intelligence is created and/or trained to create videos that is what they will do.”

What's next for AI?

Thought leaders ponder whether AI innovation will ultimately yield technology that can create without supervision.
Rohit Raj, Co-founder and Creative Chief, The Glitch reaffirms that a machine isn’t capable of thinking on its own for it to replace a creative director. He calls AI as a strong left brain with a zero right brain. “Machines as the word suggests are devices that are programmed to react and behave in binary modules. Unfortunately creative minds do not behave in a binary model. If we can build a set pattern to do things, a machine will be able to build upon it and replicate it."  

Raj states that AI is playing an important role in advertising by reducing execution time. “We are able to use AI to aid in design, in media buying processes and spaces where a “if this then that” rule applies. Design tools and edit tools using machine learning AI algorithms to aid the designer and editor to work faster by helping key out images or adding right filters etc. Things like buying the right media, targeting the right users, optimising costs etc., are things AI can aid in because computers can take in more data and process it faster than humans,” he opens up.

Syed Murtaza, Head - Creative and Tech, Grapes Digital reflects that while machines follows numbers, routine and set patterns, only a human mind can express and bring the creativity alive in different and most unique forms. “Machines follow what we feed in as input, they are our reflection as we build them…till the time we can create a self-conscious AI more powerful than the human mind itself. We are already taking help of AI in creating art and making things beyond our imagination or capability but it's always powered by human intervention,” he explains.

“What a machine can't do is 'feel'. It lacks empathy. So a combination of AI that generates ideas and a creative director who can shortlist and refine a plot, based on how it will make a person feel, based on his cultural and societal status, can easily work,” states Raghu Bhat, Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi.

FoxyMoron's Rishabh Khatter emphasises that it's hard to determine who to give credit to; the machine or the human intelligence that drew up an algorithm with intent for it to do so. “AI is an enabler, one that is being used to facilitate the creation of things like art, which is an ever expanding field for better ideas. Khatter maintains that the industry is slowly inviting new AI concepts that amalgamate data and creative. “Such as dynamic content engines with the predictive automation of A B testing at the media front, video content engines that pre-templatise and dish out quick stackable videos in volume with simple user inputs or new tools that ask the user to upload their video script or story boards to give it a performance factor or the dreaded 'virality' score after running it through a whole bunch trending geo-targeted parameters," he shares.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that the boundaries of AI’s roles in creative endeavours will definitely be pushed. It can definitely offer as a smart, efficient and inspiration assistant.

Correspondent, exchange4media, Mumbai Misbaah reports on advertising industry. Based in Mumbai, she interviews industry leaders in the creative, advertising and marketing space, reports news updates in the ad space. She drives the ‘Chillout’ section, and regularly reviews ad campaigns. In the past she has reported on mainline news, travel and lifestyle.


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Anindya Dutta appointed MD for Havmor Ice Creams

He was with Britannia for the last 17 years in roles of increasing impact in sales, marketing, strategy and P&L Management

exchange4media Staff 17 hours ago


Havmor, the ice cream brand and a wholly owned subsidiary of South Korean conglomerate Lotte Confectionery, has announced the appointment of Anindya Dutta as its new Managing Director. He will be the first MD after Lotte acquired Havmor Ice Cream in Dec 2017.

Dutta will be taking forward Lotte’s vision of expanding its business footprint in India. His mission will be at one end to leverage the legacy, the category expertise and brand equity that Havmor enjoys in the ice cream category to rapidly scale up the business towards a national leadership position and at the other end to evaluate and build synergistic expansion into adjacent categories.

Dutta brings 20+ years of leadership experience in the food industry across business verticals and categories including Bakery, Dairy and Confectionery. Prior to joining Havmor, he was with Britannia for the last 17 years in roles of increasing impact in sales, marketing, strategy and P&L Management.  In his past assignments at Britannia he was heading the Dairy and Bread business and more recently he was leading the International expansion of Britannia as the Vice President- International Business.



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Fans across the world mourn Stan Lee's death

“He felt an obligation to his fans to keep creating,” his daughter said in a statement to Reuters

exchange4media Staff 18 hours ago

stan lee

Stan Lee, co-creator of iconic characters including Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Daredevil and the X-Men, has died aged 95.

“He felt an obligation to his fans to keep creating,” his daughter J.C. Lee said in a statement to Reuters. “He loved his life and he loved what he did for a living. His family loved him and his fans loved him. He was irreplaceable.”

Tributes from fans and celebrities across the world poured in. Here are a few:



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BookMyShow makes a special appeal to parents on Children's Day

Conceptualised and executed with BBH India, the film beautifully addresses the stigma that many Indian parents continue to face regarding the sexual orientation of their children

exchange4media Staff 21 hours ago


This Children’s Day BookMyShow has a special message for all parents. Conceptualised and executed with BBH India, this children’s day film beautifully addresses the stigma that many Indian parents continue to face regarding the sexual orientation of their children.

In consonance with the recent Section 377 verdict, it strikes an emotional chord and urges parents to love their children for who they are, regardless of who they love.

Speaking about the film, Marzdi Kalianiwala, SVP- Marketing and Business Intelligence, BookMyShow said, “At BookMyShow, we believe that entertainment connects us all. Pursuant to the recent historic verdict of decriminalization of Section 377, we wanted to put across our perspective and what better way to portray it than through the lens of entertainment. This film is an attempt to reach out to all parents and asking them to accept their children for who they are.”

Russell Barrett, Chief Creative Officer & Managing Partner, BBH India added, “The world of entertainment is probably the most egalitarian. There are no walls and no divisions here. In fact, entertainment brings people together, across geography, language, religion, sexual preference and class. In the light of the historic Supreme Court judgment on section 377, BookMyShow and BBH chose to play out a story of love and acceptance against the backdrop of the magic of the movies. We were keen to cast a real couple in the lead roles for so many reasons, the most important being, it was the right thing to do. We are so very proud to partner a brave, aware and modern brand like BookMyShow in this initiative and hope to do much more going forward.”

Campaign film:


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UN World Food Programme urges people to share a meal with #FeedOurFuture campaign

The film was launched in India in partnership with SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association, and UFO Moviez with the support of renowned changemakers and celebrities

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Diwali is a time of joy, giving and indulging in the finest food delicacies on offer. But what lies in store for the mother unable to feed nor provide a nutritious meal for herself or her children?

For them, the struggle for the basic necessity of life continues. With over 821 million people around the world hungry and/or malnourished, out of which 190 million undernourished are in India, Diwali can act as a catalyst to shed light on this situation.

The global “#FeedOurFuture” cinema advertising campaign and film, launched in more than 30 country cinemas including in India, is aimed at garnering the support of the global cinema audience to tackle hunger and encourage the people around the world to share their meal with those who are less fortunate and going to sleep hungry every night.

The film was launched in India in partnership with SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association, and UFO Moviez with the support of renowned changemakers and celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Dia Mirza, AR Rahman, R Balki, Ankit Kawatra (Feeding India) and Chef Vicky Ratnani, and will be shown in cinemas until December 2018.

Campaign video:


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Three Days to Go! Let's Discuss the Marketer and Machine Conundrum at #e4mConclave

The overarching theme for the exchange4media Conclave is 'Marketer and Machine: How AI will transform marketing?' The event will be held on November 16 in Mumbai

exchange4media News Service 1 day ago

e4m conclave

Artificial Intelligence has transcended the sci-fi fantasy world right into the real world rapidly shaping a world that looks a lot like Spielberg's Minority Report. The applications of artificial intelligence are industry agnostic, wide and varied. AI is soon finding its way through the marketing industry, giving strength to the data-rich ecosystem. 

For now, AI is primarily used in recommendation engines and predictive analytics. Some companies are attempting to use it for real-time bidding infrastructure. This narrow zone in which AI is aiding marketers is expected to soon explode. 

Technologies like 5G in telecommunications which will trigger applications like Internet of Things will present new challenges and drive growth of AI for businesses, says Anil S Nair, CEO & Managing Partner, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi India. “AI will shorten the consumer decision making process,” says Nair. He predicts that aspects of Search and Choose before buying will collapse into one when AI takes over because the machine takes over, because it “preempts the needs of the consumer and addresses those needs based on the behaviour pattern of the consumer.” 

Marketers typically attempt to influence consumers at every stage of their decision-making process. When the process collapses, the marketer will need to pack in a punch in the limited opportunities available, says Nair. He quickly adds that while that may be the case for traditional marketing activities, AI will provide a multitude of layers where marketers can still influence a buy. 

Therefore, marketers are treating machines as allies and not competition. “Machines have the power to amplify the decision and accelerate its impact. That's where AI could play a big role,” says Suvodeep Das, Vice President - Marketing, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services. 

Marketers and agencies alike have therefore embraced AI and are attempting to make sense of it all. Just this year Publicis Groupe launched its proprietary AI platform Marcel which has been built by Microsoft. IBM’s AI marketing solution - Watson - which was built in 2011 has been helping marketers boost digital marketing. 

But there are a few gaps in the AI-Marketer relationship. For one, “marketers do not understand the machine,” says Nair. “It sounds harsh, but it’s true,” he says. The reverse is true as well. The machine-makers do not understand the needs of the marketer. Describing the gaps in the relationship, Axon Alex, Head of Strategy, Jack in the Box Worldwide, says, “Marketers understand the possibilities of machine. But the machine is far from perfect right now to be understood.” 

Alex adds, “Until we achieve the singularity of Marketer and Machine, it’s still the marketers’ job in identifying problem. However, the marketing wizards armed with AI will be better equipped to execute the more important task of identifying the problem with better precision rather than generalising and educated guesswork which is the case today.”

Varun Duggirala, co-founder, The Glitch, believes that although there are gaps, the tremendous amount of learning that is taking place on both sides is the biggest positive of this situation. He says that if the marketer is unable to grasp the complete range of abilities of the machine and use that to her advantage, then it is not the machine’s fault. 

Duggirala had one piece of advice for the tech giants building and developing AI for marketing. He said, that the tools and technology need to be tuned in a B2C fashion rather than B2B to enable marketers to use these tools.

All the marketers and agency leaders exchange4media spoke to said that predictive analytics is the one AI-led tactic that they are most looking forward to work with in the future. The experts also said that they would like to see AI help in achieving personalisation at scale, move away from interruptive advertising to value-added advertising that targets consumers at the right moments. 

We are standing at the threshold of an exciting world that will make sci-fi reality. Technology is changing the marketing ecosystem and redefines the roles and responsibilities of the marketers. Experts will discuss all these changes and understand the macro-trends that will define the future of marketer and machine at the exchange4media Conclave on November 16 in Mumbai. 

The overarching theme for the Conclave is “Marketer and Machine: How AI will transform marketing?” Attend the enlightening sessions to hear what other expert speakers from around the globe have to say about Marketer and Machine.  

For more details click here. 


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Virat Kohli launches his formal footwear brand, One8 Select

With the vision of Virat Kohli, the One8 Select collection offers affordable fashion-forward shoes and accessories that go seamlessly with attire all throughout the year

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Aeon Sports India Pvt. Ltd in association with Virat Kohli brings to you their affordable luxury line, One8 Select.

The brand revealed its line on November 10th, at the Roseate House, Aerocity. With the vision of Virat Kohli, the One8 Select collection offers affordable fashion-forward shoes and accessories that go seamlessly with attire all throughout the year.

With their premium quality and up-to-date trends, this line is going to be every man’s dream. The team believes that formal footwear plays an extremely crucial part in our attire due to its sheer versatility. This versatility is synonymous with Virat, as he essays numerous roles and plays the part perfectly, always encouraging you to put ‘Your Best Foot Forward’.

One8 Select aims to reiterate the importance and impact of formal footwear in leaving a mark on whomever you meet, across various walks of life. One8 Select is Virat Kohli’s passion project to bring the world closer to his sense of style and freedom of expression. His vision for formal footwear is to be equipped to take your best foot forward. Shoes that speak about you. Shoes that complete you.

The collection witnessed a grand launch at Roseate House, Aerocity where the guests experienced a splendid fashion show as Virat Kohli put his ‘best foot forward’ on the ramp. The show highlighted all the collections in collaboration with ace designer Rocky S, post which the guests entered a brand experience zone to view the displayed collection up close and more intimately. The brand has launched with 5 different collections; The Achiever, The Wingman, The Debonair, The Superstar and The Alpha.

The shoes are made of pure leather and are available in multiple colours, like brown/shades of brown, black/shades of black, blue, purple, and over 30 styles between the price range of INR 3999-11999. The brand recognises the passion men have for footwear and targets all shoe aficionados.

One8 Select aims to be a part of the wardrobes of boys & men across all ages and demographics. The spokespersons representing the brand are. Vikas Kohli, Managing Director, Vaibhav Arora, Director-Marketing, Sanjay Dhingra, Director - Operations, Nakul Manchanda, Director - Sourcing and Ajay Gupta, Director - Sales & Offline Commercials.

They strongly believe that this footwear, made out of the finest materials, imprints a bold statement as bespoke footwear and gives a chance to men across all ages to style their look in the trendiest way.

Vikas Kohli believes that the brand will evolve just like Virat, saying,. “With the introduction of formal footwear and socks, the brand aims to equip Virat’s fans and everyone else with the tools that are needed to excel, at work and in life. It was an easy conversation with Virat as knowing him, and his drive for attention to detail, it was clear the formal line of footwear is where his principles can come to life.”

Speaking on the launch, Vaibhav Arora, Director- Marketing said, “With One8 Select we want to stand out in the realm of formal footwear and bring to life Virat’s vision of excellence and consistency with every step we take. Virat has a tremendous fan base and for many, he is an inspiration and an icon and with One8 Select we aim to bridge the gap between the two and bring the supporters close to Virat through our offerings”.

Director of Sourcing, Nakul Manchanda says that, “Understanding the need of the consumer and looking for the right product that just pushing a product is what we looked at with the launch of One8 Select.”

Adding to that Sanjay Dhingra, Director- Operations mentions that, “With the launch of One8 Select, our aim is not only to bring the product to the market but to ensure it is readily available and our consumer are spoilt for choice.”

While Ajay Gupta, Director - Sales & Offline Commercials said, “Throughout my foray in sales and provisions I have understood that a product travels far when its good, but it goes further when we know what the consumer is looking for. Addressing the vacuum of luxury is affordable where One8 Select comes into play."

The brand aims to build upon their existing range in the coming months and cater to all demographics across all ages even further. They envision a future where this collection strikes a chord with not just Indian but International audiences. The brand will be selling both online with Amazon as their exclusive e-commerce partner and across multi-brand stores.


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BARC Week 44: BJP enters Top 10 Brands at sixth spot

The same category also saw the entry of Incredible India tourism campaign after a while at seventh spot

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


In the list of BARC Top 10 Brands for Week 44 (October 27-November 2), Amazon retained its top spot with 17,920 insertions even after a drop of 45 per cent in insertions. Trivago also maintained its second spot with 10,393 insertions.

The category saw the entry of Vimal Elaichi Pan Masala and Flipkart after a brief period in the third and fourth spots with 9796 and 9694 insertions respectively.

Santoor Sandal and Turmeric slipped to fifth spot with 9536 insertions.

Bharatiya Janata Party, Incredible India and Kalyan Jewellers took the sixth, seventh and eighth spots with 9067, 8926 and 8910 insertions respectively.

Wipe slipped to ninth spot with 8823 insertions. Dettol Toilet Soaps took an entry after a while at tenth spot with 8350 insertions.

In the same week, in BARC Top 10 Advertisers list, FMCG brand Hindustan Lever continued to lead this category with 1,43,930 insertions. Reckitt Benckiser stepped up to second spot with 69,407 insertions. ITC Ltd slipped to third spot with 52,297 insertions.

Amazon Online India and Procter & Gamble retained fourth and fifth spots with 31,630 and 27,296 insertions respectively. Brooke Bond Lipton India entered after a brief hiatus at sixth spot with 22,957 insertions.

SBS Biotech and Ponds India climbed to seventh and eighth spots with 22,300 and 21,904 insertions respectively.

Cadburys India slipped to ninth spot with 21,889 insertions. Wipro forayed into the category at tenth spot with 21,236 insertions.


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