We are focused on making AI technology usable for businesses: Paolo Maraziti, Oracle

Maraziti, VP - SaaS Business Development APAC, Oracle spoke about big trends shaping the data led marketing space

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Updated: Nov 9, 2018 7:58 AM
Paolo Maraziti, Oracle

Data driven marketing has been a standard practice for brand managers for a long time now, but new research and constant innovation in this space is redefining this insightful methodology. In an interview with exchange4media, Paolo Maraziti, Vice President, SaaS Business Development APAC, Oracle spoke about big trends shaping the data led marketing space.

According to Maraziti, revenue driven KPIs and focus on personalisation is going to drive the marketing approach even more aggressively. “Marketing is going to be driven even more and more by business KPIs that are revenue driven more than before. One of their key strategies to achieve this target is through personalisation. As we went through the 70s, 80s, 90s, we started actually to have a different type of relationship which was more segment based and now it's coming back to the level of personalisation thanks to technology.”

Role of Data in Targeting Customers

Speaking about the role of data in customer acquisition and customer targeting, Maraziti said, “Data is really at the core of this personalised approach. We are a data company and we are building on this strength and we consider data the fuel for personalisation in the marketing space. We can help the brands through our careful management of content distribution through channels, in order to really gain the right insights.”

Elaborating on the targeted approach to client communication, Maraziti added, “When it comes to use of technology in targeting, customers steps are being taken to drive extra value from customers. So, for instance, on Artificial Intelligence (AI) there are two things we are doing - we call AIs which are deciding what channel is the best to approach a customer; are you a SMS person or should I use email to connect. So that's another level of personalisation that we have. The next one we are working on is the offering about optimising the content based on customer behaviour.”

From AI to IoT

The rapid rise to Internet of Things (IoT) according to Maraziti will enable data targeting in real time and hence give better insights to marketers and brand managers into customer behaviour.

“We speak about AI, but I think another very promising channel for us in the market is Internet of Things (IoT). It can help you deliver timely messages with insightful data to target customers effectively. We are helping brands with is to have algorithms where if you know you don't have a certain uptick of the customers you can stop delivering messages to them. This also helps brands save cost on ineffective digital advertising.”

The rise of Augmented Humanity

According to Maraziti the future of businesses will not be augmented reality as many experts tend to believe; instead it will be augmented humanity. “We are focused on making AI technology usable for businesses, so our slogan is to help you build your tomorrow today. I would say augmented humanity is going to be at the centre stage of the model of business for the next 10 years,” stated Maraziti.

Underlining the big role that India would play in defining customer acquisition trends, Maraziti further added, “With the number of people coming to digital there would be new trends and patterns that will be adopted to connect with these new customers. In India this kind of development will be more pronounced than other markets like Europe, US etc.”

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