We are building a brand that adds value to the customers: Aishvarya Murali, ZestMoney

The Head of Marketing at ZestMoney shares insights on the campaign #GameNeverOver and future marketing initiatives

e4m by Ritika Raj
Published: Jun 13, 2022 8:57 AM  | 10 min read

Digital EMI/pay later platform ZestMoney is betting big on its marketing initiatives and reveals how those initiatives will aid in its efforts to build a brand that adds value to the customers. “We take pride that ZestMoney has been at the forefront of scaling digital EMI in India,” says Aishvarya Murali, Head of Marketing, ZestMoney.

In an interaction with e4m, Murali shares insights on their campaign #GameNeverOver, the company’s future marketing initiatives and much more.


Please tell us about the insight behind your recent campaigns. What has the objective been while curating them?

The core philosophy behind our latest campaign #GameNeverOver is a basic human insight that everyone aspires for a better life. In real life, upgrading to a better life is a subjective and continuous process – be it for buying a new laptop or upskilling themselves or booking their first international trip.
Digital EMIs are playing an important role in furthering access to credit, especially for consumers seeking to upgrade to a better life. We take pride that ZestMoney has been at the forefront of scaling digital EMI in India, offering products that not just drive affordability, but those that add value to the customers. We are one of the few brands that cater to everyone, particularly to those who have been outside the ambit of traditional financial institutions for decades. Therefore, the game is never over in the true sense for those who use us to upgrade themselves. Our consumers can spread out costs with EMI offerings, which makes for smart financial planning. We guarantee a 100% digital and transparent, low-cost EMI, and a seamless shopping experience across our wide merchant network of over 85,000 stores. While we continue to fuel the aspirations of India, transparency, convenience, and consumer obsession will remain the core of our brand.
Any metrics that you are looking to achieve through your communications?

Although it has grown in recent years, digital finance and EMI are still fairly in the early stages in the Indian ecosystem. So, definitely, consumer acquisition will be one of the metrics that we are targeting through our marketing communications. Having said that, it is not a blind consumer acquisition.

Secondly, we are also targeting to increase customer awareness and loyalty since customers are only happy when they find genuine value in any products. We are building a brand that adds value to the customers. As a player who is always on the right side of the regulations, building consumer trust has always been our core principle. So, we want to build that awareness that we are the most trusted brand. This is something we have been continuously working on and have some exciting things lined up.

Thirdly, I strongly believe that repeat customers significantly increase the value of your business. Hence, we are focusing our efforts more on retaining existing customers, turning them into loyal customers, and increasing lifetime business value.

Of course, all of this is tied back to ensuring customers have the best experience with the product and offerings.

ZestMoney introduced a brand mascot. What is the insight behind the mascot ZeeGee?

Mascots have been bringing brands closer to consumers for many years by establishing a strong connection and going beyond the transactional nature of the relationship; that was the basic thought behind introducing our mascot.
As for ZeeGee, ZestMoney’s power girl, the banking and finance sector has been predominantly a man’s world in India. Women in the banking industry have been breaking glass ceilings way before we saw that happening in global financial markets. At Zest, we have always broken the stereotypes. We have strong and independent leaders, who are women, at the helm. Hence we introduced our power girl, ZeeGee, who embodies what we stand for.

We launched our campaign with a gamification-based ad film. If you look at games, like Super Mario, at the end of the adventure, it is game over. We, however, wanted to creatively convey that the adventure may end, but it is only for leveling up and that the game is never over.

The campaign is a 360-degree one and ZeeGee has already come alive in several cities across India. More initiatives including Out of Home (OOH) campaigns and others are also in pipeline. You may also get to play the real ZeeGee game as we are working to engage with our customers creatively on our app.

How are you keeping your communications aligned with your proposition of digital EMIs?

We have tailored our communication to the consumer’s tone and voice as different consumers look for different products. Even though the impact of creating and owning a new category on a company and the broader industry can be immediately quantified, category creation plays an important role in keeping our marketing communication aligned. At the end of the day it is about what money can buy and what money can buy is different for different people.

We at ZestMoney believe in empowering our customers with knowledge. We continue to take the vernacular communication route for this. We also collaborate with our merchant partners to run our communication in various languages. Zest is also a completely digital platform, and we communicate with our customers through the app and other platforms to keep them engaged.

While digital EMIs in India are growing significantly, financial education still remains a challenge. How are you dealing with this issue in particular in terms of communication?

ZestMoney is the most configurable and customizable product, which is essential in a complex and heterogeneous market like India, where we give customers a specific credit limit not just based on their credit score but by factoring in 1,000+ data points. We never issue a large credit ticket line at once. We begin with a small loan and gradually increase it as they begin to make timely repayments. In essence, we will reward only good repayment behaviour.
We are very transparent when it comes to our business. We strongly believe in empowering customers with knowledge. An empowered customer is not just good for us but for the entire ecosystem. Transparency is absolutely at the core of our business and products. We strongly believe EMI is a smart way to make a purchase instead of making the entire payment upfront. Customers can split the costs into 3,6,9 and up to 24 months (in the case of some merchants) at no extra cost. In case there is any interest, we clearly communicate the terms and conditions.

To overcome the challenges in financial education, we take up the regional language route to educate customers. We actively take up financial literacy campaigns in Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and others. These assets are made available to everyone to make sure they feel empowered even if they are not our customers.

With digital EMIs becoming increasingly popular, how are firms adapting to this change?

Competition is good in business as it broadens the horizons and keeps us on our toes. Creating a meaningful moat is important, especially in financial services, because successful players over time have managed to build a great moat and strengthened it over time. For example, our first successful moat for Zest is that we have excellent relationships with our entire network of merchants and lenders. We are the largest omnichannel digital EMI/pay-later platform in India, with by far the most acceptance.

Our second competitive advantage is that we are one of the few fintechs that can underwrite and approve NTC (new-to-credit) applicants. We take a thorough approach to customer selection that is based on advanced machine learning algorithms and is true AI-driven onboarding and underwriting. We examine over 1,000 data points to determine a customer's creditworthiness. As a result, our approval rates are higher and our at-risk rate is lower. These two are something we have been continuously working on.

So, essentially, those who have a meaningful moat and work on them continuously will be the winners.

Higher visibility at merchant partners is something that has worked for us and we will double down our efforts here.

What is your core TG?

Our primary target audience is millennials, who are digital natives most of whom belong to the 23 - 28 age group. In the course of our business, we have noticed that millennials are super smart about their financials, but are also concerned about, spending, and saving habits. They also don’t like credit cards. They want a product that they can use anywhere and at any time and also want a bang for their buck.
While we built our product to expand the market and even get new to credit (NTC) customers get access to credit through our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning-driven underwriting models, over the last year we have seen an increased demand from the prime and superprime customers (high CIBIL score) as well.

So, in India, EMI/pay-later is as much an affordability product as it is a convenience product.

Any upcoming marketing initiatives in the pipeline that you would like to share?

We will continue to be sensible about marketing initiatives at ZestMoney. For us, marketing encompasses not only social media and digital platforms but also activities that occur in the middle and bottom of the funnel including our in-store and point-of-sale (POS), along with the hotspot catchments around the retail zones. And in the moment of truth, present ZestMoney as the checkout option that helps serves their purpose (upgrade) in real-time.
We are also finding smarter ways to market and we are doubling down on our merchant marketing initiatives. Considering merchants are the strong pillar of our business and considering that it is merchants who take forward the marketing once customers enter the stores, we will drive a lot of our marketing efforts to engage with customers through our merchant channels, both online and offline. This also includes training our merchant partners. We are also engaging strongly with the D2C (Direct to consumer) brand community by helping them get access to a wider user base and increasing their AOV.
We'll also be focusing more on cohort-specific OOH (Out of home) brand campaigns, and we'll be releasing a new brand face for our upcoming campaign in the near future.

Going ahead, how do you see things panning out in terms of growth and expansion for Zest?

From a marketing construct, we work to continue to strengthen our funnel. So if we are speaking to say 20 people, we want to not just ensure that there is maximum conversion through the funnel but also that they remain a loyal cohort for the business.

The number of new customers we add each quarter has currently increased at a rate of more than 100% quarter on quarter, and this trend is expected to continue as we ramp up our smart marketing efforts even as we continue to offer our customers the best and most innovative products at the lowest possible costs.

From a business standpoint, we are also positive about partnerships, and we are constantly adding new merchants to create a massive and omnichannel merchant ecosystem. While our most popular pay in 3 months EMI with no cost offer remains available, we're seeing a lot of interest in 6, 9, and 12 months tenures using which customers will be spending more in the coming years.

We are also obsessed with revenue and profitability since they are critical to building a sustainable business. We expect to reach $100 million in annualized revenue run rate in the next few months and $300 million by March 2023.

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From saluting rivals to celebrating farmers, how brands observed Republic Day 2023

The campaigns this year dialled up creativity and patriotic fervour

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 27, 2023 8:53 AM   |   5 min read

Republic Day

With India celebrating its 74th Republic day on January 26, 2023, brands came out with colourful campaigns showcasing their gratitude towards the nation and evoking the feeling of patriotism amongst the audience. These campaigns have dialled up creativity and patriotic fervour, highlighting social causes and much more. Here are some of the best Republic Day campaigns that caught our eye this year.

#DeshKiAawaz campaign by Mahindra & Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector

The campaign #DeshKiAawaz recreated the national song of India, Vande Mataram, with sights and sounds from farming. The film captures the sounds of Mahindra tractors in various applications through exhaust notes and engine sounds, including that of Mahindra’s popular tractor and farm machinery range.  

#DilSeSalute by Godrej

The campaign features kids extolling their nation in a heart-felt poem, reminding Indians about the achievements of the country. With this video, the company has invited audiences to share their #DilSeSalute moments and express their gratitude for the development of the country.

Meesho’s tribute to the diversified culture on YouTube Shorts

Since it is quite evident that audiences love to skip ads, and shorter ads might get actually viewed by the audience, Meesho took the YouTube Shorts route to get the emotion right of our diversified and growing audience. The e-commerce platform made a campaign around cultural diversity in the country and how it is an opportunity for business and talent. The campaign is created and conceptualized by Hybrid, and will feature delightful animations by popular artists and illustrators such as Ankur Chaudhry, Khushboo Yadav, Rucha Pagar and Raksha Mehta

#DeshKiJhanki initiative by Tata Tea Premium ft. Vijay Raaz 

Tata Tea Premium launched its latest #DeshKiJhanki initiative celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Indian states through 3D 'Jhankis' or floats that are a special feature of Republic Day celebrations. Using the microsite, the campaign lets users have an immersive parade-viewing experience through an audio-visual experience similar to the actual parade but within the comfort of their own homes. The campaign has been created by Media Monks. Actor Vijay Raaz lends his impactful voice to the campaign, adding gravitas to it.

Link to the microsite: https://www.indiakichai.com/

Air India’s  #HarAasmaan

With the film, Desh Ka Naam #HarAasmaan, the aviation brand speaks about giving wings to the growing nation. Sung by Singer Shaan, the film shows a sweet message of how we are collectively developing as a nation and, everyone is responsible for the same irrespective of age, place, race, etc. 

Orient Electric Limited #OrientLightsUpIndia

In line with Orient Electric Limited's offerings, the company, part of the CK Birla Group, illuminated many landmark buildings and sites across India in the colours of the Indian flag, ahead of Republic Day. The initiative is a part of its #OrientLightsUpIndiav campaign. The list includes prominent locations like Rail Bhawan, Baroda House and Travancore House in New Delhi, Varanasi Cantt Railway Station, Bareilly Junction railway station, Dobra Chanti bridge in Tehri, Rani Kamalapati Railway Station in Bhopal, Ganga Barrage in Kanpur, and Bharathi Park in Pondicherry.

CashKaro #PickAFlag

Indians have always had a preference for "value for money." To put it to test, ahead of Republic day, team CashKaro & EarnKaro hit the streets of Delhi and find out to what extent can Indians go when it comes to this, but with a patriotic twist. The teams asked shoppers to do a simple thing -- to #PickAFlag on every relatable habit that was written on the signboard held by the team in the most crowded of places.


Nilon's celebrated India's diversity in culinary choices. The company's 2023 Republic Day ad saluted India's unity by taking viewers through a series of delectable regional delicacies. 

Zomato #RespectAllUniforms

Zomato saluted the heroes of the nation who go about doing their duties diligently wearing a uniform. The film emphasises on the fact that all uniforms -- be that of a pilot or a food delivery agent -- deserve equal respect because they serve the nation in the best way they could. The most heart rendering part of the video was when towards the end, a Zomato delivery agent salutes his rival counterpart. It's implied that it's Swiggy. 

Apart from ad films, brands also marked the day with some social media creatives:

McDonald’s India

Burger King India

Glucon D

Lupin India

Sony Max

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A post shared by Sony MAX (@sonymax)

L’Orèal Corporate


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A post shared by Nutralite (@nutralite)

AU Bank

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Drools ropes in Janhvi Kapoor as brand ambassador

Launches new digital campaign

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 4:41 PM   |   2 min read


Drools, a pet-food brand, has announced actress Janhvi Kapoor as the face of the brand. The brand aims at addressing the irks of pet parents by making their pooches’ meals not only delicious but also well-balanced delivering all nutritional value.

As Bollywood’s pet parent Janhvi takes to Instagram to raise concerns over her pet Panda’s picky behavior, she shares how he is low on energy and not eating well. “He has been so fussy about his food lately, he’s barely eating! I think I need to change his diet or introduce some new things into his routine!” she adds. She turns to her fans asking for solutions to make Panda’s meal fun and exciting while being equally healthy.

Addressing this issue, Drools invited Janhvi for an interactive session with their acclaimed nutritional expert and CEO, Dr. Shashank, to assess the situation and help her with insights on the most suitable nutrition options for Panda.

Speaking about this association, Shashank Sinha, CEO & Veterinarian, Drools said, “With over 30 years of expertise in the field of animal food and nutrition, Drools has always been at the forefront of contributing to bettering the lives of animals by delivering the best pet food. We take extreme pride in providing healthier living and food habits for pets and addressing the concerns of millions of pet parents. We are delighted to have Janhvi Kapoor onboard the Drools family.  This brand affiliation with Janhvi will further help us educate people about the importance of diet and nutrition.”

Speaking about this collaboration, Janhvi Kapoor said, “I am excited to be associated with Drools, India’s biggest pet food brand. They provide a whole range of products using only 100% real chicken as its No. 1 Ingredient. My pooch Panda totally loved it and is enjoying his meals now.  I am relieved that my pooch has meals that are not only delicious but also well-balanced delivering the right nutritional value.”



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Tata Tea creates 3D 'jhankis' for Republic Day

The brand takes a hyper-local approach for the #DeshKiJhanki initiative that captures the regional motifs of Indian states

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 26, 2023 11:00 AM   |   4 min read


This Republic Day, TATA Tea Premium – Desh Ki Chai, the flagship brand of Tata Tea launches its #DeshKiJhanki initiative, celebrating the rich contributions of our states to India@75 via an immersive Republic Day parade. In line with the brand’s hyper-local approach, the latest campaign allows users to enjoy an immersive experience through a 360-degree viewing of 3D Jhankis, and an impactful narrative that brings alive iconic moments and events from the states of India

A specially designed microsite: www.IndiaKiChai.com allows consumers to check out Jhankis (tableaus) of select states, that exhibit some key moments & contributions that brought glory to India. A unique audio-visual experience gives everyone an opportunity to get an immersive experience and enjoy the Republic Day parade from comfort of their homes. 

Knitting together elements of pride, nostalgia, and technology, the brand has also launched an exciting new Film Youtube.com/DeshKiJhanki, that showcases the ‘DeshKiJhanki’ concept in a Pop-up story book format, which is also a curtain raiser for the virtual parade on 26th January. The Film with its unique marching band inspired musical, celebrates the rich accomplishments of our states that have contributed to India @ 75. 

The #DeshKiJhanki initiative captures the below regional motifs of some of the states, highlighted in their visually vibrant jhankis: 

  • Delhi – At the centre of New Delhi stands the India Gate which is a majestic and awe-inspiring sight. The first colour TV telecast in India took place in 1982 in Delhi, which changed how we view the world. Finally, the lifeline of Delhi, the Delhi Metro connecting the entire city with its elaborate network.
  • Haryana – Haryana’s Jhanki represents our rising strength in the world of sports. Haryana is often referred to as India’s medal factory, and the entire country is proud of its athletes.
  • UP – The Jhanki of UP is showcasing Taj Mahal as well as the Ghats of Benares. UP’s culture and history is the pride of entire country.
  • Punjab – Punjab’s Jhanki symbolises the land’s rich farming culture where the seeds of India’s green revolution were sown as well as the iconic Bhakra Nangal Dam
  • Bihar – An amalgamation of Bihar’s pride – the captivating Madhubani pottery, the famous Gol Ghar and the third-longest river bridge in India, Mahatma Gandhi Setu.
  • West Bengal – Representing West Bengal’s illustrious legacy, the Jhanki showcases the magnificent Howrah Bridge, the Dhunuchi dance, and Bengal’s favourite sport, football.
  • Odisha – Odisha’s Jhanki showcases the longest earthen dam in the world, Hirakud Dam, along with its glorious past, represented through the Konark Chakra and the sun temple. It also pays ode to the state’s contribution in the sport of Hockey for India.
  • Maharashtra – The Jhanki of Maharashtra showcases the ubiquitous symbol of 21st century Mumbai – the Bandra Worli Sea Link – considered an infrastructural marvel, along with its iconic Dabbawala and the grand Gateway of India. 

Commenting on the initiative Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products said “Tata Tea Premium-Desh ki Chai, is extremely thrilled to launch the Desh Ki Jhanki initiative which highlights celebrated regional motifs of pride from across the country by means of a virtual 3D Republic Day parade. Offering disruptive and immersive consumer experiences has always remained the core of who we are as a brand. We have always engaged with our consumers through such innovative consumer campaigns leveraging the power of digital storytelling & latest technology while remaining relevant to the masses. This is yet another testament of our efforts in celebrating India through its diverse culture, rich traditions & vibrant motifs across the country and showcasing them to audiences in an impactful manner.” 

Azazul Haque, Chief Content Officer India Media Monks speaking on the campaign said, “Republic Day Jhankis, the float from various states is one of the most eagerly awaited events every year. From a child to the most elderly, it’s an experience we have fond memories of. The idea of Tata Tea Premium Desh ki Jhanki Campaign is to give every Indian an immersive experience of seeing an event they have seen since their childhood; in a way they have never experienced before. The 3D Virtual, immersive experience of Jhanki's of various states is not just a campaign, it's a moment of pride that we want to celebrate with every Indian.”

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Initiative retains Jemena media account

 Mediabrands Content Studio appointed as creative agency of record

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 2:51 PM   |   2 min read


Following a hotly contested pitch, Initiative has retained the media business for energy networks owner, Jemena Limited, extending a 10-year relationship with the brand. The Group’s remit has also been expanded with Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS) being awarded Jemena’s creative account.  


As media agency of record Initiative’s responsibilities include all national and local broadcast media buying, print, outdoor, radio, cinema, digital, search, social and addressable; plus, other media buying such as strategic and communication design responsibilities. MBCS’ remit covers all creative and production services and executions.


Melissa Fein, CEO Initiative said she is thrilled to start the year re-signing a valued long-term client and her team is energised to help Jemena increase its customer base as it expands its network across regional and urban centres throughout New South Wales.


Fein said: “Jemena walks our talk; they are passionate about their customers, ambitious in their plans to decarbonise their networks and totally committed to a sustainable future, all traits Initiative values deeply.  And our relationship has just got better with MBCS now on board, they’re an incredibly talented team and our cross-agency collaboration will help us continue to elevate the outstanding work we do on Jemena.”


Olivia Warren, Managing Director, MBCS said: “Jemena is a fascinating business with so much creative potential. Potential that is greater unlocked by having creative and media harmoniously working together under one roof. It makes collaboration easier, encourages new and gutsy perspectives and ultimately produces world class results for our clients.  We can’t wait to get started.”


Sandra Centofanti, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Jemena Networks, said: “Year-on-year Initiative brings fresh, exciting media thinking to the table; they understand our business intimately and deliver consistently strong results.  We’re pleased to expand this relationship and onboard MBCS as our creative partners. Their connected approach to creativity and energy for our business was magnetic and we look forward to creating big things together.”


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Hardik Pandya named brand ambassador of POCO

The cricketer will represent POCO's upcoming X-series

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 2:49 PM   |   2 min read


Consumer tech brand POCO today announced Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya as its brand ambassador. As a brand that focuses on challenging the status quo and representing every individual who is looking to pursue perfection and greater alternatives to the mainstream, the brand sees the ace cricketer as a perfect fit as its brand ambassador.  Hardik will be the face for the launch of POCO’s upcoming performance beast, the X-series. Entering the market soon with stellar performance and aggressive pricing, POCO's X-series is set to unleash the rebel and revamp the mid-premium smartphone segment. 

Hardik Pandya is known for his all-around skills and how he has defied the odds to become one of the most consistent and successful performers in world cricket. His youth connect and mass appeal amongst the Gen Z audience will resonate the brand persona with its audience. 

Unveiling the partnership, Himanshu Tandon, Country Head, POCO India said, “Hardik Pandya is a name that connects with India in a heartbeat. His never-give-up attitude, zeal, and enthusiasm go perfectly well with our brand’s DNA and we are confident that his personality will resonate with our audience and fans. Aligned with our brand imagery, we are confident that he will play an instrumental role for our brand and we are extremely proud to have him on board as POCO’s ambassador.” 

Sharing about his newest collaboration, Hardik Pandya, who is exclusively managed by RISE Worldwide, said, “I am pleased to partner with a youth-centric smartphone brand like POCO. I admire their smart, sleek and absolute performance-led smartphones. Most importantly, I resonate with the brand’s motto of ‘Everything you need, Nothing you don’t. I look forward to this partnership and connecting with the brand’s young community.” 

Kickstarting his role as POCO’s brand ambassador, Hardik Pandya will soon be seen promoting the brand’s much-awaited release, the X-series. The smartphone comes with major upgrades from its predecessor at an affordable offering and carries forward the brand’s vision of ensuring the highest levels of user satisfaction through cutting edge devices.

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Biryani By Kilo ropes in PV Sindhu as first brand ambassador

The brand has formed a connect with the badminton champ’s Hyderabad association

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 26, 2023 12:00 PM   |   1 min read


Biryani by Kilo (BBK) has announced badminton champion PV Sindhu as its first-ever brand ambassador.

PV Sindhu is the precise personification of the ideology of the brand. Just as the brand firmly believes that “Every good thing takes time – Fursat Se” similarly PV Sindhu has proven this to be true with her years of dedication & hard work towards the sport.

This association is considerably more meaningful since PV Sindhu was born and brought up in Hyderabad and shares a similar fondness for biryani.

Commenting on the association, Sindhu said: “I am happy to be associated with Biryani By Kilo as I have always been fond of their biryani, kebabs & curries. The brand is a pioneer in delivering fresh Handi Biryanis, Dum-cooked especially for each individual order. I look forward to a fruitful partnership with the brand.”

Commenting on the announcement Vishal Jindal, Founder & Co-CEO said: “We are delighted to have PV Sindhu as the brand ambassador of Biryani by Kilo. Biryani & sports have a lot in common, both bring people together. Champions train tirelessly and consistently for years to be able to perform and win and so do BBK as brand. Our association with her is a step towards strengthening the connection with our customers and reaching out to millions who admire & celebrate her excellence.”

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The focus now is on building mental & physical availability: Ajay Dang

The President & Head - Marketing, Ultratech - Aditya Birla Group, spoke on the power of TV in sports at the e4m TV First conference

By exchange4media Staff | Jan 25, 2023 1:57 PM   |   3 min read

Aditya Birla Group

It's critical for any brand to understand who their customer is, what they want to achieve, and what the medium can do, said Ajay Dang, President, Head of Marketing, Ultratech - Aditya Birla Group. He was speaking at the e4m TV First Conference on the ‘The Power of TV in Sports’. 

Dang stated that the world has shifted away from a little salesmanship and selling a unique proposition to as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost.

He stated that consumers to whom brands are speaking are human beings, not just wallets, and that when dealing with humans, there are a few facts to be aware of regarding how they make decisions, as this is what brands are attempting to encourage from a business standpoint. 

“A lot of these consumers use not very hardwired excel sheets analysis in terms of making decisions even the most complex decisions in life,” said Dang.  

According to Dang, the current thinking focuses on two major components: building mental availability and building physical availability. Those are the two most important things to consider, rather than the USP, and the efficiency piece is something to consider.

“Most business leaders and marketers forget that you're always dealing with human beings and those are the people that you're trying to nudge. The biggest search engine that you have as consumers is your mind, tap the Google screen later.” 

From a television standpoint, Dang believes three things stand out as strikingly different, which is supported by some numbers and science. The first thing is attention, the second is emotion, and the third is fame, and all of these things are extremely important in terms of increasing mental availability and building the prompt of brand and category when the consumer thinks of a specific problem.

"As attention rises, business results rise as well, with both top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel numbers rising. If you are trying to communicate with humans and build mental availability, attention matters quite a bit.” 

According to Dang, in terms of building long-term brand building, we need to go to media, which is slightly more long-term and more attention driven. “The worry is that on digital less than 85 per cent brands don't cross that two- and a half-a-second threshold in terms of attention span, and therefore that's something that brands have to keep in mind from the objective that they have.” 

He went on to say that brands have been enticed by FOMO, free eyeball staff, having something to talk about with our CFOs, and saying that we have instant measurement that comes our way, and as a result, I believe a lot of advertising has shifted towards short-termism.

“We have focused largely in terms of efficiency rather than effectiveness and harvesting rather than sowing and doing the long-term brand building.”

He further talked about big events like the IPL and said that while there are 22 men playing on the field, you've had almost 200 million people enjoying that same communal experience at the same time, which only a medium-like television can do and therefore television builds a huge amount of fame.

“These three principles - attention, emotion and fame - are embedded into the medium itself.  While numbers might go up in terms of penetration or come down, I think because we are dealing with human beings and because we are dealing with a medium those principles remain the same. Therefore, for the right reason in terms of long-term brand building, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent comparison to television as of now.”

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