Watch: Traditional content marketing is not going out of style: Prachi Mohapatra, fbb

The CMO spoke about the relevance of traditional medium and the transition of branded content over five years and how it has become sharper

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Updated: Oct 3, 2018 8:55 AM

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Prachi Mohapatra, CMO, fbb - Future Group India, has full faith in traditional medium despite brands increasingly going digital. The CMO spoke about the transition of branded content over five years and how it has become sharper.


Your comments on content marketing from what it was five years ago as against now.

If anything, it has become sharper. If anything has to be said about the context or medium, it is much more thought-through. For instance, we are making our content much more relevant to someone who wants to consume it in a vernacular language. Five years ago, as marketers, we would not be able to give content in vernacular language so that consumption would go up. Primarily because it entails several processes. But now it has become way more sharper and customised for the person who is consuming it. This has given us a much more synchronised approach on how we are developing content

Is traditional content marketing being left out in the digital push?

It is in no way going out of style or context. Traditional medium is here to stay. However much we push content on digital medium, the consumption still happens on traditional medium and the skew towards this is still exceptionally high. While smaller towns and cities are consuming digital content far more than earlier we cannot overlook the impact that traditional media had or has currently. So it’s here to stay for a very long time.

When content creators approach you what do you look for?

There’s never a formula on how content is created. It depends on the objective of the campaign. So it can vary from brand building to a business proposition. Taking the example of our recently created ‘World’s Shorts Day’ campaign where we had a business objective. Shorts as a product has never been spoken about. So the objective out of the entire content creation was to create a lot of noise using influencers and the content had to be very relevant. It has to speak to a young customer who is not only young in age but also young at heart.

The content was created in such a way and the medium chosen was so sharp that it reached out to the perfect TG. And the numbers spoke for themselves. We had 120 per cent sale jump week-on-week after the same campaign.


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