Watch: Content marketing is not a cheaper alternative to advertising: CCO, Wavemaker

Karthik Nagarajan of Wavemaker on content marketing campaigns, and how brand can capitalise on native advertising

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Updated: Sep 27, 2018 8:52 AM

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Karthik Nagarajan, Chief Content Officer, Wavemaker, in a conversation with exchange4media, shares his thoughts on content marketing campaigns, and how brand can capitalise on native advertising. According to him, content marketing is not a cheaper alternative to advertising.

What according to you are the key aspects of a good content marketing strategy?

Fundamentally we should start with a very clearly defined purpose. Most of the stuff that ends up making it to the world are things that are good to do, are cool to do, but they are often solutions looking for a problem. It really always helps to have a very clearly defined sense of purpose. In fact, everything else is secondary in my opinion.

Content marketing can help reduce your overall marketing costs. Do you agree?

I strongly disagree with this, I don’t think content marketing is a cheaper alternative to advertising. The way we look at content in Wavemaker is communication beyond advertising. It could be a tweet, post on Facebook, video, or activation, rural campaign; all of them are pretty much different stops in the content journey for a brand. So, to say that it is essentially cheaper then main line advertising or any other form of advertising is to completely misunderstand, and even disrespects the possibilities of content marketing.

Transition of branded content or content marketing from what it was five years ago to what it is now?

I think the big change is that content creation as a function has been democratised; five years back we were still talking about the large creative houses, brands, broadcasters and publishers as the ‘Custodians of Content'. Today, the democratisation of the creative ecosystem is the biggest difference. Second, is what we can do in terms of measurement, social listening in terms of applying neuro- science to content effectiveness, applying brand lift to content effectiveness all of that is significantly changed. These two are biggest changes in my opinion.

Native advertising and how brands capitalise on it?

Native is one of those things that have been there for a fairly long time. Whether it’s advertorial or brand integrated into a long form content as a sponsored article. They are not new things, but I feel somehow it has never reached the tipping point. Today, when there is a campaign launch, brands use native fairly intuitively, you will always see an accompanying article, but to me the power of native is actually between the campaigns. It gives brands a very unique ability to continue to keep telling their stories between campaigns and it should be a continuous piece. A brand can easily create about 60-70 different stories about itself in a given area in my opinion.

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