Traditional companies are coming to us to understand online ecosystem: Subrat Kar, Vidooly

As online video analytics startup Vidooly completes 5 years, Kar, Co-Counder & Chief Executive Officer, speaks to us about transforming the marketing space, future of the company & more

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Published: Sep 9, 2019 8:05 AM  | 4 min read
Subrat Kar, Vidooly

Vidooly ⁠— an online video analytics and marketing software startup — has completed five years in the industry. We spoke to Subrat Kar, Co-Counder & Chief Executive Officer, Vidooly, about the company’s journey over the years, how it is scaling up, plans going forward and more.

Edited excerpts:

How is Vidooly scaling up? 

Since its inception five years ago, Vidooly has been constantly shaping up the online video ecosystem. What started as an idea with only three people, has now become a vision of over 100 employees. We have opened new offices in Noida, Mumbai and have a team based out of Gururgram. Various industry leaders across geographies have started recognizing Vidooly as a one stop solution as the need for video marketing is growing relentlessly on a global scale. With new and constant improvements in our in-house technology, we are tapping into new video platforms. I would say that Vidooly has been continuously proving itself and scaling up.

 Tell us about Vidooly’s journey over the years?

Well, the journey hasn’t always been smooth and easy but what I can surely say is that it has been blissful. Coming from a non-media background, for all three of us, dipping our toes into uncharted waters was quite challenging. With sheer hard work and dedication we were able to be where we are now. Understanding how this industry works and what are the ways through which we can improve was one of the most important focal points during our struggle. We constantly learned from our mistakes. And over the course of just a few years, Vidooly has made a name for itself in the cross platform online video analytics industry by creating immersive and personalised experiences for its esteemed clients.

How is Vidooly transforming the video marketing space?

I would say that we are on a track to becoming an industry benchmark by evolving; from being just a video analytics company to an organisation that produces real time actionable industry insights which are used by customers for content strategy, optimization, competitor benchmarking, media planning & other video marketing efforts across all major social platforms. Our AI and Machine Learning technology has been quite impactful in transforming the video marketing space.

We have been heavily investing in data science and technology to bring in more exceptional talent to grow our team.  Also, Vidooly has been extending its tracking of other video platforms like OTT and not just social media platforms.

 Constant strategies by the company to create new age reports has made it one of the most reliable sources when it comes to data reports for the digital video landscape which are widely accepted by the media and advertising industry.

Tell us about your marketing mix? What is your marketing budget?

We are a B2B company and we follow inbound marketing channels for promoting ourselves. For us, organic traffic has always been the key focus and I think that content marketing has really worked well for us. We have constantly produced relevant and consistent content to attract our audience which in return has been profitable as it has generated interest in our products and services.

Also, a thought leadership approach has helped us to put ourselves on every one’s radar and define a certain form of authority in the online video space. We have always believed in being a part of the conversation with all stakeholders involved. I think we have been quite active in interacting with the community and been associated with various industry events and seminars. Our product line itself has been quite radical. Vidooly provides online video intelligence to three business verticals, namely brands, video content creators & media companies and each of these serves as separate product line.

Our wide range of products and solutions allows customers to select the product variety that best suits them. I would say that our product suite is widely accepted in various industries across geographies that solves their purpose. And the best part is that traditional companies who weren’t interested in digital are now coming to us to understand the online ecosystem through our insights and extensive reports that helps them to refine their media strategy.

 What is Vidooly’s aim in the coming years?

In the coming years, Vidooly is looking forward to various partnerships with more video platforms and OTTs. I think that would be a great step for us. Also, we would be launching unified video measurement for all platforms, which I know is a long way for us to go but that is what we aspire to be in the future. In terms of expansion, we are looking to tap into more digitally growing geographies and also expand our team in other locations of the country.





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