The word 'diet' should be out and 'nourishment' should be in: Dr Mickey Mehta

At the 1st edition of e4m Health Communication Conference, Dr Mickey Mehta, global leading holistic health guru & corporate life coach shared his mantra for wellness

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Updated: Mar 5, 2020 3:20 PM
Health Communication Conference Mickey Mehta

“Everybody smile please”, said Dr Mickey Mehta at the very start, thus setting the tone for the half an hour session titled ‘Let Wellness be the Religion No. 1.' Dr Mehta who is a Global Leading Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach helped understand the importance of healing and wellness in our 24/7 lifestyles.

To underline how fear and not the coronavirus itself was the bigger threat, Mehta shared that he had landed from China only yesterday and jokingly nudged the audience to pull out their masks. “Where are your masks? You must know that these are the masks of fear, anxiety and paranoia and once you have, deep within, the confidence of your own wellness, own fitness, own wellbeing, you certainly don’t need any mask” said Mehta.

He explained that our bodies are completely equipped to take care of themselves. “I am surprised that health today is available in a box and then we go to a dietician to detox. Isn’t that paradoxical?” said Mehta, expressing surprise on how we choose to neglect our bodies and then call everything that is available in a box in a shop- health.

Today humans pride themselves on the fact that the mortality rate has come down but Mehta questioned the quality of life that one would lead at 80 years or 90 years? He added that humans at the age will be on assisted living, living on pins and needles but medical science marvels at it. “Perhaps, that is what they call health, but health has got nothing to do with medicine. Yes, medicines are SOS. Certainly, medical science is a boon and doctors are not those we should visit often, except when we need them, keep them as friends but keep doctors at bay. Exercise every day, breathe every day, eat well and eat natural food every day”

Mehta believes that wellness is something that unites everyone, whether we are at the gym, outdoors it doesn’t matter who is exercising besides you, it brings you together. And therefore wellness says Mehta, should be religion number one as it integrates humans. He said that wellness in one sense cleanses purifies and fortifies human beings thus making them more worthy and radiant.

Addressing the common complaint of not having enough time to exercise Mickey explained how people nowadays always find time to eat and sometimes do that even 6-7 times a day on the advice of some dietician. Mickey advises, “Eat when you are hungry, eat wholesomely, eat intelligently, eat ethically and never to full capacity.” He further added that both exercise and food should be undertaken not like animals but as humans.

He explained how wellness can stop ageing and can even reverse it and put you on the path of health and healing. Mehta’s approach to exercise is one that doesn’t stress you out but instead calms and soothes the body. “Exercise, says Mickey, should be a celebration and not a punishment”

Dismissing the current trend of using devices and technology to record and count every calorie, every step taken. “Your intelligence has gone for a toss and you have to depend on everything outside of us. A human being is getting compromised but with health and wellness a human being gets naturalized.”

Mehta’s session then delved deep into the benefits of being one with nature. He urged the audience to follow the laws of nature by sharing simple tips like waking up at dawn and as energy drops in the evening, move into a restive state. As per Mehta, the main meal should be taken in the afternoon as it was the best time for digestion. He further explained how people were falling for fads and trends on social media instead of following the straightforward rules of ancient wisdom.

Summing up his session he urged, “Let’s start walking towards life, pledge wellness be the religion number one, the only religion to follow first because health and healing are about being inclusive. Fragmenting, excluding, compartmentalizing life etc will only hurt you and never heal you. We are born out of polarities, and these polarities are constantly pulling and pushing so there is a contradiction and a conflict but a good workout, a good meditation, a good diet, a well-regulated breath, a good night’s sleep will bring you in a state of harmony where polarities complement and don’t contradict. And then it can be said you are in the state of health and healing.”

Mickey insists that the word diet should be out and the word nourishment should be in.

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