The IRS report has motivated us to increase our footprint: Tarun Jha, Škoda India

The marketing head of Škoda Auto India feels that the interval between the last data and the new one is too big to ignore

e4m by Madhuwanti Saha
Updated: Feb 7, 2018 8:57 AM
Tarun Jha Skoda

With Indian Readership Survey revealing interesting numbers for publications and mainstream newspapers, Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing, Škoda Auto India, feels that it's not fair to compare it with previous data points due to the big time gap. However, Jha is impressed by the robust numbers from regional dailies and is definitely looking to cater to those areas.


Is there a change in the sentiment for print advertising now that numbers are out from IRS?

Print is widely accepted as a call-to-action medium, but with an increase in events and other initiatives that publication houses are developing, their performance is now not just restricted to their readership numbers. I am sure that a lot of brands are now looking at an integrated solution from their partners, where they can bring alive the creative execution of an idea on various platforms.

Magazines have witnessed a 75 per cent jump in readership and newspapers, and have added 11.2 crore readers in four years according to IRS 2017. Will it positively impact Škoda's strategy for print now?

Data is crucial for all evaluation purposes. The interval between the last data and the new one is quite big. We should be open to looking at a trend at more regular intervals.

At the moment how much do you spend on print? Are you planning to increase the percentage?

Print commands a sizeable part of our media investments. We don't look at print in isolation. For any central idea, the investments would purely depend on the role that the media would play in bringing alive the communications to our core audience.

Within newspapers, the regional dailies have outshone the English language newspapers. In fact, there was not a single English daily in the 10 most read newspapers list. Does it call for localization of your print strategy?

It is a great initiative by publication houses to increase their penetration and opening up new markets for print. The country is growing in various aspects. Print has always been used to geo-target, and with the increase in numbers, we feel more motivated to increase our footprint too.

Overall, what is your takeaway from IRS, 2017?

The time gap between the last and the recent data points is quite big and cannot be ignored, hence doing a comparison seems less appropriate. We should wait for more data points in the time to come to have a definite observation. However, the issue of depending on an old database to evaluate will possibly reduce.

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