Pitch CMO Summit: Voice represents the next major disruption in computing: Sohan Maheshwar

Maheshwar, Alexa Evangelist, Amazon India, spoke on the topic, ‘Giving A Voice To Your Brand’

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Updated: Apr 29, 2019 1:58 PM

Marketing is one subject which is ever evolving and is a vast topic of discussion. Today, marketing is not limited to only the traditional methods but has taken a leap from being a technology-oriented activity to a practice with a human touch.

At the Delhi edition of Pitch CMO Summit 2019, which took place on April 26 at the Leela Ambience, marketers gathered to talk about how businesses are changing in the digital era. Today, voice assistance has become one of the crucial aspects of marketing. And this was one of the key topics of discussion at the summit.

Sohan Maheshwar, Alexa Evangelist, Amazon India, took to the podium to talk about the possibilities of brands integrating marketing with voice assistance. He spoke on the topic, ‘Giving A Voice To Your Brand’.

Giving a voice to your brand is one of the ways of creating a human interaction with the brand, he said.

Speaking about the technology since the days of its inception, Maheshwar said, “The interaction with technology so far has been indirect, through remote controls, computers, laptop, which isn’t actually a human way of interacting. At the end of the day, it’s all about the human connection. Our first interaction with technology started with the basic computer in early 1970s which was about moving a file to computer and it was very basic. The change came in early 1980s, when the first graphical change took place. Companies like Microsoft and Apple brought out the technical and the visual change which has now become mandatory.”

“In the 90s, things changed again and this time we moved towards the era of web and that was the time when we were introduced to browser. And then came the era of smartphone in 2000. It’s been 20 years that mobile phones have been around and we have seen an evolution from the basic one with plucky keypads to the advanced phone. The interaction with our mobile phones has been the most immediate ones,” added Maheshwar.

Speaking about how brands are targeting the personalised ways of marketing, Maheshwar said, “We have used our voice to communicate with each other for over a thousand of years. But for some reason, our technology hasn’t reflected that up until now. In a nutshell, it simply wasn’t easy and it wasn’t there. But thanks to Machine Learning and thanks to speech recognition, we are at a stage where we can communicate with machine using voice and get an intelligent response back.”

“In 2010, there was a paranoid shift towards voice assistance. We at Amazon truly believe that voice represents the next major disruption in computing. By 2021, the number of consumer worldwide using AI voice assistance will reach 1.83 billion users. That changes the paradigm of information, paradigm of brand communication with customers, added Maheshwar.”

Taking about how Amazon played a crucial role in bringing out the feature of voice assistance in everybody’s daily life, Maheshwar added, “We at Amazon developed ‘Echo’ which was powered by Alexa. Our motto was to bring out the interaction between a consumer and our product, which went well. Echo controlled your favourite playlist, shopping list, room lights and also set up alarms. Our main aim was not just to make our customer use Alexa at their home, but we want them to use it in parks, universities and supermarkets. Our target is that people use their voice recognition machines wherever they go.”

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