Philips launches stand-up comedy clip to create sleep-health awareness

The campaign, in association with Atul Khatri, has been devised to educate people about common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea whilst empowering them to take action to improve their sleep

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Published: Mar 22, 2021 4:46 PM  | 2 min read
Atul Khatri for Philips

Aligned with its focus on creating awareness on sleep-health, Philips India today launched a special digital stand-up comedy clip on the topic in association with Atul Khatri. The campaign has been devised to educate people about common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea whilst empowering them to take action to improve their sleep.

Sleep is an aspect of health that is often ignored and is subject to neglect, ridicule and several myths. It is a basic human need and forms the foundation for a lifetime of good health and well-being. Good sleep leads to improved brain function and good health. A good night’s sleep can help us make the best of our times, spent with friends and family. However the level of discourse in the public domain on sleep disorders continues to be very little. As a consequence people who suffer from serious sleep disorders such as sleep apnea are not aware about the symptoms and thus cannot take the right health decisions for themselves. Sleep apnea is a breathing related sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly gets interrupted or paused for long periods. It is characterized by symptoms like loud snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness and irritability, to name a few. We often come across statements such as “Kharrate matlab chain ki neend” and “Snoring is just a petty inconvenience... Nothing else”. These statements are incorrect and propagate a false myth amongst the general public.


To tackle such false perceptions and explore the topic of sleep health in a humorous yet engaging manner, this World Sleep Day, Philips partnered with India’s leading stand-up comedian Atul Khatri to curate a stand-up act around how sleep apnea impacts the life of a sufferer. Atul brings out numerous relatable instances as he narrates episodes of getting deserted by friends and family for his loud snores, mocked for his general sleepiness throughout the day and then eventually discovering new found energy post his treatment for the serious sleep disorder. This act is bound to strike a chord with fellow sleep apnea sufferers, who may be going through similar experiences every day and are perhaps unaware of the disorder or the vast improvement that can be brought on by timely care and medical advice.


The link to the clip is appended for your reference. The clip will be live on Philips’ Social Media channels starting March 22, 2021.

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