Oreo’s collab with Stranger Things is turning the snacking world upside down

The duo has come together for a unique advertising campaign that’s getting their fans excited

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Published: May 27, 2022 3:46 PM  | 4 min read


Oreo Turns Red

The world's most recognised cookie brand Oreo and Netflix’s Stranger Things have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind advertising campaign that has never been done before by any cookie brand in India.

The purpose of the partnership is to create synergy so that both brands benefit from each other’s popularity in their respective categories. They've teamed up for an ad film that shows bizarre things happening to Oreo cookies just ahead of the premiere of Season 4 on Netflix.

Stranger Things releases in two parts, the first of which will stream on May 27, and volume 2 on July 1.

 The digital ad film, which has been conceptualized by Leo Burnett and created by Wavemaker, amplifies the irresistible experience that both brands offer to their fanbase, and is already generating a lot of buzz on social media. 

The emotional roller coaster ride and nail-biting cliffhangers make Stranger Things one of the most gripping shows on Netflix. Since its premiere in 2016, the show has been regarded as one of Netflix's most successful originals, captivating audiences of all ages.

Netflix and Oreo India’s social banter about Oreo cookies changing colour drew the attention of fans to the brand campaign. "Looks like our Oreos are getting swept up in the Stranger Things S4 fever! They’ve turned Red! They’re delicious and available at a store near you, "posted Oreo India on its social media handles with the hashtag # ThingsAreGettingStrange.

Teasing Netflix, the cookie brand added, "P. S: Netflix, we have one (very hungry) Demogorgon in custody."

Netflix’s responded to Oreo’s #ThingsAreGettingStrange social posts: "... One of our rifts from Hawkins opened in an Oreo warehouse. What happened next turned our B&W Oreos upside down. Don’t worry, the cookies are delicious as always, but they are also now RED! "

The fans are thrilled about the partnership between Oreo and Stranger Things. To sum up in the words of one of the fans, the collaboration has brought "the best of both worlds." to them. This digital film that was first shared depicts a scene caught on camera of a fan visiting the Oreo warehouse. He starts taking photos of the cookie stockpiles, and what happens in the warehouse is captured on camera.

Much to his horror, the fan stumbles upon a gleaming rift in the warehouse wall that suddenly starts emitting fire and sucking in stacks of black Oreo cookies. The fissure then shoots back cookies that have changed colour from black to velvet red.

The spine-chilling silhouette of a Demorgorgan, the character from the Upside-Down world in the film, adds to the drama. The film has played out the spooky tone and style of Stranger Things to construct an element of drama around Oreo turning red. The creativity in the ad film hits two targets with one arrow. It has made the introduction of the limited-edition Red Orio stand out while also pumping up the adrenaline of die-hard Stranger Things fans who have been impatiently waiting for the season 4 premiere.

Oreo released another digital film which is based on Stranger Things’ title sequence. It has the same menacing and eerie soundtrack as well as the red glowing wedges of the title letters sliding together to form the brand’s identity. The second film continues to fascinate fans with its stunning reimagination of the title sequence of Stranger Things. Fans are cheering for the collaboration as the "best", "sweet’, "yummiest", spookilicious" and a slew of other adjectives reflecting their excitement on social media. The film's intrigue, suspense, and pop culture have piqued fans' interest in Red Velvet Oreos and Stranger Things, triggering a meme fest on social media.

It’s the first time that not just Oreo, but any cookie brand has experimented with a unique advertising touch-point in India. The campaign has succeeded in garnering incremental visibility for the limited-edition Red Oreo as well as for Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4, which has taken the internet by storm and the fans can't wait for the volume 1 premiere any more. 

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