Open content on digital is an opportunity to improve engagement: Ambika Sharma

The Founder & MD of Pulp Strategy Communications talks about their journey, challenges and how they compete with traditional advertising agencies

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Updated: Nov 6, 2017 8:30 AM

Operating in the experiential marketing space, Pulp Strategy Communications has not only built its international presence but also lent its creative expertise to many globally reputed brands. Ambika Sharma- Founder & MD, Pulp Strategy Communications, spoke to exchange4media on this Delhi based company’s journey, how they compete with traditional advertising agencies and more.


Can you talk about your journey and how Pulp came to be?

Post 2008, the industry demand for a collaborative model of marketing which was solution- focused became prominent. Brands wanted value and effective solutions that focused on long-term transformational relationships with consumers. The medium-driven approach of pitching a pre-set medium needed to change to “the medium or set of channels can achieve my goal.” The lines were starting to blur and the focus was starting to shift. Instead of just domain expertise, the need was of - marketing program creation, management and execution expertise in one single ecosystem. This is the core of Pulp Strategy.

What is the core marketing technology capability of Pulp Strategy Communications that you bring to a marketer?

It is solution-focused marketing program creation and management. Pulp Strategy is a hybrid agency. Our sand box is bigger and more complex and we enjoy playing in the technology, the digital vs traditional vs the yet to be slotted and invented spaces. As a young agency, we are hungry for success; for our campaigns and for our client’s goals. This demands a higher emotional intelligence from our teams, keeps us open to change and focused on developing and delivering customized strategic engagement solutions which integrate consumer insight, technology, and practical creativity to deliver measurable results for brands. We are producers, we measure success like our clients by the quality and the results delivered by our end product.

How do you differentiate and compete with traditional advertising agencies?

At Pulp Strategy, we are focused on new media and technology. At many levels, we complement the client’s existing traditional media agencies. Our strength is omni-channel experience design, with capabilities for continuous delivery and optimization towards specific brand goals. Our capability to micro manage experiences at scale, personalize digital experiences and sync to build complimenting offline models and integrate cross channels gives us an edge.

With the emergence of digital platforms, how is content delivery and distribution changing?

In short, it is smaller screens, fewer words, niche audiences and personal content. The consumer’s appetite for content is growing and content in its production stage needs to be designed for specific platforms while being styled for consumption on multiple screen form factors. The area of most promise is co-creation and delivery via complementing channels for content. This could it its best form in consumer created content at scale or in its most popular format like influencer created and distributed content.

Where are we today in the movement towards digital media?

Digital media is an integral part of the media, the traditional vs new, and barriers have blurred. Digital formats command the most content, engagement and the most time with the consumer. Open content on digital is an opportunity to improve engagement and target better as well as personalize more.

From a technology perspective, what are some of the biggest challenges that your marketing team faces today?

I think it’s ensuring that a customer-experience strategy builds in enough data and intelligence from the offline platforms and complement the online structure. The offline/ retail space is still not standardized. There is the Kirana, the large format retail, the event spaces and the multi-location roadshows. When we need to bring a seamless experience consumer intelligence and data, real time plays an important role. At times, there is no channel available and data paths are broken or human inter-phased which makes them time consuming or unreliable. We have invested in tracking technology, including mobile, NFC and data platforms which give us custom intelligence. They are customizable to a great extent but need scale for being truly beneficial.

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