Mahindra rides on print & digital to promote new look

With its new logo, the brand aims to showcase its modern & progressive side. It has earmarked a budget of Rs 2 cr – Rs 2.5 cr for the campaign

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Published: Jan 31, 2013 8:01 PM  | 4 min read
Mahindra rides on print & digital to promote new look

The Mahindra Group recently unveiled its new visual identity with a new, hand drawn word mark. This refreshed look builds on the group’s heritage, while infusing modernity and dynamism into the brand.

The change comes after 12 years and according to the company, the new identity has captured the evolution of the group over the years. It is a lot more contemporary, edgy and sleek and visually represents the changes the business is making to embrace and shape the future.

Mahindra has dawned the new look after its ‘Rise’ and ‘Spark the Rise’ initiatives. It will be depicted in the new ‘energetic red’ colour, a deeper shade of the signature Mahindra red, which is the primary colour connected with the brand.

The San Francisco-based brand consulting firm, Landor Associates, in collaboration with Mahindra’s internal design unit, has created this new identity.
“The new word mark and other elements of our refreshed visual identity have been adopted after extensive research and feedback. We wanted a word mark which would reflect the evolving nature of our organisation, our global outlook and progressive management style. In short, it should reflect the ‘core’ of Mahindra. We also had to ensure that it would have universal appeal across consumer and business segments in urban and rural areas, as well as overseas. We have tried to create a modern futuristic feel, while retaining the dependability, reliability and warmth associated with the Mahindra brand,” said SP Shukla, President – Group Strategy and Chief Brand Officer, Mahindra Group and Member of the Group Executive Board.

The graphic element or ‘ridge’ provides a uniform look to all communication and print collateral across the group. Inspired by Mount Everest’s ridges which lead to its summit, it symbolises the pathway to achieving one’s potential and aspirations, shared a company source.

Various colour combinations have been used to distinguish between the various businesses of the group, while ensuring that each business has an identity of its own. Corporate and mobility businesses will be all red, B2B businesses will be red-grey and B2C businesses will have different colour combinations.

“We have only refreshed our visual identity and not touched on the positioning of Mahindra as expressed by the word ‘Rise’, which consists of various elements like the word mark, the typography and the colour along with an added graphic element. The brand has evolved over the years and there has been a sea change. As opposed to 10-12 years ago, when we were essentially a utility vehicle and a tractor maker, today, we are much more diverse, larger and global. The refreshed identity is a signal of the transformation and the growth process of the group,” said B Karthik, Senior General Manager, Corporate Brand Management, Mahindra.

He further added, “With the logo, we wanted to portray the modern, progressive and dynamic group with solid history along with reliability and trust.”

Taking the message forward
In order to spread awareness about the visual identity, the brand has preferred print medium as opposed to TV for this particular initiative. The media spend for this campaign is about Rs 2 cr – Rs 2.5 cr (print and digital). The campaign will continue to run for two and a half weeks.

Karthik said, “We are currently running a campaign in newspapers along with the digital leg. The brand is using social media channels to highlight the change. We are also using popular portals such as Yahoo, Rediff, MSN to advertise the change and a video is created that captures the transition which the group has undergone. This campaign has also attracted people on its YouTube page.” On the BTL activities, he explained that the outlets are being updated to reflect the new visual identity.

Karthik believes, “Print is best suited for our communication as we think the message is best conveyed through this medium. Digital is also preferred because we can showcase slightly lengthier videos which can’t be done through TV.”

Mahindra Group, a $15.9 billion company, has refreshed its identity to reflect the evolved state of the brand, with continuity and change being an integral part of its growth story.

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