'Innovation plays critical role in connecting consumers with core thought of a brand'

At the Pitch BrandTalk summit 2021, Ali Harris Shere, COO– Biscuits and Cakes Category, ITC Limited, spoke on ‘Reengineering Brand Sunfeast 2.0 with Consumer Centricity, Relevance & Purpose'

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Updated: Aug 2, 2021 9:13 AM
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“We possibly need to question the relationship that a brand can build with the consumer and we should question how deep that relation can possibly go,” said Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer – Biscuits and Cakes Category, Foods Business Division, ITC Limited, at the 2021 Pitch BrandTalk summit.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Reengineering Brand Sunfeast 2.0 with Consumer Centricity, Relevance & Purpose’, Shere elaborated on the role of idea, innovation and connection with the consumer when it comes to re-energizing a brand.

“We don’t need to create only trusted brands or preferred brands, but as marketers, we should look at creating love marks ensuring that the relationship we have with our customers are really deep,” he said.

He then discussed how this can be done by talking about their product Mom’s Magic and how it was re-defined to serve a greater purpose.

“Biscuit is one of the largest snacking categories in India and the largest subcategory within biscuits is cookies. When we launched Mom’s Magic, it was received with lots of love, it grew in the first four years but then began to stagnate, and we realized that we needed a reset like in many other brands in undifferentiated categories,” he explained while talking about the phase when brands need a ‘reset’.

“When we had to discover the means to bring the growth back, the key to do so was doing a little bit of soul-searching and focusing on factors like where we are, where we want to go and what will take us there. That’s when we realized we needed to have an idea at the core and develop it with fresh consistency,” he added.

“We tried to do more with the heart in Mom’s Magic logo, and we thought that we couldn’t take the idea forward if we didn’t include the heart in absolutely all the elements of the product. So we needed to convert the idea into a tangible thought leveraged comprehensively at every touch-point because one needs to be disruptive to make a larger difference,” Shere said.

This is when Sunfeast introduced a heart embossed on the cookies of the brand-just like the one in their logo.

According to Shere, it is also very important to expand the appeal of the brand with the expansion of the idea.

“We had to introduce both disruption and scale in the execution stage. While doing that it is important to use big platforms to launch, taking the route of surprise and intrigue, create a meaningful course and continue building it,” he said.

All these initiatives put together, the brand was back with a bang with 1.2 X increase in sales and also 1.2 X increase in market share.

“This gave us a lot of confidence to put more resources behind the idea. So it’s not just Mom’s Magic alone, we are trying to do this for every brand that we have. We are doing a lot of innovations across all brands and doing a lot of purpose-led activations,” he said.

According to Shere innovation plays a very critical role in terms of connecting consumers with the core thought of a brand.

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