ICMA 2017: Spend 6X of content creation budget on promotions: Rajiv Dingra, WatConsult

The Founder and CEO of WAT Consult spoke about the mistakes to avoid while creating branded content

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Updated: Sep 8, 2017 7:37 AM

Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WAT Consult, kicked off the first edition of Content JAM on Thursday with a quick and informative session on mistakes to avoid while creating branded content. 


He began with the cardinal mistake that marketers make by translating a lot of their brand positioning and brand promise into their content. “That may work if one is trying to create brand awareness but not if the brand wants to entertain and engage,” he noted. He observed that branded content should not merely inform but do more and get viewers to share the content. 


The content that is created must have a few key elements like human connection. For example, the Google ad about the cross-border reunion. Explaining how the story is an integral part he said, “The ad weaves in every Google service but viewers focus on the larger story of the reunion.”


He also cautioned brands to not sign celebrities for the sake of it. “A celebrity can get your content noticed. But you first need to have your script and then think of a celebrity,” he said. 


Don't be topical without being thoughtful, he warned. “A lot of brands do this. They are topical for the sake of being current. Doing this will make you a ‘me too’ brand,” he said. 


More content does not mean more eyeballs. “Marketers ask me how many posts a campaign will have. They never ask me how good the post will be. It is not how much content you are making, but how good that content is that matters,” he said. 


The mistake a lot of good marketers make is not distributing the content enough. He stressed that when marketers create a good piece of content, they should distribute it well. “Throw the kitchen sink at it because really good content does not come often,” he said. 

He said that brands should work in the monies that will go into promotion of the content, into their marketing budget and plan ahead. “Spend six times the money spent on content creation on its promotion,” he said.


“Much like signing on a celebrity, if you are using an influencer for a campaign, come up with a strategy first,” he said. He advised that brands must craft the message with the content creators for best results. “Treatment of the content and its packaging is as important as the content itself,” he said.

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