'Godrej Interio's focus is on expanding markets in areas that go unrepresented'

Anil Mathur, Chief Operating Officer, Godrej Interio shares insights on the new campaign featuring Sonu Sood, the brand's marketing strategies and plans going forward

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Published: Feb 19, 2020 8:30 AM  | 4 min read
Anil Mathur

The premium furniture brand Godrej Interio has come out with a new ‘Make Space For Life’ campaign conceptualized and curated by Contract Advertising. The agency also has a mandate for the 360-degree campaigns of the brand. The new campaign rolled out reflects on the importance of work-life balance dynamics in the lives of Indians. As per the brand’s survey findings, with the excessive pressure of work Indians find less time for bonding with their loved ones. While technology is a facilitator it also plays an important role in the escalation of this trend. Such insights also reflect work-life balance dynamics in the lives of Indians.

The brand Godrej Interio makes an effort to enliven homes through its innovative furniture designs and reminds work professionals despite the pressures in life, we should make space for passion, family and friends at our home. As part of the campaign, Interio converts actor Sonu Sood’s sister’s home into a dream abode for her family.

e4m had a conversation with Anil Mathur, Chief Operating Officer, Godrej Interio about the new campaign with Sonu Sood, the brand’s marketing strategy and plans going forward.

Edited excerpts below

The impact Godrej Interio has garnered through the previous Make Space For Life Campaign
For the brand, the impact has been good. We have found that both top-of-mind and recall of the brand has gone through. The most important part is that qualitatively, the emotional bonding that Godrej always had from our Stonewell days. When we looked into customers’ feedback, we were convinced that we have taken the right platform to make the customers feel what they are missing in life. That is a more positive impact for us. A long term relationship with consumers is more important than short term gains in sales.

Marketing strategy of Godrej Interio
As far as the strategy is concerned, there are three ways in which we approach them. One is doing a 360-degree campaign. We are in the digital space and in the press, and we also do retail activities and exhibitions. The second strategy is being closer to our customers and improving their accessibility. This means having more retail stores in different parts of the country not just in the metros but in Tier 2 & 3 cities, where there is accessibility. The third is being a knowledge provider to the consumers to make a uniformed decision. So our marketing strategy comprises having interior designers and concepts and using technology which consumers can use to make an informed decision.

We also have launched a B2C website. While we are on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and Pepperfry, we have our own e-commerce website for consumers. The whole idea is to make an omnichannel presence rather than just being e-commerce players or being an offsite player. We wanted to have an integrated space.

On the new campaign with actor Sonu Sood
We have rolled out a new campaign with Sonu Sood because we have been working with him for his sister’s new house in Punjab. ‘Upload and Transform’ was one of the early brand initiatives that we had done a few years ago and we had stopped. Where we had asked anyone to upload what their feelings are from a consumer side. From that, we selected a few celebrities and non-celebrities and helped them transform some space in their house. Maybe a living or dining room. Now we have taken this to a different level.

Watch the ad film here:

The medium that Godrej Interio highly focuses on
As far as brand building is concerned, we are present in all the mediums. But as far as the tactical campaigns are concerned it’s more into press coverage. Today, we are in an era where digital is also making a huge impact and presence on digital media. Consumers are getting tech-savvy even in Tier 2 & 3 cities, where they are accessing the internet. So, you really do not know where the consumer enters and exits. That is why the omnichannel presence and 360-degree campaigns need to be equally distributed.

When it comes to reach, television is still the winner with the maximum. As far as products like us where we are got over 350 outlets and the franchise where we have around 800 outlets. Reach is more important than a very concentrated impact coming in. So for reach, we have to opt for television.

Plans going forward and new markets that will be launched in the coming months
We are expanding on all markets. The focus is on seeing the areas in each market and geography that are going unrepresented and come out with the stores.


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