Goafest 2019: Brands have moved from need fulfillment to need anticipation: Ravi Desai

Speaking on the inaugural day of Goafest 2019, Desai, Director Mass & Brand Marketing, Amazon, spoke about the evolving marketing landscape

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Published: Apr 12, 2019 8:46 AM  | 2 min read

On the inaugural day of Goafest 2019, Ravi Desai, Director Mass & Brand Marketing, Amazon, spoke about the evolving marketing landscape and the need to be customer- obsessed in today’s complex brand environment.

“If the brand is customer-obsessed, it stays with the pulse of the customer and it is a great chessboard that we take inspiration from. The single most important thing is to remain customer-obsessed,” said Desai.

“Marketing at one point of time used to be about changing perceptions about brands. In fact, at one point of time, perceptions used to drive usage. And today, it has actually evolved to changing behaviour,” he added.

Desai also spoke about the evolution of audience from a homogenous mass to a new reality where every single customer is a unique audience in itself.

“Earlier the points of influence used to be customer touchpoints. Today, you cannot do without integrating your interaction in the product itself. Gone are the days of customer touchpoints, today your product needs to live the thought that you want to create with it,” said Desai.

Desai also underlined the need to anticipate customer behaviour, which again in his words, is related to being “customer-obsessed.”

“There was a point in time when distribution used to be about need fulfillment and now we have come to a stage where it is about need anticipation. The biggest challenge facing marketers today is to stay customer-obsessed in order to understand the right connect between a brand and its message. Also, the more cluttered the market and the more options you have, being customer-obsessed works more,” stated Desai.

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