Emotional data is GPS of the soul: Josy Paul

Josy Paul, Chairman & CCO- BBDO India, spoke straight from the heart about what builds an emotional connect for brands

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Updated: Feb 5, 2020 1:59 PM
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It was a concise yet an impactful speaker session on “How Emotional Data builds Brands”. The audience listened to Josy Paul, Chairman & CCO- BBDO India, in rapt attention at the second edition of e4m TV First Conference as he set the tone of his presentation from the very start and about the body of work that they do.

"It's a reaction and my own human response to the world we live in. It's something I’ve been looking for to believe in, in this world of fake news and false promises. When we speak about emotional data, I'm really trying to look at what I call the ocean flow of myself, the ocean flow of yourself. Going to a place where only truth exists and from that truth, find a meaning for brands and help people connect with each other and the world that they live in."

 The point that Paul was making by sharing his philosophy was to share and reveal the source from which some of their work for brands had come from. 

 Moving on to the question of 'what is emotional data?' Paul shared that it is not an insight but a confession. 

 “Insight is this market word that I find very limiting, it’s a confession and when I speak about the ocean flow it’s that hidden stuff, the stuff that is barely revealed in any research. It can’t be observed either. So, it’s neither an observation nor an insight, it’s a truth that goes far below the surface of any form of recognition, it can come from you and yourself or somebody else, he or she reveals it. Then you realise it exists and I didn’t know it.”

He elaborated that this truth then has the ability to make brands more desirable because then the brands start saying that I must stand for this and therefore I must do something about standing up for this.

Emotional data is the GPS of the soul, believes Paul. “I’ve said that everyone owns a GPS receiver because it is guiding us through our emotional centre.”

It was this search, said Paul, that led them to create the Ariel campaign #Sharetheload. He shared the award-winning campaign with the audience which showed a mirror to the society about the inequalities that exist in our own homes.

Recalling how they looked at what Ariel’s brief - “Ariel can wash away the toughest most stubborn stains in just one wash”, Paul said it was a fantastic promise but was it enough? He further explained that while it was a great advertising proposition how do you make it a social proposition? How do you connect it to a larger audience? Allow the world vibrate with it?

In the process of their sessions, Paul shared that they added a few lines to that which were – “Ariel can wash away the toughest most stubborn stains in just one wash and anyone can do it”. Hence changing the communication completely and with that, the idea for the campaign was born.

Paul stressed on the need to relook at creativity and question whether it is only about imagination or creating new things. It was also about revealing something that was already there.

He also shared the Mirinda campaign called ‘Release the pressure’, which dealt with the pressure adults put on teenagers without sometimes realising it. The campaign he shared was not scripted but real stories woven together to help provide a platform for kids to express themselves. He also presented Whisper’s campaign called “Touch the pickle” which broke taboos around women’s periods in India.

Summing up, he reiterated that one doesn’t need to be creative to create something but reveal something that was not seen before, even if it’s one’s own truth, and that according to him is the emotional data that can help build brands. 

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