e4m Conclave-South: Be a consumer of the experience you are creating: Anuj Rustagi, ITC

At the Conclave, Anuj Rustagi, COO, Foods Division, ITC Ltd, decoded the three important questions brands must delve into in today's scenario

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Updated: Nov 23, 2019 7:38 AM


Anuj Rustagi

Never have marketers got access to such monumental volume and variety of data assets that is available today. However, it's not unknown that marketers looking to deliver exceptional experiences need exceptional insights and data. Now, to engage the right customers through the right channels, with the right messaging, at the right time, marketers must be able to expand, enrich and take action based on consumer data to build more relevant, personalized and engaging campaigns. Elaborating more on this was Anuj Rustagi, COO, Chocolates, Coffee, Confectionary and New Category Development, Foods Division, ITC Ltd, who shed light on creating joy and amazing customer experiences through intuition, instinct, insight and data at exchange4media Conclave - South.

“Creating an immersive brand experience platform is the name of the game. When you add experience, then it is a multiplication of the value,” Rustagi said. He shared an instance of how Fabelle - Societe de chocolate - a master class on experimenting and making mini creations is the prime example that has helped the brand create an interactive and engaging consumer experience.

He decoded the three important questions brands must delve in today's scenario – the first one being how is experience marketing creating value, secondly brands and marketers must ponder over what problem are they solving, and how is it relevant to the consumers? “Start with the why and be genuine,” Rustagi advised.

From exploring opportunities like mithai and making chocolates a part of mithai, Rustagi acknowledged that ITC as a brand has seen it all. “It is not about activation and marketing, it is about business value.”

How you define consumer experience is an important parameter to consider, he said. “There is theatre at your table, there are live counters etc. This automatically gets instagrammed as customers will definitely talk about it,” Rustagi remarked.

Deconstructing the question that when is experiential consumerism relevant, he suggested, “Eid, Valentines Day, Christmas. Special creations in limited editions for that particular context.”

Rustagi warned, “Building a brand takes time and to curate each of the experiences. Does your experience create value - That is the bottom line. If my brand doesn't do that then I have very less time to stay in the market.”

He further added that activation doesn’t mean activity but a well-thought one to tick the right boxes. “Consumer journey is not about a media touchpoint. You need to know how the journey is taking place, their mindset and expectations. Be a consumer of the experience you are creating and go through end to end,” he stated.

He also hinted that linking the product to the experience was everything. Moreover, marketers must be ready for negative feedback. “You hear this in digital because you are empowering the consumer a lot more and also bringing them in,” Rustagi remarked as he signed off.

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