52% of B2C customers switch brands when they don't get personalized experience

Real-time interaction management has become an essential tool for marketers as it captures real-time consumer insights and uses them to bring personalization to every interaction— all in an instant

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Updated: Jan 8, 2021 7:45 PM

A big challenge for marketers, today, is connecting with consumers in a cluttered and multi-platform environment. As marketers re-strategize their marketing plans in the new normal, customer experience is both a priority and the biggest challenge. This is because consumers are loyal to experiences, not companies. In fact, according to ‘Inspire Instant Engagement: Discover Real-Time Interaction Management with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’ e-book, 52% of B2C customers say, they’d switch brands if they didn’t feel they were getting a personalized experience.

The e-book states that to build a consumer connect, marketers need to develop strong, adaptable relationships with consumers by inspiring timely, relevant engagement every time and everywhere a consumer interacts with a brand. However, many marketers use disparate tools to manage channels, causing a disconnected experience for consumers. In addition, data regarding each individual isn’t shared between departments, which means multiple teams are trying to market to the same consumer. This, at a time, when the connected consumers are expecting incredible relationships and brand experiences.

In this scenario, real-time interaction management (RTIM) is the marketing technique that can help the marketer.

What is Real-Time Interaction Management?

Real-time interaction management, or RTIM, is an essential tool for all marketers. RTIM is the ability to capture real-time consumer insights, and then use them to bring personalization to every interaction with the brand — all in an instant. Marketers can coordinate interactions across owned channels for seamless, connected interactions. On their part, consumers receive the next best action or offer in the exact moment when it’s likeliest to inspire action.

RTIM consists of five pillars for personalizing the consumer experience

  • Recognition: RTIM can help identify consumers across offline and online touchpoints, collecting and organizing data to express the real behaviors and desires of actual human beings.
  • Context: RTIM can capture every activity across multiple channels, thus providing real-time, relevant insights on consumer behavior.
  • Next Best Action: RTIM helps you determine each specific offer, content, or message automatically — designed to inspire engagement from the consumer
  • Orchestration: RTIM can coordinate delivery of the next best action to the right touchpoint at the right time — for every consumer.
  • Optimization: RTIM can provide insights for ongoing interactions and strategic planning — helping marketers get the best results from their marketing strategy

What to look for in a Real-Time Interaction Management Solution?

The key criteria for an RTIM tool are that it should be capable of omnichannel messaging and engagement, aligning every experience at every touchpoint. A good RTIM solution will help;  

  • Align the consumer experience across departments
  • Increase the ability to adapt engagement to consumer behavior
  • Bring more value to consumer relationships

An RTIM solution must capture every event, conversation, and interaction across owned channels, both online and offline, including email, mobile, apps, the web, call centers, outbound direct mail, in-store, or social media. Whenever and wherever your consumers interact with your brand, the engagement must be consistent across all channels.

Salesforce’s Interaction Studio

To aid real-time interaction management and strengthen the brand and consumer relationships, at every step, are Salesforce’s Interaction Studio - an RTIM platform that delivers the speed-to-value that top marketers and executives need. Interaction Studio is a cloud-based engagement layer that works with and across existing systems. It liberates data from functional silos to provide real-time analysis and actionable insight across individual consumer journeys. Interaction Studio doesn’t replace existing technology and integrates with Journey Builder, Email Studio, or any other systems of engagement. Interaction Studio can help marketers:

  • Improve marketing campaign performance
  • Increase relevancy and personalization
  • Increase engagement
  • Improve relationships with consumers

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