‘IPL has propelled Livguard from a challenger brand to being on the cusp of leadership’

The total awareness for Livguard reached up to 75% from 55% during the IPL campaign

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Updated: Mar 24, 2021 4:05 PM

Livguard has been associated with IPL since 2019 when they launched their inverter battery category. A big brand objective for Livguard, a challenger brand in the energy storage space, with dominant players like Exide, Amaron, Luminous, has been to build brand awareness, both in terms of top-of-mind awareness and brand affinity. 

“Since we play across multiple segments, it's very critical to reach out to the mass in terms of the whole TG across the spectrum of the segments that we target. With this background in mind, we evaluated various options and chose TV as our preferred mode of communication as the penetration of satellite TV in Indian homes is very high, it's close to about 80 plus percent. Also, the predominant viewing pattern of our TG – male between 25 to 45 age group is cricket, along with news and movies, hence IPL is an obvious choice for us,” says Gurpreet Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, Livguard Energy Technology Pvt Ltd. 

With IPL growing close to 400 million-plus viewers each year, it provides a great platform to build the brand across SD, HD, Multi-channel, with geographical focus, says, Bhatia. 

Despite the gloom and doom of the pandemic, Livguard took a positive approach and advertised on TV extensively for brand building. The company took property on the pre and post IPL live shows. “When IPL came up in October, it was a natural choice for us to be on it and place our brands in that period. We are very pleased with the outcome. Our total brand awareness went up by nearly about 50%. Our brand affinity scores went up by 100%. And overall from a business perspective, typically we've been growing at about 50%-60%. And we have maintained that growth,” says Bhatia. 

The total awareness for Livguard, reached up to 75% from 55% during the IPL campaign, the spontaneous awareness also increased by 20%. For Livfast it increased from 38% before IPL to 48% during IPL. Brand consideration increased by a staggering 115% in FY 2020-2021 from FY 2019-2020. IPL campaign had a major role to play in this. Brand recall of ads increased from 26% in the FY 2019-20 to 48% in FY 2020-21 (an increase of approximately 82%) and Share of Voice increased by 31%. The reach of ads on IPL was 61.902 million all over India. 

For its solar brand, the company launched a TV campaign with Akshay Kumar during IPL ‘Expert ko bulao, solar lagao, expert ko bulaao, Livguard lagao.’“On the solar side our business has grown 3x over the last one year and a lot is attributed to IPL and many other things that we are doing right,” explains Bhatia. 

According to Bhatia, while associating with IPL one needs to look at the value in terms of the cost being incurred to reach one individual in the TG through this property. “I think more than the total cost, one needs to look at the value in terms of the CPRP that this property gives. When we evaluate various options that exist for advertisers or marketers, we see that IPL clearly from a CPRP perspective is a great value considering the matches get an average TVR of about 6, 6.5, and good matches can get up to 10. So from that perspective, what kind of outlay you want to place is very critical,” he adds. 

Bhatia further adds that Star actually helped them in terms of the messages and integrations that work during IPL because eventually, it is a 10 seconder with which the brands need to grab the attention of consumers. For example, emotional advertising works better than functional ones. Structure of creative and minute details of the placement of logo and product features play a very important role in the effectiveness of the campaign. 

“One should plan a detailed execution based on learnings, case studies, and best practices because when every 10 seconds cost you about 10-13 lakhs, you don't want to lose that opportunity. Get all those learnings, built into your planning and execution and then go ahead and execute,” says Bhatia. 

In the last two and a half years, Livguard’s business has grown by 60% and is now at the cusp of a leadership position in the inverter battery category. The company attributes 50% of the push coming from IPL. 

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