IPL Ad Series- Part VI: Why Vivo’s ad campaign is a massy masterstroke

A look at Vivo’s ad campaign with their all-new brand ambassador Aamir Khan, which has fetched them a whopping 21 million views on YouTube

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Apr 23, 2018 8:55 AM

To acknowledge some of the most interesting ad creatives rolled out for IPL, the following is the final part of a five-day IPL ad series in which we will take a look at an impactful ad campaign and why we are ‘clean-bowled’ by it. Today, we take a look at Vivo’s campaign, the Chinese smartphone brand which is the title sponsor for IPL 2018. This ad campaign has fetched the brand 21 million views on YouTube (till the submission of this article.)

The Creative

The TVC has been produced by Early Man Films and directed by Abhinav Pratiman. In the ad, Khan enters his home and he finds it in a messed up condition. It is revealed next that his 'innocent looking devil pets' have been the culprits. The next moment, he gets a message from his partner asking if their pets are behaving. Khan then clicks a picture with both his pets standing in the midst of all the mess, but he edits the background using the bokeh mode in his phone making it look like all is well and shares that image.

Our Take

The ad subtly conveys the camera features of Vivo V9 which boasts great portraits under any condition. It has a simple story-line around Khan and his pets. But the engaging spot lets the product be the focus. It is interesting to note that the campaign is in a sharp contrast to the previous ones wherein its previous brand ambassador, Ranveer Singh, where the focus was more on the vivacious actor as opposed to the phone. The use of pets as props coupled with the screen presence of one of the most versatile actors ensures it hits the ‘massy’ quotient and could be enjoyed and recalled for the right reasons.

Hits And Misses?
So does the campaign cut it? It’s clever how the brand has captured product usage and benefits at the heart of the communication with Khan who’s presence, though prominent and creates a buzz, never overshadows the brand. The not in-your-face celebrity usage is also a factor to be lauded. As the smartphone brand scripts its newer growth strategies in India, its advertising too seems to be journeying to a more mature space.

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