Z Living Network's new primetime reality block premieres January 2017 in the US

The line-up includes three new original series Altar’d, Finding Fido, and POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered, focused on all aspects of healthy living.

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Updated: Jan 23, 2017 11:47 AM
Z Living Network's new primetime reality block premieres January 2017 in the US

Leading health entertainment network Z Living is premiering three new series in an all-new primetime programming block kicking off January 2017 in the US.

Speaking on the new programming line-up, Rajeev Kheror, President - Content & Strategy, International Business, ZEEL, said, “More than two years ago, in October 2014, we created an entirely new category—health entertainment—in the US with the launch of the Z Living Network. This January, the Z Living Network takes another momentous step as we further strengthen the original programming with the launch of our three new series: Altar’d, Finding Fido, and POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered. These programs, which embrace our positioning, will further define health entertainment to the world.”

All three original shows evoke Z Living’s mission of creating content focused on all aspects of healthy living including food, fitness, family, relationships, lifestyle, and more.

ALTAR’D – Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT, beginning January 17

Gina & Dylan (starting weight: 215 lbs and 323 lbs) airs January 17 (8 pm)

Desperate to begin their lives together healthy, Dylan and Gina are taking on the ultimate challenge of shedding the pounds before their wedding. Both struggling with a loss of confidence due to their size, they’re enlisting outside help, hoping to confront and defeat their weight issues once and for all.

Katie & Tim (starting weight: 268 lbs & 241 lbs) airs January 24

Katie and Tim’s journey towards a healthy lifestyle won’t be easy. Tim suffered a head injury 12 years ago that has left him with diminished use of the right side of his body, and Katie has chosen a wedding dress that’s several sizes too small, as a way to encourage herself to drop the weight. Both hope this challenge will result in a deeper partnership for their life ahead.

Shawna & Shad (starting weight: 288 lbs & 337 lbs) airs January 31

Shad is tired of hiding behind his “fat funny guy” persona, and Shawna is beginning to fear she won’t have the energy to keep up with future children. The husband-and-wife-to-be are ready to make a serious and lasting change just in time for their wedding day.

Alex & Jordan (starting weight: 207 lbs & 314 lbs) airs February 7

Both former college athletes, Alex and Jordan are having trouble adjusting to post-collegiate life. While the fun-loving, engaged couple’s workout regime and active lifestyle have diminished, their unhealthy eating habits haven’t. Hoping to embrace health-oriented living as newlyweds, Alex and Jordan are dropping everything to shed the pounds before they walk down the aisle.

Natifah & Reggie (starting weight: 215 lbs & 374 lbs) airs February 14

Natifah and Reggie’s unhealthy eating habits are beginning to cause tension in their relationship. With a history of high-blood pressure and diabetes in both their families, they each feel that this challenge will greatly improve their relationship and have a massive impact on their overall quality of life.

Jaclyn & Stephen (starting weight: 278 lbs & 318 lbs) airs February 21

Since the birth of her daughter, Jaclyn has struggled to lose the baby weight. Meanwhile, Stephen has gained 50 pounds during their relationship and is now the heaviest he's ever been. They've decided to stop enabling each other and lose the weight in time for their wedding and life ahead.

FINDING FIDO – Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT, beginning January 17

Finding Matt airs January 17, 9 pm

Matt leads a very active lifestyle, and with type 1 diabetes, he’s hoping Seth will help him track down a dog that could be a potential candidate to become a certified diabetic alert dog.

Finding Daane and Marisa airs January 24

Newlyweds Daane and Marisa Griffeth don’t agree when it comes to the perfect dog for their household. Daane wants a big dog he can exercise with, but Marisa wants a small dog for practical reasons. The couple is hoping Seth can help find a compromise that will accommodate both of their wishes.

Finding The Bell Family airs January 31

Mom Kari is hoping to welcome a small-to-medium sized dog in her family as a playmate for her two sons. She also suffers from fibromyalgia and feels that a dog she can walk, hike, and swim with will also help her stay active and reduce stress, which is a trigger for her symptoms.

Finding Todd airs February 7

Todd is hoping Seth can pair him with the perfect canine companion to help him manage his multiple sclerosis and encourage him to get back into a more active lifestyle. Todd would love to be able to offer a home to an older dog or one that’s been having trouble finding new owners.

Finding The Pleasant Family airs February 14

Chris and Kali are looking for a smaller dog that could be a perfect companion for their young daughter, Brooklyn, and would also have the right temperament and energy to help the family stay active while keeping up with their fast-paced city lifestyle.

Finding Roe airs February 21

After suffering a neck injury, Roe is anxious to get back into an active lifestyle. No longer able to participate in CrossFit training with her previous workout community, she’s looking for an active dog to help her get moving again and connect socially with a new group of friends.

POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered – Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT, beginning January 17

From POPSUGAR Studios, Conquered unveils unique and uplifting stories about people—from the everyday to the influential—who have broken boundaries and conquered obstacles in order to achieve their goals. Each half-hour episode will explore such themes as physical achievement, career, personal relationships and health, among others. POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered is produced by POPSUGAR Studios.

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