The 4 Ps of right marketing attitude are Purpose, People, Passion & Physical: Phil Kemish

On the last day of Goafest 2019, Kemish, Co-Founder, Disrupt Marketing & Brandtrepreneur, spoke about how brands need to understand human connections in today’s digital age

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Updated: Apr 15, 2019 8:04 AM
Phil Kemish

On the last day of Goafest 2019, Phil Kemish, Co-Founder, Disrupt Marketing & Brandtrepreneur, spoke about the four Ps of marketing attitude. He spoke about how brands need to understand human connections in today’s digital age and how they have to earn attention.

Kemish said, “I have been at the forefront of marketing revolutions in the last 10 years. I started my own agency which is based in London, eight years ago in 2011. The whole idea behind Disrupt is to find out what brands feel about marketing. To shift their thinking. We worked with leading brands in the world and we helped to create brand stories and build communities. We were often questioned as to how we managed to win the hearts and minds with our brand stories. To do that you have to know how they are thinking. That’s what marketing is all about. It is changing the thoughts and beliefs of people towards marketing and how to build a connection.”

Speaking about the new revolution which is underway, Kemish pointed out, “I fundamentally believe the difference between brands now and then is a two-way relationship. Thanks to social media, the relationship between brands and the audience has changed. Does anyone know what all the brands here have in common? None of the brands were here 10 years ago. We are going through an unparallel shift. It has billions of users and it is predicted that in the next 10 years, over 40 per cent of Fortune 500s will no longer exist. The way we communicate, the way we consume content, the way we interact will change. Welcome to the Revolution.”

Kemish believes that in today’s time no one cares about advertising. “No one wakes up in the morning and feels ‘I can’t wait to see an advert.’ There is a generation of people who love ‘skip ad’ button. And another 600mn people use an ad blocker. I pay for Netflix, Spotify, you cannot get to me. There is more choice and less time. And attention is all-time low. You can’t buy attention anymore, you have to earn it. This is the fundamental principle of our agency’s philosophy. You can’t pay for adverts, you have to earn attention,” he explained.

Explaining it further, Kemish listed out the four Ps of marketing attitude – Purpose, People, Passion and Physical. “Having a purpose sparks your brand’s story and it is the first step to get your Ps right. The second P is people. People are your brand’s tribes – the citizens that make up your brands. Two third of your marketing is done by the consumers. People trust people. If the trust is broken from the advertising point of view, we need to relook at how we use and connect with our consumers. The third P is passion. You need to know what people care about. Passion is a thing that amuse us. We all have different passion. Its brands getting involved with communities. Connecting to people’s passion builds communities not consumers. And the last P is if you find people and understand their passion, you need to get physical. Physical to bring the brands alive. Take out the digital world that you are living and connecting to people, social humans are really important. Ninety one per cent of consumers feel more connected to brand after experiencing it,” he concluded. 

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