Goafest 2019: Women are not objects - Madonna Badger, Badger and Winters

At one of the Knowledge Seminars, Badger, CCO & Founder of Badger and Winters said women are equal but their objectification makes them less than equal

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Published: Apr 12, 2019 2:11 PM  | 2 min read

One in four, seven year olds in the United States have been on a diet. One million girls in this age-group are anorexic with a high suicide rate and 87% of 11-year olds would rather have cancer than be fat. With these statistics Madonna Badger, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Badger and Winters started Day Two at Goafest. “Women are equal but their objectification makes them less than equal,” says Badger, and laid down four filters to identify how women are objectified.

1. Prop: The first filter is the prop where the women has no narrative and is being controlled by someone else. Showcasing campaigns made over the last five years, she commented on a prominent car-maker’s campaign, “Here she is literally being made into a cup of meat. She is used as a prop to advertise a car and being compared to a sex toy.”

2. Body Parts: Here a women’s body part is sexualised in some way or the other.

3. Plastic: Here, where the model is retouched to the point where she is not recognizable. In one instance, she says that the women body frame had been re-touched to such an extent, that it were a real women she wouldn’t be able to even hold up her head. She says, “When you are a 12-year old and look at this, you internalize this shame and anxiety and say, ‘Why can’t I look like this.This is what normal is but this is not what normal is.”

4. Empathy: Badger says that empathy is the most important filter that can be used. “How would I feel if this was my daughter, sister, mother was in this ad. This is the easiest and quickest way to know if that person is being used as a thing. Women are sexual beings and it is okay for women to be sexy and beautiful but it is not okay when it gets weaponsied to a point where it is no longer about being a women but about being a thing, she said. Badger continues to say that Empathy was the key that led to the jury packets being changed at Cannes.

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