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Updated: Mar 30, 2020 4:36 PM
Why so serious

20th March - Storytelling Day

 With digital content taking over the internet, the art of #storytelling is the heart of audience engagement. Storytelling Day marks the importance of oral storytelling ?, taking us back to childhood nostalgia ????.

 Do you still remember stories from your childhood? The majority of us do. The reason being the emotional connection and the way those stories were told to us and then got hooked to us to date.

 The same prevails for today's trend of audio storytelling, podcasts ?. But when it comes to audio storytelling, the sky is the limit. This is because your listeners can't see you, they will get hooked if they can connect to what you say.

 ?? Check out these 10 tips for podcasting beginners: https://bit.ly/podcasting-and-storyteling

 Moreover, if you want to learn the art of storytelling from scratch, read: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/storytelling

21st March - Memory Day

 What's your most precious memory ?? to date? You are lucky if you remember. But some are don't. Ask the ones whose daily life gets disrupted due to memory loss. This Memory Day, let's support people suffering from dangerous disease ? like Alzheimer's. Be it by charity or by being with them.

 Especially, in today's time of #covid19 crisis, being with them is of the utmost importance as they might forget the precautions that need to be taken.

 On the other hand, the advancements in technology??‍? have proved to be a boon for the #healthcare industry. Today, virtual reality and #smartphones ? are helping in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's and it’s just the starting.

 Experts say that digital assistants, #chatbots ?, or devices such as Amazon #Alexa are the future of diagnosis.

 Read more: https://bit.ly/alzheimer-and-digital-health

22nd March – World Water Day

 Do you know that 4800 litres of water enable 1372 people to wash their hands 12 times a day? (Source: Panasonic India)

 Now imagine if you don't have water to wash your hands in this coronavirus outbreak crisis. You'll freak out for sure. Thus, water is important for hygiene too.

 Therefore, this World Water Day let's take an initiative to save water and ultimately save lives.

 Watch this TED talk on 3 thoughtful ways to conserve water: https://bit.ly/ways-to-conserve-water

23rdMarch – Atheist Day

 Sometimes, what looks like atheism is a matter of showing great faith.

 Most people do everything possible to keep those in power happy, especially to keep the clients happy.

 Some bosses treat their employees as slaves. For such companies, it merely takes 24 hours to replace an employee in case of any mistake. But is that the right practice to follow?

 Read about a similar instance in the life of Subhobroto Chakroborty where he valued his team members more than his client: https://thedigitalfellow.com/clients-are-god-but-i-am-an-atheist/

To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days/

Do you recall going against the herd mentality like an atheist?

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