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Published: Mar 14, 2020 9:31 AM  | 6 min read
Why so serious?

11th March – No Smoking Day

Tried stopping people to stop #smoking 'n' number of times but in vain?

Quitting smoking is all about the #mindset. Similarly, digital too is a mindset. You can’t force someone to get habitual to the digital ecosystem if the person doesn’t have a mindset to adapt the change.

Watch Subhobroto Chokroborty’s interview and learn how Digital is a mindset:

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 11th March: Worship of Tools Day

 Just imagine your life without any tools ?. Impossible, isn't it?

 From the stone ? age to the iPhone ? age, tools have been an integral part of our daily lives. It's just about choosing the right one at the right time.

 If you are looking for the right fit for your digital marketing efforts in 2020, here is a list of 23 best tools you should consider:

 ??Read also: 12 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2020 by SEMRush:

 What's your favourite pick?

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 12th March: Girl Scout Day

 In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low created Girl Scouts to make young girls independent.

 As we celebrate the Girl Scout Day in her memory, let’s look at how the online space has evolved to empower women to network and come together.

 Look at initiatives like & among several other websites to see the difference online networking can bring to women as groups, especially in the corporate world.

 Have you thought about taking such initiatives for your users? The more niche, the better.

 It all starts with a small number and goes on to become a huge movement.

 Start a group online and see where it takes you!

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 7th March - World Book Day

 World Book Day was created to celebrate reading, especially to enthuse children with reading.

 Yes, books are an educational institution in themselves. Buy one for any kid around you today. It could be something that you’ve enjoyed yourself as a child.

 But these reflections on World Book Day would be incomplete without referring to the digital transformation of reading and books, wouldn’t they?

 The World Book Day website has made lots of children’s audiobooks free for download. Check them out here:

 Just as more and more people are consuming audio content other than music, the popularity of audiobooks is on the rise too.

 Listen to an audiobook on loudspeaker and make reading/listening a shared experience. Maybe you’ll find the intonation required for reading back!

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 8th March - Proofreading Day

 Remember the famous “Eats, shoots and leaves” which was actually “eats shoots and leaves” referring to the panda?

 Your content team ought to have a proof-reader apart from strategists, writers and editors.

 Till the time you find one, check this to see how you’ve been doing:

 You’ll be amazed at how little we know about grammar and punctuation, at how we take somebody else’s writing for granted.

 While you are at it, check out this detailed study of a semicolon!:

 9th March - Meatball Day

 Meatballs are versatile. They can be had dry as starters, or with gravy as main course. They are made from different kinds of meat, and found in all kinds of cuisine.

 In fact, the idea of meatballs is so appealing that there are vegetarian versions of it!

 Do you think of your content themes & templates this way? Do you have storehouse of ideas that you can put to different uses so that you are not bored creating them & the users are not bored consuming them?

 There’s no one way to do it. You’ve got figure out your own ingredients & recipes.

 But you could start with looking at how we go about it. Read Content Strategies Blueprint: Your Brand Should Follow:

 Hope it helps.

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 10th March: Pack your lunch day

 This day, get serious about what you have for your lunch at office. You don’t have to eat out everyday or survive on fast food.

 Start with food & you’ll gradually find yourself getting serious about planning other things too. Think about the menu & the way you’ll pack it.

 Do the same with your content creation & distribution schedule too. Take a look at 2 examples from well-known sources in case you find your 2020 content calendar going haywire:



 You might be the only one packing your own lunch. But content creation and distribution requires planning at a much larger scale.

 Talk to us about any struggles you’ve been facing. Maybe you’ll find out that a whole of it is completely unnecessary.

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 March 6th - Dentist Day

 They say dentists are not doctors ?!

 The doctors will agree. Some dentists too might agree.

 But the patients don’t get the difference. To us, it’s a health problem like any other. It needs treatment & attention.

 When it comes to digital marketing, things that seem equivalent or same might not be the same. Do you want to love in ignorance?

 Take a look at our Unequal Series here:

 Begin with our post on the difference between a copywriter & a content writer that had generated a lot of heat:

 A lot depends on the details. Take the first step towards knowing the difference.

 We still ate grateful for the dentists though. ?

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