Why So Serious?

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Updated: Mar 9, 2020 12:52 PM
Why so serious?

World Thinking Day - 22 Feb

 How do you become larger than yourself? How big do you dare to think? How huge do you want your impact to be?

 World Thinking Day may sound like a generalised celebration targeted at stimulating thought around politics, culture, business, tech & so on. You may assume it to be an initiative of an international general organisation that addresses these issues.

 In reality, it is a day initiated by World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts or WAGGGS. Yes, it comes from a very gender-based movement but look at the amazing way in which uses the general idea of thinking itself!

 Own a day that’s larger than you. Get inspired by Girl Guides & Scouts. Visit their site: https://www.wagggs.org/en/what-we-do/world-thinking-day/

Banana Bread Day - 23rd Feb

 Just as the banana bread puts overripe bananas to delicious use, repurposing puts your existing content to a variety of uses.

 This way you'll never be out of content and it will also keep your brand's online presence healthy. Learn about the power of repurposing here: http://bit.ly/Garyvee-content-model

 Start with making a list of the content you already have. Check if you can break it down or expand it.

World Bartender Day - 24th Feb

 We often talk about being nice to your customers. But it works the other way round too. World Bartender Day tells you the importance of being nice to your vendors/service providers too.

 Next time, be nice to the bar staff for better service which eventually makes your night out memorable. This World Bartender Day will remind you to do so.

 Start with the bartenders & apply the thought everywhere else.

 And then think about your own business. Which of your employees face your customers directly? How do you hire them? Have you tried to find out how your customers talk to them?

 Know why you should train your customer-facing team more seriously: https://enyotalearning.com/blog/training-customer-facing-workforce-different/

 After all, people training matters in the digital transformation you are planning for your business.

National Chocolate-Covered Nut Day - 25th Feb

 Chocolate Covered Nut Day, a delicious ?? day with endless opportunities to pamper your taste buds. Just as a proportionate mixture of peanuts ? and dark chocolate ? is healthy for you and boosts your mood, a perfect combination of thoughtful content strategy and its proper promotion can do wonders for your brand's health.

 ? Learn about making a good impression about your brand in the minds of your target audience with our blog on ? 'Content Strategies Blueprint: Your Brand Should Follow': http://bit.ly/content-strategy-blueprint

Levi Strauss Day - 26th Feb

 Levi's ? is an iconic garment brand with an unmatched fan base ?. It is a brand that has been innovating since it gave birth to our favorite 'blue jeans' ?. 26th Feb marks the birthday of the man behind the amazing company. 

 From utility wear to wearable tech ?, this brand never ceases to surprise the world with its continuous #innovation & a customer-centric approach. These two can do wonders for you too if you are that committed.

 Read about the secret of Levis Digital Transformation: http://bit.ly/levis-digital-transformation

 Also, check out its amazing recent campaign Connected, Not Distracted  promoting its Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google http://bit.ly/levis-trucker-jacket-jacquard

 The world is changing, the brands are adapting. Are you?

Pokemon Day- 27th Feb

 Hey Trainers ??‍♂

You must be super excited for Pokemon Day ?? celebrations & new releases.

 Watch the trailer of Netflix release Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0zYJ1RQ-fs

 But also remember to read https://bit.ly/390nm0U to know about how playing this one of the most prominent AR ? locative games is shaping our everyday lives through invasion of privacy, increase in crimes, & other ethical issues.

 What is your take on the use of AR & gamification in your industry?

Floral Design Day - 28th Feb

 Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. It’s also something that one can consciously try to achieve in everything one does.

 Your website logo is one such example. Putting images, fonts & colours together won’t get you the ideal logo. Or webpage etc.

 Focus on what you want to communicate & try to fit it into established frameworks like the golden ratio.

 We did the same for our logo. Read: https://thedigitalfellow.com/evolution-anatomy-of-our-logos/

 Let us know if you’d like us to offer our views on your logo. That might give you a complete make-over!

Salesperson Day - 1st March 

 Are you a salesperson or managing a sales team and want to stay relevant to the digital shift? Read on.

 The sales team is an integral part of your organization's growth. They are the ones who bring in the numbers and build long term customer relationships. But the advent of the digital ecosystem has transferred the purchasing power to the consumers.

 To survive and thrive in the new digital world, you have to respond to the changes which digital brings to products, customers, salespeople, and sales channels along with a data-driven approach.

 Read this @HBR article on How Sales Teams Can Thrive in a Digital World and empower your sales team in this digital landscape: http://bit.ly/sales-in-a-digital-world

Banana Cream Pie Day - 2nd March 

 They say that there is nothing better than a banana pie. If you like the same, Banana Pie Cream Day encourages you to treat yourself with this yummy dessert. Moreover, use this opportunity to put your hands-on making this dish yourself. 

 Already craving for something yummy? Here is more for you.

 Read: Banana Split, the yummy ice-cream desert: https://thedigitalfellow.com/project/banana-split-day-25th-august-2019/

Namesake Day - 3rd March 

 Who were you named after and why? ?? Namesake Day gives you an opportunity to explore the story behind your name. 

Names do tell a story and stories sell ?. Think about some of the biggest brands and how the story behind their name ? https://www.icepop.com/stories-behind-brand-names/

 In today's world of intense competition, the way you present yourself and your work to the world decide your way forward. Enters personal branding ??‍♂.

 Here are Personal Branding Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2020: http://bit.ly/personal-branding-trends

 ? If you feel you need any guidance to build your personal brand in this digital age, feel free to DM us.

Grammar Day - 4th March

 It's 2020 & the world is looking for authentic ? and engaging content more than ever. This is the reason content marketing ?? has become the key driver of the business growth.

 With content, enters grammar whose importance can't be compromised even in the digital space.

 Check Out The Common Grammar And Style Mistakes Before Marketing Your Content: https://t.co/ENf8KK4gxv

 To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days/

Cheese Doodle Day - 5th March 

 #CheeseDoodleDay. A day for one of your favourite guilty pleasure snack ??, the orange cheese puffs ? or cheese balls that you can't stop munching.

 In the marketing landscape, guilt ?? as an emotion has proved to be a great marketing tool to grab the attention of your audience. You just need to know the art of executing it the right way.

 ? Read more about how to use guilt & also shame and fear as effective marketing tools: http://bit.ly/2VK3xag

 To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days/

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