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Updated: Feb 3, 2020 3:23 PM
Digital Fellow Jan 27 to Feb 1

27th January- Community Manager Appreciation Day

The joke goes thus: an interviewer asks a job candidate, “Tell me something about your leadership skills”. The candidate replies, “I am the admin of 2-3 WhatsApp groups!”

But this day reminds you that it’s not a joke anymore. The importance of social media community management has risen in the last few years. Managers reply to audience’s comments, listen to them, empathise with them & handle confrontations sensitively.

If you still haven't started your online community, start today. Learn more in detail here for an effective social media approach: http://bit.ly/38ILlkG

28th January- Thank a Plugin Developer Day

A #plugin is an add-on bridging the shortcomings of a feature-based website theme. From eCommerce to SEO, from design features to social media, from security to spam prevention, you can do a lot to your website without any manual codes.

Read about the 11 things you should know about plugins: http://bit.ly/what-is- a-plugin Plug-ins also help in delivering a seamless UX & UI for your website.

Check out these 30 @WordPress Plugins To Enhance Web #UX & #UI: http://bit.ly/plugins-for-better-UI-and-UX

Begin with these until you think you’ll need something customised for scaling.

29th January - Freethinkers Day

Thomas Paine influenced the course of the American & French revolutions by talking about common sense! His contribution is that he explained it was absurd for the Americans to bow down to British monarchy. In an easy to understand style.

Freethinking lets you get rid of any blinkers you’ve imposed on yourself. Because it’s super tough, people hire consultants. You need awareness, but you’re asking for lead generation! You need a content strategy but you’re asking for an increase in the number of blogs! Paine anticipated change by talking about it.

Digital ad spends set to cross ₹50k crores by 2025.

Decide how you’re going to be a part of this digital marketing revolution.

30th January- Inane Answering Message Day

This day was introduced in 2001 to put an end to senseless messages people left on their answering machines when not available to receive phone calls.

In today’s digital landscape, inane answering messages would mean getting rid of:

  1. Sliders on and he first fold of your website
  2. Asking people for more than three pieces of their info
  3. Abruptly ending the lead generation campaign without a thank you page
  4. Responding to their inquiry at your own leisure

Sit with all the messaging you’ve been putting across all your digital assets.

Check if you’d ever like to be addressed the way you address your audience!

That reflection itself is a learning exercise. Nothing for you to read today!

31st January - Scotch Tape Day

On 31st Jan 1930, 3M revealed Scotch Tape, a household and office necessity. This acts as of the primary damage control in our paperwork and giftings.

But to survive in this digital ecosystem you need stronger damage control than scotch tape.

Start here: Better ways to handle negative reviews: https://neilpatel.com/blog/how-to-get-more-online-reviews-and-deal-with-bad-ones/

1st February- Change Your Password Day

A survey reveals that consumers have an average of 23 online accounts that require a password, but on average only use 13 unique passwords for those accounts. Just imagine the level of vulnerability of your accounts to security threats!

This Change Your Password Day take a step towards cybersecurity by using strong passwords & changing them frequently. Here is your guide to get you started: http://bit.ly/38nwYBR

Our website had got hacked because of the password of an email account our founder no longer uses!

This day, also dig into the accounts you no longer use & see if they’re secure.

To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days/

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