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Updated: Jan 6, 2020 4:03 PM
why so serious

26th December- Thank You Note Day

We hope you had an amazing Christmas. Ours was spent thinking about all the love you’ve shown us.

 This Thank You Day, allow us to express our gratitude by bringing to you a collection of precious ideas on Content Marketing. It’s exclusive for our WhatsApp Digital Learning Group members.

 Share the link for the ones who need to Join our Group today: http://bit.ly/Daily-Digital-Learning-Group2

 Read also about the importance of Thank You page in the digital world here: http://bit.ly/2Dqgk7f

27th December- Fruit Cake Day

 It’s holiday season and it’s raining cakes. Today, it’s fruit cake after the Christmas cake.

 Different cakes. Different textures. Different shelf life.

 Different types of content have a different shelf life as well. Amongst all, blogs (read constantly updated blogs) generally last for 2 years, whereas a tweet has the shortest lifespan of just 18 min.

 Read more about the lifespans of other platforms’ content here: http://bit.ly/content-shelf-life

 Are you posting your content judiciously keeping its shelf life in mind? If not, start today to do content marketing in a better way.

28th December- Card Playing Day

 2019 is over. Some are celebrating with friends & family. Some are reflecting on the highs & lows of 2019 & planning to do better in 2020.

 Use the Card Playing Day to celebrate as well as strategize.

 Just as there are 52 cards in a pack, can you come up with as many content types?

 Each card has a different role to play in different games. Can you design a content type specific to different buyer personas you have? Can you dedicate a content type to a platform to begin with?

29th December- Tick Tock Day

 Tick Tock is the sound of the countdown to the new year. And TikTok is the name of the 7th most downloaded app of the decade, according to AppAnnie.

 TikTok, the 15/60 seconds video platform, is rightly named for the time that you have in order to win a like or a share is exactly like a countdown.

 Every second has got to deliver an exciting experience to the user. Because no one would give you even a second of theirs if you’re not good enough.

 While you listen to the tick tock of the year coming to an end, think about using TikTok responsibly. Here’s a blog to check how grounded you should be in order to not take wrong decisions for the cheap tiks and toks on the platform: http://bit.ly/2MfqPzj

 Let us know what you make of the countdown on Tick Tock & TikTok. Have you jumped in & are regretting? Or have you taken a leap of faith?

 Thinking about a content strategy like this will solve half your problems in ideation for creating content.

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