We want to be the largest AI-powered platform based out of India: Ajit Varghese

At the Pitch CMO Summit 2020, Ajit Varghese, Chief Commercial Officer, ShareChat and Moj, talks about brand love, technology developments and targets

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Updated: Jun 1, 2021 4:54 PM
Pitch CMO Summit

After seeing phenomenal combined growth in user base, from 120 million to 280 million, the Indian social media and social networking platforms -- ShareChat and Moj -- have a whole lot of exciting plans for 2021 as well. Launching new ad tools for their clients, building a bigger influencer marketing platform, and live stream commerce are just some of them, shared ShareChat Business Chief Commercial Officer Ajit Varghese shared at the Pitch CMO Summit 2021.  

While the platforms, which cater to the language audience, have a host of brands in their client list, there are 50 to 70 brands that are now regular. Their language-first approach and innovative ad formats are two of the primary reasons attracting brands to the platform.

“W are all also trying new ad formats for our clients. “We believe in innovation and the brands that come on board get to use very different innovative formats where they can use customer taste and brand content together and customize it in a dynamic way so that user interest and user response can actually be better. And this is just one example, when we see brands reaping the benefits of our ad tools we know that we can only grow from here,” said Varghese.

Talking of monetization, the brand is looking at opening up sales opportunities for Moj in the next few months. “We have just launched our ShareChat ad platform and we are confident that we are in the journey of generating the first hundred million pretty fast,” Varghese noted.

All said and done for Varghese technology is the fuel that keeps the platform going, be it from the client's side or the user side and it remains one of the key focus areas for the brand.

Talking of clients, Varghese said that they are moving ahead of targeting just demographics or geographies. “We are now trying to create more tools which can actually have new targeting variables like content interest or in-app behavior for better campaign performance and better campaign planning. So a lot of investments are going on looking at audience insights, looking at more on the interest and behaviour side rather than just the variables that we have all been used to in the past. We are also developing a new platform where we can use the unified platform network of ShareChat and Moj to make sure the bang for the buck is better for our clients,” he said.

“We are also trying to create an influencer marketing space where we can use influencers to lend their voice to build brands especially for the language first audience which was almost like an ignored population of India. That ecosystem is something that we are building and we want to own that space and we want to be the biggest player in that space,” he added.

Finally talking of plans for 2021, Varghese said, “User growth and user retention will continue to be our primary focus. Then there is artificial intelligence which is the fuel to our ecosystem. Everything that we do is actually powered by that, therefore, we will continue to invest in learn, unlearn and repeat the process for all the aspects be it in the content and user ecosystem or in the ad ecosystem. Last but not the least, we are a young organization of more than a thousand people today and I think one of our primary focus areas for the future would be to invest in talent because our ambitions are big and we definitely want to be the largest AI-powered platform based out of India.”


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