Vodafone bets on making India #SmarterWithIoT

Vodafone has now launched a new marketing campaign that showcases Vodafone’s competencies in Enterprise & IoT

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Updated: Jun 14, 2018 8:52 AM

Vodafone is betting on Internet of Things for the next quantum leap in the Indian market. Vodafone with its IoT offering is uniquely poised to tap into the emerging market of businesses across sectors that are making concerted efforts towards digital transformation.

When Vodafone went through a rebranding exercise in November 2017 moving from ‘Power to You’ to ‘The Future is Exciting. Ready?’ the direction Vodafone was taking was very clear. The ad campaign back then showed Vodafone brand icons Asha and Bala navigating the world with the future-ready Vodafone services. Vodafone is now making these connections between devices real. Vodafone showcases the unlimited possibilities of IoT in its newly launched marketing campaign that is for Enterprise & IoT.

Monalisa Sahoo- Senior Vice President, Marketing – Vodafone Business Services spoke to exchange4media about Vodafone’s #SmarterWithIoT campaign and why Vodafone is tapping into the Indian IoT market.

Edited excerpts:

As far as IoT goes, how big of a market is India in this space?

Digital transformation is a way of life in India now, and the rapid adoption of new-age technologies like Internet of Things, AI, Big Data, Cloud, etc. is only fuelling this growth further. A recent report by NASSCOM predicts that India’s IoT market is expected to reach USD 15 billion by 2020, accounting for nearly 5% of the total global market. That, in itself, is a huge market for India to tap.

Besides, Vodafone’s Annual IoT Barometer Report 2017-18 has revealed a consistently growing trend of IoT adoption among enterprises across the world. The proportion of companies embracing IoT on a massive scale – over 50,000 connected devices – has doubled since 2016, and these are impressive figures.

Insights from our C-Suite Survey and the Annual IoT Barometer Report suggested that IoT is a priority amongst key decision makers. To that end, we have launched the first ever enterprise brand campaign focussing on IoT, #SmarterWithIoT, with the objective of boosting awareness and adoption of IoT among enterprises.

Vodafone Business Services offers smart IoT solutions spreading across the entire gamut of services –industrial manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, smart city, utilities management, etc. Our #SmarterWithIoT campaign will help businesses understand the ways in which IoT can significantly improve their operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Is the next avenue for quantum growth IoT? Why do you believe so?

IoT is one of the fastest growing segments for Vodafone Business Services and the benefits of connected technology are gradually seeping into every possible sector in India. Respondents of our Annual IoT Barometer Report indicated that digital transformation is impossible without IoT, meaning that IoT will have an enormous or sizeable impact on the digital economy in the next five years. Though it is yet to become indispensable, it has definitely made its presence felt in our lives in some way or the other.

Moreover, with Narrowband IoT already becoming a buzzword in India, we see it as a major contributor to the growth of connected technology. We have already launched it in select European markets and are actively evaluating it for India as well. This will further help us apply our rich knowledge and experience of IoT for the larger benefit of the customers.

What use cases of IoT are you banking on?

IoT is ubiquitous today and we can see the benefits of connected technology penetrating practically every sector. Vodafone’s solutions in the automotive and telematics industry help enhance vehicle performance and support communication between the driver, vehicle and the surroundings, as in the case of Mahindra REVA, which used Vodafone IoT to make connected cars a reality in India.

Smart metering solutions connect utility meters (gas, water, electricity, etc.) and servers, to facilitate delivery of a wealth of data which can then be processed to gather information about the consumption patterns of customers and reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

In the healthcare sector, IoT is making a foray by connecting devices which help patients keep track of their vital medical information such as pulse rate and blood sugar levels. Vodafone’s partnership with Diabetacare for its smart glucometers is a perfect example to demonstrate how patients can manage their diabetes better using connected technology.

We have witnessed impressive growth from the manufacturing industry and are confident that IoT will increasingly be used to improve the performance of automated systems, leading to what is better known as Industry 4.0 comprising smart factories, machines and buildings. Thanks to the Government’s Digital India push, the Smart Cities mission is also leading the usage of IoT to enrich the lives of citizens.

What's Vodafone's media strategy to pitch IoT to Indian users?

Realizing the immense potential of IoT, we have taken the lead in introducing an integrated #SmarterWithIoT communications campaign. #SmarterWithIoT is a year-long campaign comprising print, digital, social media, and events with innovative OOH elements and contextual print advertising in key cities. The targeted communication creatives depict the simple, yet smart way in which IoT can impact our lives everywhere.

What are the key target areas for Vodafone in India?

Vodafone globally has over 20 years’ experience in IoT, with more than 1,400 people dedicated to it, including 900 automotive specialists dedicated to Vodafone Automotive. Our key target sectors with tremendous growth potential in India are Industry/Manufacturing, Automotive, Health, Agriculture, Smart Cities and Energy &Utilities; others include Consumer Electronics, Security, Banking & Finance and Education.With over 66 million IoT connections across the world, Vodafone has been recognised as a global leader in IoT services by leading industry analysts such as Gartner and Machina Research.

What are some of the products you have launched in India?

In India, we have launched the SuperIoT range of connected products, which provide end-to-end solutions and comprise IoT-powered smart services like Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking (Fixed and Mobile) and People Tracking (Students and Employees). These solutions are industry-agnostic and can be deployed by small, medium and large organizations in the manufacturing, logistics, food & beverage, automobile, banking & insurance, educational, healthcare sectors, etc.

Additionally, we offer the Ready Start-up Kit, which is a first-of-its-kind set of solutions targeted specifically at Indian start-ups to power their growth journey and make them Ready Businesses of tomorrow. By bringing together technologies like IoT, Cloud and Analytics, we are helping start ups scale their services and bring innovative products/services to market. 

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