TikTok beats odds to stay a favourite among brands

According to industry experts, during these times of COVID-19 brands are ready with a thoughtful strategy for TikTok

e4m by Sanstuti Nath
Updated: May 25, 2020 12:40 PM

TikTok has claimed that the short video format app is being used more by brands for marketing. 

Ashutosh Harbola, CEO and Co-founder, Buzzoka, commented on the app's popularity among brands: “TikTok has a strong user base in Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets, which makes it popular among brands trying to reach the consumers in these markets.”

Talking about the controversy, Harbola said that the app already has over 200 million active users in the country. “Brands are anyway laying low when it comes to marketing due to COVID-19 crisis. As soon as things go back on track, brands will use the platform for marketing as they did before”, he added.

Echoing Harbola's thoughts, Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue, said, “People across India are virtually protesting for the ban of the app, which seems quite far-fetched and baseless. If we look at it from a marketing perspective, the ratings of the app have not yet impacted the user base, which means that over 200 million people are still using TikTok, and thus it is still a favourable platform for the brands who find their target audience here. Marketing is all about reaching the potential audience and generating ROI from the efforts, and so in the end, brands will choose to be where they can connect the heart of the brand with the heart of the customers.”

Gupta added that the pandemic has pushed the attention of brands towards digital marketing, as it’s the easiest and most effective way to reach the consumer.

“Now, if we contemplate the TikTok v/s YouTube debate, we can conclude that the social media platforms are under no scrutiny from the brands, as the target audience still continues to use the platforms. In fact, some brands believe that it is a great time to be on digital marketing platforms amidst the new class,” Gupta said.

Prashant Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, NOFILTR Group, also believes that the controversy would not hamper the popularity of the platform among users. He said, “TikTok is a growing platform, especially during the time of COVID-19, and brands that are ready with a thoughtful strategy for promoting their product/service will continue to invest in the platform. After all, it is one of the top social media platforms when it comes to extensive data and relevancy.”

Sharma added that Instagram and Tiktok are the two platforms that are doing the same amount of business. Content creators on both platforms are getting an equal number of collaborations from brands. 

e4m also talked with social media influencers present on Tik Tok to know if brands continue to use the platform for marketing.

Radhika Bangia, who have 5.3 million followers on TikTok and 1.2 million on Instagram said, “Of course. I have collaborated with many brands on the platform after the whole infamous Tiktok v/s YouTube feud took place. Tiktok as a platform is here to stay and brands know the fact that if they have to reach the Tier-2, 3 cities, this is the platform they must leverage for its wide reach.”

She added that brands are being very cautious about the creators that they are associating with after the whole controversy.

Another TikTok influencer, Karan Saroja, with 4.6 million on followers observed that initially, after the controversy, he noticed a drop in his transactions, but things are back to normal now.

He said, “The YT v/s TikTok feud hit me like a nightmare because of all the unwanted hatred that grew for the platform in general. Initially, I noticed a drop in my transactions but after some days brands started revisiting the platform for the TG they only find on TikTok. I have been a part in brand campaigns across categories like dating apps, technology and music promotion since the feud and it feels better”.

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