TikTok puts together Top 50 content & video trends as part of #TikTokRewind2019 campaign

The video launched as part of the campaign, featuring popular creators, has got nearly 37 million views in three days

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TikTok has released the Top 50 content and video trends as part of #TikTokRewind2019 campaign, that made the TikTok India community click, like, share and create in 2019.

The ten-day long campaign honours and applauds the timeless TikTok moments, featuring the top 5 across 10 different categories of this year.

The 2019 TikTok trends includes the top 5 creators, viral videos, occasions, celebrities, challenges, content categories, tracks, campaign, music artists and breakout creators that stood out in engaging the community in 2019, bringing TikTok into the mainstream of India’s thriving creative economy.

TikTok emerged as one of the leading platforms in the country where millions of people participated in endless entertainment, quirky, educative and joyful moments that broke the norms of expression and creativity through exciting videos. The diverse and incredible content in the form of these short-videos was born on TikTok and are now immortalized in the 2019 TikTok hall of fame.

Here’s what Tick’ed on TikTok in 2019:

Top 5 Creators
Creators are the soul of TikTok. While everyone had something unique to share, some of them have struck a chord with the community with their lively and engaging content, created in their own distinctive style. Their imagination and creativity in content across entertainment, humour, education and motivation makes TikTok a preferred platform for creative expression. Using TikTok’s editing features and creative tools, these creators have emerged as the top 5 in 2019.
@awezdarbar- Awez Darbar (Followers: 20.0 Million)
@gima_ashi- Garima Chaurasia (Followers: 17.2 Million)
@awalcreations- Awal Ts Madaan (Followers: 6.7 Million)
@theofficialgeet- Sangeeta Jain (Followers: 5.4 Million)
@surgeryonline- Dr. Animesh MS (Followers: 3.2 Million)

Top 5 Videos
In 2019, TikTok featured millions of videos created by users that were so epic that they immediately graduated to viral video status. Curated across varied genres on the platform such as entertainment, education, music, motivation and more, these engaging videos spread across generations, celebrities and creators and eventually became the ‘talk of the town’.
@gima_ashi- she danced on Emiway Bantai song- Bhaut Hard (Views: 120 Million)
@jucqueen- #TakTakTak challenge (Views: 112 Million)
@nehakakkar- musical comic relief (Views: 95 Million)
@theofficialgeet- anger management (Views: 26 Million)
@officialmadhuridixit- announcing that she has joined TikTok and will be sharing something extraordinary (Views: 23 Million)

Top 5 Occasions
Festivals and occasions bring people together in celebration. In a country like India, which is known as the land of festivals, these occasions not only bring joy and encourage togetherness, but also play a key role in strengthening unity among people. During 2019, TikTok left no tables unturned in uniting its users from diverse cultures and backgrounds to celebrate these occasions together and in encouraging them to capture and share these priceless moments. These are the top five occasions that saw the TikTok community taking to the platform to express joy through their colourful and lively videos.

Diwali (Views: 29.7 Billion)
ICC Cricket World Cup (Views: 13.3 Billion)
Independence Day (Views: 4.3 Billion)
Holi (Views: 2.5 Billion)
Mother’s Day (Views: 2 Billion)

Top 5 Celebrities
This year, some of the biggest Indian celebrities joining TikTok to connect and engage with their fans in the most creative way. Not only this, a few celebrities also started their own trend and hashtag on the platform and effortlessly adapted to the TikTok’s creative culture. These are the top engaging celebrities who left their impression on our hearts this year.
Jacqueline Fernandez (Followers: 9.5 Million)
Riteish Deshmukh (Followers: 6.8 Million)
Kapil Sharma (Followers: 2.2 Million)
Madhuri Dixit (Followers: 1.2 Million)
DJ Bravo (Followers: 1.5 Million

Top 5 Music Artists
This year saw the advent of various music artists making their way to the platform to connect with a previously unexplored audience. Here are the top five music artists that came as a surprise this year.

Neha Kakkar (Followers: 12.5 Million)
Guru Randhawa (Followers: 5.8 Million)
Tony Kakkar (Followers: 4.1 Million)
Milind Gaba (Followers: 3.1 Million)
Arjun Kanungo (Followers: 964.2 K)

Top 5 Genres
TikTok provides its creative community with a lot of themes and categories to explore and create content on. From creating trendsetting videos to sharing inspiring moments, these five categories were explored the most on TikTok this year.

Top 5 Viral Challenges
TikTok captivated its user community with a lot of challenges that went viral where users experimented, created and shared their own versions on the platform. Several creators and entertainment's finest found success on TikTok with their unique takes on trending challenges. These top viral challenges, pushed users to innovate and bring out ideas to delight and entertain the 200 million strong community.

#2OfMe (Views: 5.4 Billion)
#MyJourney (Views: 5.3 Billion)
#ILoveMyIndia (Views: 4.3 Billion)
#TakTakTak (Views: 2.2 Billion)
#PlayCool (Views: 1.8 Billion)

Top 5 Tracks
In 2019, Indian and global musicians, artists and creators flocked to TikTok to share their music with the world. This year, several songs topped the charts and TikTok became a launchpad for diverse videos set to catchy music, with users posting their videos dancing and grooving to the tunes. These are the top tracks that created buzz on TikTok throughout 2019.

O Saki Saki (Views: 2 Billion)
Lehanga (Views: 1.6 Billion)
Dheeme Dheeme (Views: 1.2 Billion)
Slowly Slowly (Views: 1.2 Billion)
She Dont Know (Views: 1.0 Billion)

Top 5 Campaigns
The top 5 TikTok campaigns inspired millions to showcase their ingenuity by participating in real change and impacted the lives of many. With these campaigns and TikTok’s inclusiveness as a platform, the users became an inspiration for many first time internet users to building a community that always strive to learn something new.

Total Creations: 13 Million
Total Views: 59 Billion

Total Creations: 511.7 K
Total Views: 2.7 Billion

Total Creations: 2.8 Million
Total Views: 13.3 Billion

Total Creations: 148.1 K
Total Views: 939.1 Million

Total Creations: 210.1K
Total Views: 951.5 Million
Top 5 Breakout Creators

These are the emerging trendsetting flock from a large pool of popular creators on TikTok. Their ingenuity makes TikTok the lovable and inspiring platform that it is across the world, encouraging others to join in and express their own creativity. These five breakout creators are the ones to look out for in 2020:

@faby_makeupartist- Fiza Abdi (Followers: 2.6 Million)
@mridulmadhok- Mridul Madhok (Followers: 6.5 Million)
@gunjanshouts- Gunjan Taneja (Followers: 3.5 Million)
@mdmotivation164- Mahendra Dogney (Followers: 2.8 Million)
@ur_smartmaker- Khan Tariq (Followers: 5.5 Million)

As part of the campaign, TikTok also launched a video featuring some of its popular creators. The video went viral on YouTube as it has already garnered close to 37 millions views within three days of launch.

The #TikTokRewind2019 film is a reflection of the huge creative canvas that TikTok is. Users from all walks of life have embraced the platform to showcase their talent and express themselves creatively. With tools and features available to create diverse content, including innovative filters, trending music tracks, and in-app challenges to support social causes, there's room for all kinds of content on TikTok. This film has edgy looks and graphic visuals and encapsulates the diversity seamlessly.

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