The response to 'Create With Google’ has been incredible: Ross Jauncey, Google

Jauncey, Head of Create With Google, Google is the man behind the new offering; he spoke to exchange4media about this innovative product and its impact on creative agencies

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Apr 16, 2019 8:05 AM
Ross Jauncey

Create With Google’ which was launched to support the creative marketing community with tools that serve to foster creativity, is receiving great response from agencies worldwide.

This new platform is enabling a new era in marketing communication which is more focused, impactful and efficient. Ross Jauncey – Head of Create With Google, Google and the man behind this new offering spoke to us about this innovative product and its impact on creative agencies.

Edited excerpts:

What was the inspiration behind launching ‘Create With Google’?

My role previously at the Google for 5 years was to work with the creative industry in Australia and New Zealand. We had some really great partners to do that with and we got some really great case studies done.

What it showed was that when you take six second format to the market for the very first time or when you take the sequential storytelling on YouTube to the market for the very first time, it is a very difficult pitch without a great expression. What we realised is that creative people are the first to embrace platforms that make sense of them for others.

We thought it will great to give them a credible platform which they could access on scale. By the time of Cannes it will be translated into multiple languages and it is already available in Korean and Japanese and we are moving into Latin American translation and Chinese as well. 

How does ‘Create With Google’ enable a new era in creativity?

What we have learned over the years is that the more we share with our industry in terms of capabilities, the more inclined they are to show us the possibilities on our canvasses. For me the information they can access on scale should show us some amazing work coming our way and celebrating creativity through technology.  For me it’s really about getting honest with the industry about what is possible and feeding their creativity with what we have on offer.

Where does the human factor stand in this tech enabled creativity?

If you think about the human involvement in creativity, it has been used to come up with big ideas that no machine could come up with. But humans are also best at the application of technology. Creative minds are great at storytelling and also at the application of technology, which in turn takes those capabilities to create something we did not think of.  I think that is the role of human’s in creativity. 

What has been the response so far for ‘Create With Google’?

The response has been incredibly strong. I think it has been surprising to everyone that it is available on scale to everyone who has been working on our platform. It is not something that they have to spend with us to access it or anything like that. It is virtually available on scale. So it has been certainly a very positive response. When we tested some of our material in the market to see how it resonated with the creative audience, we did that few months back, we had a great response from some of the major agencies. 

We think we are definitely hearing all the right signs and we are already having super strong site traffic from India so it is a good thing to see.

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