The best companies survived Covid on the back of brand advocates: John Hall

On Day 1 of e4m Content Jam, Hall, Co-Founder & President,, decoded the mantra to follow in order to tug at the heartstrings of consumers in the new Covid-led world

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Updated: Nov 26, 2020 9:30 AM
john hall

Day one of the e4m Content Jam 2020 kickstarted on a rather high-powered note with John Hall, Co-Founder & President,’s keynote session 'Staying Top of Mind in Challenging Times'. Hall spoke about what companies can do to make things better, especially in this new Covid-led, digital world. He addressed pieces like time, trust, relevance, building relationships with people in order to tug right at the heart-strings of consumers in the new world.

Hall contended that the first thumb rule is around keeping things real and around utilizing time efficiently which will in turn help with the ROI factor. “Right now we have a temporary new normal. We don't really know what this next year holds for us, but we do know that time is a major factor of how we're spending time to engage people and the ROI that we're getting back.  

Return on investment of our time is strategically aligning efforts, especially digitally. You want to make sure the team is on the same page then you utilize the resources in the best way,” he said.

Secondly, he addressed how building trust and relationships have never been more important.  

“There have been more trust barriers than ever that we're having to get past as marketers. Working towards building trust remains imperative in the world today,” Hall remarked.

He also expounded on the importance of building relationships. “Especially during such times, we need to be overcompensating with building trust. It's never been more important. Because right now people miss that connection. People miss personalization. So whether you jump on a Zoom call you should bring good energy to it immediately,” Hall advised.

Sharing a recent incident, he noted the importance of creating brand advocates.

“I recently had a bad experience with a marketer on a team, and I communicated that. It's easy to communicate these frustrations because you're frustrated, but always remember to communicate when people do well. So right after that I spent a good 30 minutes, just thinking about the people over the last week that have been easy to deal with. I wanted to personalize that to make them feel once again that we're recognizing and appreciating their efforts. From that you create these super brand advocates. With COVID and what happened here, the best companies stayed alive because of brand advocates because of those people that truly love the company because they stuck with them throughout that time,” Hall explained. 

Further, he spoke of the need of consistently being educating and educating people you work with.“I think right now, there's a lack of trust in the media and what information is out there so it's really important that you do your best as a company and to become a true trusted source by transparency and consistent education,” Hall hinted.

He also spoke about how relevance plays an important role today. “To me that next evolution is around relevancy. Is it relevant and does it truly engage the person. We need to ask: Are we being relevant with our content? Are we getting the relevant people to engage with us as that's what is extremely important right now, to make sure that we're engaging the right people with the right content,” he asserted.

Shedding light on the need for partnerships he said, “ Recognising people is just something that I'm trying to do consistently right now. Find joint ventures or joint partnerships. This is a world where we kind of need to be in it together to move forward, to find good partners, to find good people that you can move forward with,” Hall stated.

Lastly, he advised on the importance of focus and steering away from the distractions that surround us.“In this world, focus is going to be a major priority. 

And I want you guys to print this out. This is something that I have on my desk as well, is that there are things that matter and there are things you can control in your job and in your professional life. I'm telling you there's a lot of things that you cannot control, and you cannot think those things distract you from your overall goals, your priorities, your marketing initiatives, your communication initiatives and overall business goals, and so keep this at your desk and follow it,” Hall exclaimed.

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