Sterling Holidays urges travellers to unveil little known facts of India

The brand has launched a digital campaign that highlights the rich heritage of India through facinating stories via its Facebook page and blog

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Updated: Oct 22, 2013 7:59 AM
Sterling Holidays urges travellers to unveil little known facts of India

Mark Twain once said, “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition…” Indians take pride in the country’s rich heritage and exotic architecture. However, there are a lot of hidden secrets about our motherland that are unexplored. Sterling Holidays, a leisure hospitality company, has launched a digital campaign titled ‘India Unveiling’, which focusses on presenting thereto little known facts about India.

Based on historical evidences, interesting nuggets of information about India are presented artistically on Sterling Holiday’s Facebook page and blog, creating a sense of national pride. Sterling believes that this campaign will showcase the rich heritage which makes India a destination where the more you explore, the more there is to discover!

The ‘India Unveiling’ campaign, conceptualised by Isobar, has been structured to feature one story a day about the country’s diverse culture, history and achievements through the month of October, with the potential of being extended through regular content updates and blogs.

Enabling better emotional engagement with people, Sterling aims to create holiday inspirations within the country.

The main idea of adopting the digital platform was the need to feel connected with customers – a sense that it was important to have a presence in something which constitutes such a large piece of the customers’ lives; a clear shift away from traditional marketing strategies.

The first story highlighted the fact that Mahabharat is 10 times the length of the world’s other great epics Iliad and Odyssey, making it the world’s longest epic. The second story said that India was the birthplace of the game of chess, which finds a mention in the world’s oldest political treatise Arthashastra.

Commenting on the initiative, Ramesh Ramanathan, Managing Director, Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) said, “We believe that a vital aspect of delivering memorable holiday experiences is to share knowledge about India and the destinations we operate in. A nation like India has much to offer to travellers – from historical achievements and geographical wonders to diverse cultures. The ‘India Unveiling’ campaign is a part of our effort to communicate fascinating aspects of India that will be of interest to travellers and Indians everywhere. Social media is the right medium for such an effort, especially since travel is a category which sees a great deal of community sharing.”

The campaign has seen a good response on Facebook, with some of the stories having more than 800 likes and 50 shares. The main objective behind the campaign is to drive awareness about India and make us feel proud about our country. It also wants to portray that there is a lot left to discover about India, making it a perfect holiday destination for tourists. This campaign will certainly develop interest among the tourists to know more about India. Some of the facts are striking – like the origin of shampoo in the eastern regions of the Mughal Empire, particularly in Bengal, where it was used as a head massage medicine, and Sanskrit being the most convenient language for computer software programming. However, some of the facts are very generic and known to all – like the science of yoga originated in India, and the connection between Gurgaon and Dronacharya.

This campaign will garner eye balls due to its uniqueness and urge tourists to discover more, but it will be more interesting if the brand highlights facts that are known to none.

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